Star Wars Mando Mondays Starts Today through December – Toys, Gifts, Games + More!

Disney is milking the Star Wars merch train during the second season of The Mandalorian, scheduled to begin this Friday, October 30 by celebrating Mando Mondays (

Twitter hashtags: #MandoMondays #StarWars #TheMandalorian

Figures (which remind me of the classic Star Wars figures), books, clothing and other apparel, games and more will be unveiled every Monday. You can follow the launch video at the official Star Wars YouTube channel (see below).

I’m still holding out for the launch of that Star Wars pinball table (see: Upcoming Star Wars Pinball from Arcade1up and Zen Studios Looks Amazing), but will also take the Mandalorian-themed table for Nintendo Switch.

The Mandalorian themed Star Wars Pinball table is coming in Spring 2021 via Zen Studios Pinball

I already have the Star Wars pack and the video announces the new Mando-themed table is coming (didn’t catch when , but I’m going to be all over playing that table).

Mandalorian themed Monopoly looks good. Instead of the thimble and the car, we get characters from the show like … yes, The Child!

Plenty of The Child AKA Baby Yoda dolls, including one that has some animatronics in it and makes some cute cooing sounds. Wondering what cool secret characters might be coming out of season two? I’ve heard rumblings that we might get to see the return of Boba Fett, and always happy to see him reappear if that actually happens, because we thought he was done after going into the Sarlac Pit.

Who else is excited for The Mandalorian season two? We’re almost there!

Do “BIG” problems exists with The Mandalorian Season 2?

Season 1 of The Mandalorian release schedule

When it comes to highly anticipated The Mandalorian Season 2 which is coming October 30, 2020 to Disney+, not having a season 2 trailer available the month before is … curious. Any day now?

Insider Grace Randolph has now revealed the reason, as she’s claiming that the studio “didn’t like” the season 2 trailer and so has delayed it to get it re-edited. That’s a fairly minor issue on its own, but according to Randolph, it’s indicative of much bigger problems Disney has with the whole season.

Disney Reportedly Has A Big Problem With The Mandalorian Season 2

Wonder what Disney allegedly doesn’t like about the Season 2 trailer? Does it maybe not show enough? Show too much? Doesn’t have a killer surprise like The Child (Baby Yoda) All kinds of speculation is possible. Probably not another killer character like The Child, but who knows. So many wild, imaginative creatures and characters in the Star Wars universe.

As for Grace Randolph suggesting that whatever is wrong being “BIG” (her exact quote on Twitter) that it could still be fixed or “papered over” …. huh? What can be papered over that’s “BIG”?

This might be a good time to revisit The Mandalorian Season 1 trailer:

The awesome Season 1 trailer for The Mandalorian — is it too difficult to top?

It’s understandable that Disney is worried that Season 2 will not be as good as the first. That’s the case for a lot of TV series, so that isn’t exactly earth shattering. Odds are it won’t be, but it could still be very, very good. Just finished watching Season 2 of Cobra Kai and, while it’s very good, too, it’s not as good as the first season. It’s going to have to be significantly worse than Season 1 to be like the last Star Wars movie.

Tensions are high right now, not just at Disney, but everywhere. Just a guess, but think we’ll soon see The Mandalorian Season 2 official trailer drop and it will make most fans happy, us included. It will get us pumped up for Season 2, which we already revved up. We’re ready, bring it on!

Kathleen Kennedy and The Mandalorian Rumors

Kathleen Kennedy, love or hate her, she’s been involved in some way with many awesome movies

I don’t get the internet hate aimed at Kathleen Kennedy.

Hold the angst, Star Wars fans, she might have been a strong executive producer and had a hand in ruining Disney Star Wars, but I’m applying greater damage to the writers and directors than the executive producer. Many have blamed Kennedy for shutting down projects, delaying movies to “get them right” and more.

Is it such a crime to delay a movie to make it better? Look at Sonic the Hedgehog. Sure, different studio, different people, but if that hadn’t been delayed to redo Sonic’s CGI what would have been the results?

Yes, Kennedy has pushed a feminist agenda in a male dominated Hollywood. Sheesh, can we blame her, guys? Really? What would you do if Hollywood was all women and you were the lone industry male leader? Wouldn’t you push a male-driven agenda?

I’m no fan of jamming in social justice crap and feminism where it doesn’t belong, but her crusade to empower women in positions of storytelling and power inside Hollywood is refreshing — and right. It should be about 50/50, just like it is with the population on earth. I refuse to believe there aren’t just as many talented women writers, directors and producers — if they are given the opportunities.

It’s unfair not to consider Kennedy’s resume. Look at all those blockbuster movies at the top of this post. Indiana Jones, E.T, Jurassic Park, Poltergeist, Back To The Future Schindler’s List … and so on.

Sure, she’s been part of duds, but just having a couple of those titles I mentioned on your resume should get you into any movie making Hall of Fame, even if all you did was get coffee for the crew (I don’t believe that’s all she did, by the way, but those who hate her claim that was her involvement).

She’s been involved creatively — the degree of which is the dispute for her detractors — of some truly amazing films throughout her career. She’s been something of a right arm to Steven Spielberg and she’s blamed for why Disney Star Wars sucks, except all too conveniently for The Mandalorian, of course.

The rumor claims Jon Favreau wasn’t all happy with Kennedy’s approach so he enlisted George Lucas and they went above Kennedy to Disney CEO Bob Iger, which resulted in Kennedy being distanced from The Mandalorian (it’s also been said Kennedy has been banned from the Season 2 set, though this rumor says Kennedy is still somewhat involved and attends meetings).

The Mandalorian Rumors Include Baby Yoda, Emperor, Rey | Cosmic Book News

I like what Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are doing with The Mandalorian. I like some of what Kathleen Kennedy is doing these days. Admittedly, less of what she’s involved with in the last 10 years or so has excited me than her first 20 years, but hey, maybe her best works were in the early days. You see that with all sorts of creative people. They only have so many good ideas and then they start to recycle them. There are only so many Stephen Kings in the world.

(Kennedy was involved with Creepshow, too — refer to the filmography at the top of the post)

Let’s not forget that George Lucas chose Kennedy as his successor. Did Lucas believe that she’d take Star Wars the direction he wanted her to? Maybe. Maybe not, but frankly Lucas has been screwing up Star Wars long before Kathleen Kennedy. Lucas created some world-changing films, a ground-breaking special effects company, and essentially retired. That was like 20 years ago he did anything revolutionary and new. The prequel Star Wars were mostly garbage. We need to be intellectually honest about George Lucas in recent times — he hasn’t mattered.

I’m not a Kathleen Kennedy apologist. If she is part of a film that sucks, she deserves the heat associated with it and those reading should know I’ll say so. However, I’ve already gone on record as saying that I don’t think the producers are as responsible as many make them out to be (see: How Important are Movie Producers?). What degree of involvement — good and bad — Kathleen Kennedy has played in many, many great films can be disputed, but one thing cannot:

She’s been a wonderful force for women in Hollywood.

Don’t Punch $5 Million Dollar Baby Yoda Too Hard

These stormtroopers were warned to take it easy on the $5 million dollar hero

The Season 1 finale of The Mandalorian starts off with two stormtroopers yucking it up and punching Baby Yoda. Sacrilege, yes, but it’s all tamer than it sounds.

Turns out, punching Baby Yoda needed to be a very soft punch, due to how expensive the cute little puppet cost:

“I remember the first take that I did when I punched it…,” Pally told reporters at TCA. “They called ‘cut’ and Jon, who was watching on a monitor in his office, came down and said, “‘I just want to let you know that this is the hero [expensive puppet] and it costs, like, $5 million. I want you to hit it, but I want you to know that.’”

“Mandalorian” Guest Stars Warned Not to Punch Baby Yoda Too Hard | TVLine

Now we know exactly where 5% of the reported $100 million budget for The Mandalorian went: The Child. Must be all the mechanical stuff inside the puppet?

That’s one expensive little green guy. You’d think for that $5 million they would have gotten at least a half dozen prop Childs? You know, the kind that evil stormtroopers could punch and kick and stomp?

Just thinking.

TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian S1E8 Chapter 8 – Redemption ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

A stormtrooper being a jerk? Imagine that….!

Season 1

“Chapter 8 – “Redemption”

Two stormtroopers kicking it on a break waiting on their evil leader, Moff Gideon, and instructions. With The Child in tow, one of them punches Baby Yoda when he moves around in a sack. They decide to finally take him out when “he’s not moving” (something the internet is probably gasping at the concept) only to realize he’s very much alive.

Baby Yoda is hungry, wouldn’t dangle your meaty stromtrooper finger near his mouth …

The IG droid that was once sent to kill him, but reprogrammed by Nick Nolte’s character to be a robot nanny to Baby Yoda, shows up and takes out the troopers, rescues The Child and heads out on the speeder.

With Mando, Cara Dune and Carl Apollo Creed Weathers pinned down by a large group of stormtroopers in the city, the IG droid comes to the rescue, creating a diversion and battle.

You’ll have to watch the rest of the episode to see what happens from here.

At a run time approaching 48 minutes this is one of the longest episodes of series one (the longest, perhaps?). We learn more about Mando’s backstory and there is a shocking reveal in the present. I won’t spoil, but will tease by saying it’s something fans have been clamoring for throughout the first season.

This episode does an excellent job of wrapping up a lot of the plot points throughout the season, fleshing out more of Mando’s past and establishing the seeds of Mando’s arch nemesis in Moff Gideon that could become integral to the second season which will be released …who knows when.

Moff Gideon isn’t Darth Vader, but he’s definitely unfriendly

It’s not announced yet, as far as I’ve read anyway, but we can only hope that it will be at some point in 2020. Maybe they put it off until 2021 (UPDATE after posting: Jon Favreau announced on 12/27/19 that the second season is coming in “Fall 2020”)… but think by then subscribers too much time passed and subscribers will start to bale. Maybe some bale after this month, realizing that they don’t need to pay $7/month to keep rewatching this and the other Star Wars movies, only three of which are fantastic, a few so-so movies and a few terrible ones.

This episode is directed by Taika Waititi (Thor: Raganok, Jojo Rabbit ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ ) and is one of the season’s very best. It closes the first season on a positive note, doesn’t leave some lame major cliffhanger, and provides some idea of where the series could be headed next.

Loved it!

S1:E8 Chapter 8 “Redemption” rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ – my only knock on this episode is the run time. I wish it would have been at least a half hour longer. They seem to blaze through these episodes, and there were missed opportunities to let some scenes breath. I’m sure it’s all meant for frenetic pacing, but they could have extended some scenes and made them more dramatic without feeling padded. At least the season finale should/could have been longer. 60+ minutes. I guess if you put 7 & 8 together and call that the finale, it is.

Season 1 Summary

Overall, I think this was an excellent, mostly exciting first season. It started out awesome, was weaker in the middle when it seemed to employ filler episodes to get to the last two episode finale, which were both fantastic. My favorite episode of the first season was Chapter 7, because that is when the series started pulling it all together.

When can we watch season two?

This is the closest we’ve gotten to the original trilogy of Star Wars since Disney bought the franchise. I know others might cite Rogue One, The Force Awakens and some perhaps even The Last Jedi — because, I acknowledge, at least that was trying to be creatively different — but for me The Mandalorian season one is the type of Star Wars I’d like to see Disney continue producing.

Please, Disney, create feature films in this style and quality!

Can’t say I’m that interested in Obi Wan Kenobi’s story (sounds prequelish like too much of Solo), although I understand that’s in development. I think the better characters are the more mysterious ones like The Mandalorian. Make movies out of some/more/all the weird characters in the cantina. Don’t give us more Skywalker main character saga spinoffs. I think, at least for awhile, we need to be finished with Skywalker and the main supporting cast. Give voice to the lesser-knowns. This will make for more creative movies and TV shows.

In the future, I may post a full season one summary after rewatching all episodes from beginning to end, including season one reviews from others, but in the meantime this post will serve as my season one review.

I realize they were trying to keep the individual episode pacing very tight and fast, and viewers can feel it, but maybe next season we’ll get a 90 minute season 2 opener and a 90+ minute closing episode (again, guess we did in season 1 if you count Chapter 7 & 8 together).

Overall Season 1 rating:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – middle episodes do not stand up to the opening and closing episodes. This is a great show and the only thing that keeps it from being an amazing (4.5+ stars) is needing a longer average show length: 45+ minutes like a traditional hour long TV show. Some of the episodes were almost 30 minutes of actual content, which is too short for a series like this, and more sitcom territory. Doesn’t feel meaty enough for over $10 million spent per episode.

The 8 episodes cost $100 million and if this had been a feature film, there would have been some filler cut out of the middle. An edited version containing Chapter 1, 2, small parts of 3-6, 7 and 8 would have made an incredible movie. Some enterprising soul on the internet will soon mash this up, get it a ton of attention and clicks, then have it taken down for copyright infringement. Disney could do it, too, but then they’d have to admit that the series needed some unnecessary filler.

In other words: not going to happen.

Past Episode The Mandalorian Reviews

To read all our coverage related to The Mandalorian see search results. Am sure we’ll have more in the coming days.

Start your binge rewatching … now!

TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian S1E7 Chapter 7 – The Reckoning⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Season 1

“Chapter 7 – The Reckoning”

Carl Apollo Creed Weathers offers Mando an opportunity to clear his name with the guild by returning with The Child for a mission with the client who originally wanted The Child. Mando stops by and recruits Cara Dune to join – she accepts. From there the Razor Crest is en route to the fun!

Yes, this is the story I wish we got about three filler episodes ago! A continuation of the Baby Yoda story. Mando knows he has to go back and face the music or the hunters will never stop coming after him and The Child. Nick Nolte is back in action with that weird looking character that somehow strangely looks like him.

Fans of Baby Yoda in action will love this episode. We get multiple doses of his three finger powers and he’s the main draw to this attention, not some setpiece that sits in the Razor Crest while the action is elsewhere.. Cara Dune also gets some good screen time. This episode gets back to the business of telling the story we wanted to follow three or four episodes ago.

Past Episode The Mandalorian Reviews

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My favorite episode in the series so far. After watching this, we’re now revved up and ready for the season one closing episode next Friday. If they do end that one on a cliffhanger, I hope it’s only a minor one. O

What did you think of this episode of The Mandalorian? How do you like the series so far?

TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian S1E6 Chapter 6 – The Prisoner ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Even alien mercenaries like Mando!

Season 1

“Chapter 6 – The Prisoner”

Mando stops at a port to accept a new mission along with several mercenaries: to enter the heavily fortified new republic prison ship protected by droids. We’ve seen Mando show off his battling skills several times and this episode is no exception. He gets to team up with some aliens and one human merc, which is kind of cool, but this episode doesn’t offer any more details on what’s going on with Baby Yoda. When are we going to see the guild fight back against Mando taking the child? Apparently (?) the last two episodes. Something tells me the first season is going to end on a cliffhanger.

I had about the same feelings of this one as Chapter 5. It isn’t revealing anything that new, just a prison escape mission, albeit an interesting one and a type of mission Mando hasn’t done yet. We do get to see Mando in some great fight scenes, this seems to be the high point of every episode, plus a little bit of the “take off your helmet” drama. Also a joke about if mandalorians are so tough why aren’t there more around in the galaxy? (suggesting that mandalorians are rare?)

Check off the boxes episode. Giving this the same rating as the last week. Yes, I liked it, but didn’t blow me away like a couple other episodes, notably the debut. This is still very much old school Star Wars and for that, I look forward to watching, but it’s definitely setting into a pattern that will eventually wear out its welcome. For the most impatient, this might already be happening.

If we want this serious to continue, there needs to be some filler, I suppose. I’m more invested in what is going to happen with the guild backlash, however, for Mando’s actions. Maybe, hopefully, we’ll get that in the final two episodes of the season. Please, no lame cliffhanger making us wait for season two!

(I’d enjoy a good cliffhanger)

Past Episode The Mandalorian Reviews

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Chapter 6 “The Prisoner” Reviews By Others

Warning: the links that follow may contain significant SPOILERS. They are here to see what others think of the episode after you’ve watched once, twice or more. Enjoy in the discussion.

  • Comics Venture: “…the latest installment is undoubtedly the most original and entertaining so far. Entitled, “The Prisoner” it certainly plays on the ‘jail break’ Western trope – even down to the classic “betrayal,” but it also borrows a little from Die Hard and the idea of one man nothing but using wit, cunning and a modified heavy blaster to outfox an overwhelming number of adversaries.”
  • Indiewire: “…is a $100 million show about nothing. There’s no overarching plot, no character development, and, six episodes in, still no emotional stakes or any indication that these issues will get resolved. It’s about a walking action figure and his merchandising-friendly pet, doomed to endlessly receive jobs that pay well enough to fly to the next episode’s location.”
  • Jason Gaston: “It was mostly filler that didn’t go anywhere and, yes, most of it was ordinary and formulaic, but the ending was a lot of fun and that’s got to count for something.”‘
  • Sean Gallagher: “…while The Prisoner didn’t move the overall plot forward either, the episode is the best of the season thus far.”
  • Nick / AIPT: “…It’s a good thing the scenes with the Mandalorian hunting the heist crew were so good. Otherwise, this could have easily been an even weaker episode than last week’s.”
  • Ryan Campbell: “We also got maybe the most Mando fighting we have in the whole series with him taking out droids, his team and Quinn in some really cool fight scenes the likes of which we usually don’t see in Star Wars.”
  • wrayperkin: “I don’t think Favreau is done surprising us with plot twists and unpredictable character reveals. “

Like last week’s episode, this doesn’t move the Baby Yoda and Mando crossing the guild story forward in any way. Those looking for that are going to be disappointed, those who just want another cool Mando mission to explore, will be excited. And then there’s people like me who would like a little bit of both.

What did you think of this episode of The Mandalorian? How do you like the series so far?

TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian S1E5 Chapter 5 -The Gunslinger⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Speedo-bikes – Mando on a mission in Mos Eisley with a new guild recruit

Season 1

“Chapter 5 – The Gunslinger”

Mando encounters a brief spaceship firefight only to emergency land on Mos Eisley. His ship needing repair, a female dock mechanic at port offers to fix, but Mando needs more coin. He heads into a cantina and meets a new guild recruit who has a difficult mission and needs help, but offers Mando all the cash so he can get into the guild.

Wonder if this will be a recurring plot device? Mando’s ship and/or his beskar steel armor being damaged? Nice to see a return to a familiar place (Mos Eisley). Also, nice to see speedo-bikes in action. It’s clear that Mando pretty much can trust nobody while he’s on the run with The Child aka Baby Yoda.

This episode, although a familiar shorter run time, has the same elements from previous elements. Mando takes on a mission, mission has obstacles and conflict, wrap-up and onto the next one, with a brief teaser to the future at the end. I’m going with the same rating as the last episode: 3.5 stars, but ratings will go down if the next episode doesn’t break some new ground.

As far as the Star Wars universe goes, I’ll keep following Mando’s adventures every week, unless/until this becomes too repetitive. There are elements in this episode that suggest a pattern is developing. Every TV series has some familiar recurring elements. Star Wars is a huge universe, repetition isn’t really desirable or necessary this soon into the series.

I do wish there was more cross-over in the stories other than Mando and The Child on the run from his treachery from the guild, but maybe we’ll get that in future episodes(?). They better hurry up, as there are only three episodes left in the first season … or maybe they’ll leave us on a cliffhanger heading into The Rise of Skywalker [PREVIEW] coming into theaters?

Past Episode The Mandalorian Reviews

To read all our coverage related to The Mandalorian see search results.

Chapter 5 “The Gunslinger” Reviews and/or Related Discussion By Others

Warning: the links that follow may contain significant SPOILERS. They are here to see what others think of the episode after you’ve watched once, twice or more. Enjoy in the discussion.

  • Bro Bible / Eric: “Dropping narrative-bombs seemingly a mile-a-minute in its early goings, The Mandalorian has since settled into a more manageable, episodic, “mission of the week” type pace in the last two episodes.”
  • Cinemaholic: “….the story is meaty, but the turns are very predictable by now. While the previous episode showed a similar adventure, it made the wise decision to set it in an unknown planet, taking the chance to educate us about its people and culture. Setting Episode 5 in a highly familiar place does little more than fan service.”
  • filmschoolwtf: “There’s a limit to pandering to fans (fandering), and in an episode with multiple aliens, animals, and droids from the original trilogy and prequels and Mondo literally saying someone has the “high ground,” hearing “Mad About Me” would have been too much.”
  • Future of the Force: Ludwig GÖRANSSON shares the entire film score to Chapter 5.
  • Making Star Wars: “…was a bit better than last week’s episode. It was actually a pretty daring episode in a lot of ways”
  • Michael / Nerds on Earth: “I feel comfortable calling it the weakest episode yet. We don’t really learn anything that we didn’t already deduce from previous episodes. I mean, the fact that the Guild is after Mando and Baby Yoda is hardly a revelation”
  • Monsters & Critics profiles Amy Sedaris who plays Peli Motto, the mechanic at the Mos Eisley dock.

What did you think of this episode of The Mandalorian? How do you like the series so far? I’m really digging it, as you can see from the review, but becoming a bit concerned that the stakes need to be a little higher. Can only do the same basic storylines so many times.

How will Tattoos of Baby Yoda look at 80?

TattoosByNick from the Diamond State Tattoo Parlor — one of my favorite Baby Yoda tats I’ve seen

Of course some people are inking various parts of their body with Baby Yoda. You know, the little three-fingered creature from The Mandalorian is so adorable not even a stoic, duty-bound bounty hunter from the Star Wars universe can resist his charm.

And, well, it’s the holiday time of year when giving and receiving …. yes, especially tattoos … make some sense. I mean, if you are partial to getting tats.

Fans are so obsessed that they’re already getting Baby Yoda tattoos, even before the first season of the series has finished.

39 Tattoos of Baby Yoda That Prove We’re All Obsessed With The Mandalorian

Disclaimer: I don’t have any tattoos or piercings. Zero. No interest in getting a tattoo either. Will stop short of saying “never” because I don’t like the rigidity of that word, but personally have abstained.

Absolutely do not begrudge in any way others who get tattoos. In fact, I really enjoy seeing some body art. I think it looks cool as hell when it’s fresh and new ink. So, yes, I very much do respect tattoos as body art. Just because I don’t want to ink up my own body — at all — doesn’t mean I can’t look at what others have done to their bodies and think, that’s badass!

But let me invoke a little Scrooge sensibility here. And I hesitate, because, well I know this won’t be a popular opinion for those in/around the business and perhaps readers who have them …

Is the tat going to be all wrinkled, faded and nasty, not even looking like a good old Yoda? shares several before and after tattoo pictures of aging

What is your Baby Yoda tattoo going to look like at age 80+?

Really, what’s that killer tat going to look like at age 80? My dad has all kinds of tattoos. Most of them were acquired in his youthful days (the most popular time for all of us to do things we regret), and most now look underwhelming (sorry, Dad!). Once you start to get into your very senior ages the skin itself starts looking wrinkled, cracked and weathered. We start to shrivel up and begin to appear more skeletal and grotesque. It’s a sad, terrible part of old age and the last thing I want to see is some faded, wrinkled Baby Yoda staring back at me on my body, reminding me that I’m never ever going to be 18 again.

Now, that’s just me. What about you? Do those of you with tattoos think about what they will look like at 80? Maybe you are maintaining these tats, keeping them looking as good as possible through re-inking and proper tattoo health, but I just don’t see very many tattoos on senior citizens looking good. Sorry. Do you?

I’m heading toward being one of those senior citizen — and don’t mock me too hard, because you are, too — so guess I’m even more predisposed to avoid looking like death …. and sporting a tattoo from Mando’s cute little friend.

Then again, maybe this is the ultimate middle finger to the reaper: here’s my Baby Yoda, F-You!

Tattoos that will look good at age 80+?

If I was going to get a tattoo in some parallel/alternate/bizarro world, it almost certainly wouldn’t be of Baby Yoda. What would it be? I don’t know, but definitely not a character from The Mandalorian who doesn’t have a name yet. He’s known officially as “The Child” Most of us are calling him Baby Yoda, but nobody even knows the creature’s real name yet. We barely know his origin.

And yet Tattoos are permanent. Something else to think about if using a name as part of the tat. Yes, you can get tats burned off. Painful, expensive, but ink can eventually be laser burned away.

These are my reasons for just saying no to tattoos. Again, don’t begrudge others with them and have seen some seniors sporting decent looking tats. If you have tattoos I’m not attacking you personally for doing so, just very curious how you’re going to handle them at age 80? Maybe some reading this are age 80. How do yours look?

Would you get a Baby Yoda tattoo? If so, would you take care of the little guy on your skin as you age?

TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 4 – Sanctuary⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Baby Yoda riding on the ship with The Mandalorian — awwww

What follows is my mostly non-spoiler review of the episode, but these episodes are so short that you probably just want to watch it yourself and then come back and read. At the end I’m including reviews by others. I cannot guarantee of course that those reviews won’t spoil more than you want, so proceed at your own caution…

Season 1

“Chapter 4 – Sanctuary”

A village is under siege from raiders. A mother and her child out. The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda find a planet to “lay low” as they hide out and, what do you know, it’s the same village under attack in the opening sequence. The Mandalorian tells Baby Yoda not to touch anything and to stay, but Baby Yoda has a mind of his own and follows. They stop in a bar and The Mandalorian spots a rebel soldier, Cara Dune (played by Gina Carano, for those who want to see more women in this series) that interests him and that’s when the the next job begins.

The rest of the story you’ll need to watch to see how it plays out, but here are my overall thoughts. Baby Yoda is there in all his cuteness, which will make the internet happy (he’s the biggest star in this series, so far). I wonder if eventually he will become a Chewbacca to Han Solo-type partner or he’ll remain more of an R2-D2 with Yoda-like powers? Future episodes will hopefully provide clarity and understanding.

Cara Dune is a solid fighter with battle history. She is strong and has the Mandalorian’s respect and plays an important part of this episode, but we’re unsure if she’ll continue to be a recurring character or this is her Nick Nolte type one and done role.

Cara Dune played by Gina Carano with Mandalorian and Baby Yoda sharing a peaceful moment

The episode basic formula so far through four episodes is Mandalorian takes on a job, he executes the job and then moves on. The run time for this episode is 40 minutes, so we’re sort of hovering around the 40 minute mark. It doesn’t seem like 40 minutes though when you’re watching it. Goes by too fast.

In prior episode reviews, I mentioned there were 10 episodes, but I’m reading in some publications, including sketched out at Wikipedia, that there will be only 8. I don’t which will be accurate, but I’m guessing they decided to slice up the original order of 10 episodes into 8, to make them run a little longer. Here is the release schedule again, that shows 8 episodes:

If it is only 8 episodes, then we’re at the halfway mark at the conclusion at the conclusion of this episode.

I’m giving this episode 3.5 stars .It’s very good, but nothing too shocking or revealing happens here. We do learn a little more backstory on the Mandalorian’s past, but it’s more of just another mission. We’re teased to a potential new character in Cara Dune, a shock trooper (something new to Star Wars we haven’t seen), but we don’t know what her ongoing disposition will be in the series and the ending of the episode, which I won’t spoil, doesn’t really answer the question one way or another.

I guess at the 50% mark, we don’t really need to know a lot, but the first season is presumably now half over.

The Mandalorian seems to want to find Baby Yoda somewhere he can hide him out so he can live in peace, but it seems that might not be an option. Will this be the ongoing struggle in each episode? Sort of like The Incredible Hulk where Bill Bixby was looking for a cure he could never find, so he just keeps wandering from town to town? Only it’s The Mandalorian, going from planet to planet searching for a home for Baby Yoda? Who knows, pure speculation here.

As mentioned, these episodes still seem to go by so (too?) fast. Maybe I’m just getting greedy. They are keeping my interest and am looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I like how Disney is rolling them out old school, an episode a week, just like a traditional TV series versus the Netflix model of dumping an entire series for binging. We can still binge watch this when we get to the end.

Something tells me there is going to be a cliffhanger for the end of the first season. A second season has already been greenlit.

This episode was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, the eighth episode will be directed by Taika Waititi of Jojo Rabbit ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

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Chapter 4 “The Sanctuary” Reviews By Others

Warning: the links that follow may contain significant SPOILERS. They are here to see what others think of the episode after you’ve watched once, twice or more. Enjoy in the discussion.

  • Ricardo (9/10): “Gina Carano was badass in this episode, and I hope we get more of her soon. Just 4 more episodes left of The Mandalorian, and I’m not ready to see it go.”
  • filmschoolwtf breaks down the ongoing suspense/curiosity over what happens when a Mandalorian takes off his helmet.
  • Kerry Moore / Nerds on Earth (10/10): “There’s no dramatic swell of music to emphasize the Mandalorian’s growth, no on-the-nose directing from Bryce Dallas Howard for sentimental effect. The quiet conversation between Dune and the bounty hunter, shot mostly from stationary angles with interposed cuts of baby Yoda playing with the village children, conveys the emotions under the Mandalorian’s helmet perfectly.”
  • The Sandcrawler Blog: “…another great episode. This one didn’t stray from the Western feel and told a great story.”

What do YOU think of The Mandalorian overall so far? I’m really enjoying it. Honestly, it’s my favorite currently active TV series at the moment, but I’m only following this one regularly, so that should be considered.

Perhaps I’m missing some other great TV series? Tell me about what you think of The Mandalorian and feel free to recommend other TV series you might recommend.