11+ Project Power Reviews – To Be Or Not A Superhero

Project Power ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Have you seen this one yet? It’s got a somewhat intriguing take on the traditional superhero tale, treating it more as an illicit drug problem because, well, it is.

No offense to Netflix, but I would have rather seen this in the theater. Netflix needs to hurry up and buy more theaters and give their subscribers 50-75% off the regular ticket price to watch movies there (or offer another subscription tier that lets you see the movies once per day for free, like the Regal Unlimited Plan).

Ok, so I’m wishing on the last part, but if you dig superheroes, it’s time to ask yourself the big Power Pill question.

(no I’m not talking about Pac-Man)

I’ll get that question after the quote.

Project Power falls into this lineage. It will neither win an Oscar, capture the Internet zeitgeist, nor take the critical community by storm. Netflix didn’t even have Project Power showcased in the top of the page banner when I logged in to watch it Friday morning. But these capable B-movies or popcorn flicks can be fun when well or even adequately done—Project Power certainly qualifies.

Netflix’s Project Power, the most fun you won’t have at the movies this summer | Ars Technica

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Would you take a pill that could give you super powers for 5 minutes at the risk of death?

Asked myself this question in my review (linked at the very top of this post), but the answer is still like 90%+ no. I’d rather live powerless for another 30+years (assuming I beat the mortality tables) vs. risk being a five minute Marvel/DC comic book character.

Am curious if readers would do it, though? I mean, that’s the million dollar question this film makes viewers wonder.

Jamie Foxx ++

Foxx is in my list of actors that star in films make me want to see them more. He can cross genres but seems to have his best work in dramas. He was cast well here, because he plays the military with fierce determination character well. There’s an intensity about Foxx that I enjoy watching.

Liked the idea more than the story

This happens far too frequently with movies on Netflix. They have some really compelling story ideas that just don’t execute as well as expected.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of Project Power?


  1. DOC / EYG / Embrace Your Geekness: “…there is enough clever writing here and there, and the performances are really good that you can excuse the negatives connected to the plot.”
  2. Franz Patrick: “…delivers C+ entertainment when it is apparent the template is capable of delivering at higher levels.”
  3. Giadreams / The Movie My Life: “Watch Project Power.for a different take on the humans with superpowers story. I’m convinced that there are elements that will likely surprise you, in a good way.”
  4. JustJen / Sometimes Objective Opinions: “The concept of an unpredictable pill that grants you a random superpower… or kills you, is thrilling. However, despite the action and the rising stakes, I was rarely as stressed about the characters lives as I probably should have been.”
  5. Keith & The Movies (3.5/5): “…comes along during a time when we all could use a little escapism. It ends up being a fun, high-energy offering of big screen caliber action, timely dashes of humor, and a lively chemistry between its three stars. I also admire it for being a superhero(ish) movie that doesn’t adhere to any genre formula nor does it waste our time with yet another origin story.”
  6. madommasi: “What elevates this film is the centering of a young black girl (the ageless, brilliant Fishback) in the adventure. She is smarter than the adults and by turns courageous and compassionate. Fishback is luminous, bringing the blend of vulnerability and steel that she brought to her character Darlene in the Deuce.”
  7. Matt Hurt: “…an entertaining and fun action movie with some very impressive set pieces to enjoy.”
  8. No More Workhorse: “More intelligent than your average action film, well-paced and with three strong and well rounded main characters this should satisfy even the most ardent fan of the ‘in your face’ summer blockbuster.”
  9. The DC Review Blog: “A decent flick, but probably not a movie I’ll be rushing to re-watch anytime soon.”

Not Recommended

  1. Anish Oza (Grade: C-): “This movie is just entertaining but predictable screenplay and shabby writing make it a one time watch. Action sequences are also not up to the mark. The only things that stand out are the characters and background music.”
  2. Darren / The M0vie Blog: “The paranoid subtext in Project Power never truly has space to percolate as the characters bounce from one sequence to the next. There’s a short sequence in which Frank points out to Robin that all they have is Art’s conspiracy theories, and that those theories are unverifiable, but Project Power doesn’t leave any space for the uncertainty or ambiguity on which paranoid thrillers thrive.”
  3. Irfan Nordin: “…high-octane sci-fi-action-thriller about a drug-blighted New Orleans which boasts wild and crazy action sequences as well as a star-making performance in its black female lead; the film is never as good as its biggest and best ideas.”
  4. Moshfish Reviews: “This was a failure as a superhero movie, a failure as a deep-dive into race relations, and most importantly, a failure as a fun movie.”

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Happy movie watching!

FIRST LOOK: Project Power – Netflix

If you could take a pill and have superhero powers for five minutes, but have a risk of dying, would you do it? That’s a no for me. I don’t need to be invisible or bulletproof.

Ok, maybe I’d take the pill to be able to fly for 5 minutes if the death risk was very, very, very low. I mean, it would be cool to soar like a bird, high up in the sky … if only for a few minutes.

This is the story hook for the new Jamie Foxx movie on Netflix called, Project Power.

Art, an ex-serviceman with a “personal vendetta” who lives in a world where it is possible to take a pill that will give the user super powers for five minutes, including invisibility or becoming bullet proof – but which also comes with a risk of death. Art join forces with a teenaged drug dealer played by Dominique Fishback and a police officer played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as they attempt to put a stop to the pill’s creators.

Project Power release date | Netflix, trailer, cast – Radio Times

Official trailer:

Project Power looks like a lot of fun … great premise, solid lead actor, superheroes — sign me up!

Would you take the superhero pill? If so, for what power?

Project Power will be streaming on Netflix on August 14, 2020.