20+ Joker Movie Reviews + Joker Delivers Record Opening Weekend

the largest October domestic opening weekend of all-time and the fourth largest opening ever for an R-rated feature. The film was the #1 movie domestically and overseas, kicking things off with a $234 million global launch.

‘Joker’ Delivers Largest October Opening Ever with $93.5 Million – Box Office Mojo

Congratulations go out to Joker ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ for setting an October record, seizing #1 R-Rated Venom from 2018.

Here are 20+ recent Joker Reviews from around the Blogosphere. Did my best to separate into recommended and not recommended based on the review rating. If there wasn’t a rating of any kind or it was unclear whether the reviewer recommended or not, then put under “unrated.”

WARNING: some of these reviews contain spoilers, just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet, you may want to wait until after seeing to click through and read the details of what/how/why others thought (as we normally do ourselves).


  • Knapp on the Go: “…. a character study on an interesting man that just needed help from society. ” 9/10
  • Keith At The Movies: “…. an audacious film that isn’t cavalier towards its violence nor numb to its effects. I saw it as a terrifying warning and an indictment of a society that not only creates monsters but lifts them up” 4.5/5
  • Long Time Geek: “… Joker is the most important movie of the fall, if not of the year.”
  • Mark Gorman: “… you don’t get a 9.1 rating on IMDB without reason.”
  • Think Outside The Box Office: “This is my new favorite movie of the year.”
  • LittleMovieReviews: “…a brilliant and fresh take on the villain, and is definitely the darkest film that we’ve seen related to the DC Universe ” B+
  • MovieBuffStuffSite: “… will not be for everybody, and that’s OK – while not perfect, it still offers a compelling portrait of a monster created by the society he lives in,” 8/10
  • At The Foothills of Madness: “A mesmerizing performance from Joaqin Phoenix charts the rise of a villain, not an anti-hero” 4/5
  • Inside Out – ” It’s also a narrative to the economic divide, extremist nationalism and uprising we see in so many societies today ” 4/5
  • thefilmera.com: “…provides a wretched, revolting, and terrifying villain at its core…” 3.5/5
  • cultfaction: “… Phillip and Phoenix have combined to produce a stark portrait of what society can do to someone who is stuck on its wrong side ” 7.5/10
  • matthewliedkeonfilm.com: “… It can hold a person’s attention with its thrills and because the character study lends enough interest, plus Phoenix is great.” 3/5


  • TheLostHighwayHotel: “… There’s nothing to get worked up about here. Despite the best efforts of everyone, Joker is thoroughly – perhaps even fatally – so-so.” 2.5/5
  • Bib’s Corner: “…if you are interested in the Joker’s origins, if you don’t mind some graphic violence, and you don’t care about the larger extended DC Universe it’s a great movie. I am the opposite of all three and that is why Joker didn’t do anything for me. “
  • thelegionnaire.net: “…what makes a good movie for me is one that attempts to elevate my spirit to a higher plane.  There is none of that here, and thus my recommendation is to steer clear of this one “


  • Kendall Lacey: “…. Great cinematography, perfect performances, this really is special.”
  • hellogines: “… This move was dark. There was no one to root for. It was a clash of fantasy versus reality.”
  • Dr.Alderman: “…this type of renditions happen once in a blue moon, great work, great actor, great aesthetic experience.”
  • localbibliofile: “…a beautifully shot film that gets under your skin, making you shiver with thrills as it exposes and condemns Gotham City and the world we live in “
  • sickflickreviews: “…causing the viewer to ask herself what about the film is really happening and what is merely a delusion.”
  • dsfilmreviews: “…showcases a society that had become too complacent with a harsher way of thinking, and lack of empathy for those sitting on the edges with nowhere else to go. “
  • 9takes: “…follows a fairly known path, but Joaquin makes the journey tolerable in spite of some bumps along the way, “

Will You Use Your Phone To Pay For Movies and Concessions? Amazon GO Votes Yes

Use your cell phone as a payment option, via Google images search

There is an option to reserve movies on the Regal Unlimited app. I haven’t used it yet for any movie. I prefer to go to the box office in person or concessions area and buy the ticket right then and there.

There has also been (several) ways to use my cell phone as a payment option — haven’t used that either. I’m not a luddite, I just don’t like using my phone as a virtual payment option. Swipe the phone and voila! It charges your account … or something like that.

Mind you, I’m a Generation X, a little young for a baby boomer. My children, all grown adults (known as Millennials), don’t use their phones to pay either. They have debit cards from banks. They pay the same ways we do.

But that is just our family. There are many, mostly younger, people (those born after 1996) who do use their phones to pay these days. They probably love the convenience of reserving their tickets for movies before they go to the movies.

Why don’t I? First of all, the time we go to movies — mostly matinees and non-peak times, we don’t see many other people in the theaters. Reserving seating ahead of time just isn’t a concern. There has been one movie in the last two months where we wish we had a terrible seat in the very first row (who can watch movies in those seats anyway?) because the theater was packed.

Amazon has 16 stores where you scan your phone at the register and then pick out what you want in the store, and walk out and a receipt is sent to your phone. You never go through a register. I actually think this is pretty cool. Would I like to check this out? Yes!

According to this CNBC article, Amazon has been talking with Regal Cinema, among others:

The company has been in talks to bring Go equipment into OTG’s CIBO Express stores at airports and Cineworld’s Regal theaters, one of the people said

Would YOU want to use this type of payment in a movie theater? Interesting question. I probably would if it meant I could get my popcorn with butter and soda faster. The problem we usually encounter in the theater is one or two attendants working the concession stand and a line of people waiting. The movie theater should have more people working to fulfill orders in the concession area, especially considering the profits involved.