Why are Celebs Buying Out Screenings for their Favorite Movies?

Just Mercy ⭐️⭐️½ 

Have noticed a puzzling trend for (mostly) celebs grabbing headlines with buying out screenings. I see a few fans of films doing this, too, for equally illogical motives.

Stay with me.

I’m not bashing people doing nice things for others. It’s definitely feel good to see people with money helping others less fortunate.

But … that doesn’t appear to be the common motive behind any of these screening buyouts.

First noticed these type stories with Charlie’s Angels because, presumably, we need to celebrate women kicking butt for the (not) first time on film. That might have been worthy to grab a few minutes of access media attention, but the film bombed badly.

Then there was similar stories about celebs buying out screenings of Queen & Slim. The common goal there? Need to support “the message.”

Now, Kobe Bryant with Just Mercy:

Bryant this week said on social media that he bought out the Regal UA Riverview Plaza in South Philly for 1 p.m. screenings of the film on Saturday. The former Laker also included a link for fans to register for free tickets, but the event is currently full (those interested, however, can still join a waitlist).

Kobe Bryant wants Philadelphians to see a movie so badly, he bought out a screening at the Riverview

Props to the Lakers NBA star for offering these free tickets and others who do the same, but there is a fundamental flaw in logic beyond this being simply a nice gesture for others.

When I see some of these celebs buying out theaters because they want to somehow impact box office sales, I almost laugh out loud.

Has anybody sat down and done the math?

The average theater has, what, 60-80 seats? At $13 a ticket, that’s less than $1,000 USD for 70 seats for one showing.

If you bought out every showing for the weekend from one theater, that’s going to cost less than $25,000 USD. That’s not even a blip on the radar for box office sales for one day. Nobody rich is going that far, though with buying out a single showing.

Bill Gates could buy out every Seattle area theater for a movie and it still wouldn’t have a significant impact in overall box office sales for a film.

There are better ways to spend money for a message, cause, agenda, whatever.

Why not report on stories where these rich people are spending money on better causes? A much better use of money than buying out screenings to a movie like Just Mercy would be paying the legal expenses for a wrongly imprisoned death row convict.

If you want to do something good with money for a cause, then donate to it!

Hey Kobe and others: here’s an alternative idea vs. buying out a single screening of this movie and letting 70 people or so see a movie for free: donate to The Equal Justice Initiative.