Movie Night At A Cemetery Canceled Due To Complaints from Families of Deceased

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Deadpool 2 is no longer the #1 R-rated film. More on that at the end after we talk about movies and the dead.

Respect the dead, yes, I get it.

But. They are dead. Gone. Not coming back the way they were. It’ s going to happen to everybody reading this unless someday they find the key to immortality is unlocked.

The following story is making me not wanting to be buried in a cemetery with others …

Lafayette Memorial Park in Fayetteville, N.C. planned a free, kid-friendly film night with snacks scheduled for Oct. 26, according to a Facebook event post. The post said that the movie night was being held in honor of the late grandparents of Heather Bosher, the owner of the park. Bosher wrote in the post that her grandparents enjoyed going to the movies.

Cemetery cancels Halloween movie night after criticism by families |

That sounds like a neat idea, yes?

But, no, the event was canceled because relatives of the deceased complained that the event was disrespectful to the dead.

See, this is why I probably will not be buried next to other people in a cemetery. Maybe I’ll put a statement in my will to cremate me and take a tiny bit of ashes into movie theaters and shake a little bit of me on the floor. Sure, that’s morbid, probably illegal if actually executed, and my remains will be swept away. But then we’ll all be dust in the wind someday.


On a more serious note, congrats to Joker ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ for becoming the #1 R-Rated movie of all time and first to pass the $800 million mark.

Suicide Squad Joker Jared Leto Rumored Upset He Wasn’t Cast in Joker Movie

Jared Leto starring in some unfavorable news stories

You didn’t get the part.

Isn’t this common in the movie business? It’s a little bit like being in sales and not getting the sale. Handling rejection is part of the gig.

No idea if any of this is true, but am reading many different news reports that Jared Leto who played Joker in the Suicide Squad is upset that he wasn’t cast by Warner Brothers to play the part.

Sources say the actor felt his agents should have told him about the Phillips project earlier and fought harder for his version of Joker. Sources say Leto told his agents that they should stop the rival project, arguing that he wasn’t being treated properly as an Oscar winner (for Dallas Buyers Club). But a person with first-hand knowledge of the situation contends that by then, Leto had burned through four different teams of agents at CAA and there was little love for the actor there.

“You’ve Got to Stop This”: Jared Leto Fumed Over New ‘Joker’ Movie | Hollywood Reporter

I haven’t seen Suicide Squad Jared Leto’s version of the Joker, but last time I checked, he was in the long line of actors having played the Joker. I spotlighted Cesar Romero in a post: 1966 Joker vs. 2019 Joker.

Wonder if this rumor is even true? It sounds like Leto is in a dispute with his (former) agency and someone from there might have leaked this out to make him look like he’s difficult to work with. Just the kind of BS to mess with someone’s career because you didn’t get your commission. Boo hoo.

Let me break away from Jared Leto momentarily to share a brighter story, a real story, where the people are recreating their favorite scene … on the Joker stairs:

And it seems like those stairs, which connect Shakespeare and Anderson avenues at West 167th Street, are becoming a popular tourist attraction, potentially to the chagrin of actual Bronx residents.

The ‘Joker’ stairs might be New York’s latest tourist attraction – CNN

Cool stuff, huh? If/when I ever get to New York (Kara has been there, though), I want to check out these Joker Stairs.

Sorry, back to Jared Leto…

This is all speculation on my part, but for now I’m siding with Leto, especially because he is still working with Warner Brothers. He probably was disappointed that he didn’t get the Joker part, who wouldn’t be (it’s making a ton of $$$), but I doubt he’s going through some sort of Joker jealousy rage. Joaquin Phoenix did a great job playing Joker, but not even Joaquin will always be the definitive Joker. Somebody else will come along.

Just ask Tobey Maguire about Spider-Man.

20+ Joker Movie Reviews + Joker Delivers Record Opening Weekend

the largest October domestic opening weekend of all-time and the fourth largest opening ever for an R-rated feature. The film was the #1 movie domestically and overseas, kicking things off with a $234 million global launch.

‘Joker’ Delivers Largest October Opening Ever with $93.5 Million – Box Office Mojo

Congratulations go out to Joker ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ for setting an October record, seizing #1 R-Rated Venom from 2018.

Here are 20+ recent Joker Reviews from around the Blogosphere. Did my best to separate into recommended and not recommended based on the review rating. If there wasn’t a rating of any kind or it was unclear whether the reviewer recommended or not, then put under “unrated.”

WARNING: some of these reviews contain spoilers, just in case you haven’t seen the movie yet, you may want to wait until after seeing to click through and read the details of what/how/why others thought (as we normally do ourselves).


  • Knapp on the Go: “…. a character study on an interesting man that just needed help from society. ” 9/10
  • Keith At The Movies: “…. an audacious film that isn’t cavalier towards its violence nor numb to its effects. I saw it as a terrifying warning and an indictment of a society that not only creates monsters but lifts them up” 4.5/5
  • Long Time Geek: “… Joker is the most important movie of the fall, if not of the year.”
  • Mark Gorman: “… you don’t get a 9.1 rating on IMDB without reason.”
  • Think Outside The Box Office: “This is my new favorite movie of the year.”
  • LittleMovieReviews: “…a brilliant and fresh take on the villain, and is definitely the darkest film that we’ve seen related to the DC Universe ” B+
  • MovieBuffStuffSite: “… will not be for everybody, and that’s OK – while not perfect, it still offers a compelling portrait of a monster created by the society he lives in,” 8/10
  • At The Foothills of Madness: “A mesmerizing performance from Joaqin Phoenix charts the rise of a villain, not an anti-hero” 4/5
  • Inside Out – ” It’s also a narrative to the economic divide, extremist nationalism and uprising we see in so many societies today ” 4/5
  • “…provides a wretched, revolting, and terrifying villain at its core…” 3.5/5
  • cultfaction: “… Phillip and Phoenix have combined to produce a stark portrait of what society can do to someone who is stuck on its wrong side ” 7.5/10
  • “… It can hold a person’s attention with its thrills and because the character study lends enough interest, plus Phoenix is great.” 3/5


  • TheLostHighwayHotel: “… There’s nothing to get worked up about here. Despite the best efforts of everyone, Joker is thoroughly – perhaps even fatally – so-so.” 2.5/5
  • Bib’s Corner: “…if you are interested in the Joker’s origins, if you don’t mind some graphic violence, and you don’t care about the larger extended DC Universe it’s a great movie. I am the opposite of all three and that is why Joker didn’t do anything for me. “
  • “…what makes a good movie for me is one that attempts to elevate my spirit to a higher plane.  There is none of that here, and thus my recommendation is to steer clear of this one “


  • Kendall Lacey: “…. Great cinematography, perfect performances, this really is special.”
  • hellogines: “… This move was dark. There was no one to root for. It was a clash of fantasy versus reality.”
  • Dr.Alderman: “…this type of renditions happen once in a blue moon, great work, great actor, great aesthetic experience.”
  • localbibliofile: “…a beautifully shot film that gets under your skin, making you shiver with thrills as it exposes and condemns Gotham City and the world we live in “
  • sickflickreviews: “…causing the viewer to ask herself what about the film is really happening and what is merely a delusion.”
  • dsfilmreviews: “…showcases a society that had become too complacent with a harsher way of thinking, and lack of empathy for those sitting on the edges with nowhere else to go. “
  • 9takes: “…follows a fairly known path, but Joaquin makes the journey tolerable in spite of some bumps along the way, “

My $3.50 Controversy At Regal Cinema When Seeing Joker

A Regal Unlimited member charged me $3.50 by mistake while trying to see Joker

On Thursday 10/3 when I went to see the Joker movie, they charged me $3.50. It wasn’t a 3D or IMAX or 4DX showing, so there should not have been any surcharge for the Regal Unlimited members. The employees both told me that “some movies will have an additional charge.”

I questioned them because of the almost 30 movies I’ve seen in 2D so far under this plan, none of them have had any movie surcharge, but they insisted this was correct. So, I paid and then went out to my car and dialed up the 1-800 Regal Cinemas customer service line. I was on hold for about 10 minutes before I reached a gentleman and he put me on hold while he checked into it.

He came back on the line and asked me if I was still at the theater and if he could speak with the manager there. Seemed a bit strange that he’d want to speak from Regal help line on my phone to the manager at a Regal Cinema location, but hey, I went with it.

When I walked back inside a woman was there nicely dressed who looked official enough to be a manager. I asked her if she was the manager and told her that the Regal customer support line wanted to talk to her about me being charged $3.50 for a ticket to joker when I already had a Regal Unlimited plan. She rudely shut down the customer support guy and then berated me for calling them instead of talking with her first.

I said, “I”m sorry your employees told me there was nothing that could be done, so I called the Regal customer service line and asked if this was the correct procedure.”

She refunded me the $3.50 again complaining at me for not seeking her. I replied, “Maybe you need to train your people better?”

Anyway, I share this story for other Regal Unlimited members. This is a great plan and I’ve seen a lot of movies using it the last couple months and this is the first time I’ve had any sort of question or issue with it. Just beware some Regal employees apparently do not know how to charge for tickets at the concession area.

As for Joker , the movie? You can click the title and read my no-spoiler review or I recorded a YouTube Joker movie review (no spoilers either) as I left the theater:

MOVIE REVIEW: Joker (2019)

Ready For Joker? How Excited Are You? Movie Screenings Starting 10/3/19

Tecnically Joker opens on 10/4, but we can see it on 10/3 starting at 4pm

I guess it is a timezone thing (?), but we can actually start seeing Joker that opens on 10/4 on 10/3 starting at 4:00 PM PST. Kara mentioned wanting to go see a movie tomorrow and I’m hoping she’ll want to see this one. I’d rather go earlier, though like at 4pm than later, but we’ll see what happens.

Unless you’ve been completely off the grid the last month, this new Joker movie has created quite a bit of controversy so far. There is some concern that some socially-adverse people might commit violence in/around theaters. I am pretty sure these miscreants will be less likely to do this at a matinee over an evening showing, but am most hopeful no violence whatsoever is committed anywhere. This is a movie, after all. It’s fantasy, fiction. Nobody should ever get hurt going to the movies. Let’s not ruin something that is meant to do good in the world for mankind, not sow seeds of disharmony and evil.

Now, as for the movie itself? It’s #5 on my list of my most anticipated Fall 2019 films. I am curious to learning about the Joker’s origins. As I mentioned in the 1966 vs. 2019 Joker post, I’ve been historically partial to the more jovial, comical, zany joker played by Caesar Romero. That doesn’t mean I’m turned off to the concept of a much darker Joker, I just have tried those Jokers and not been as partial to them. Curious what Joaquin Phoenix brings to the table.

I am not too familiar with Joaquin Phoenix, so checked out his Wikipedia just now. Remember him from Walk The Line as Johnny Cash. I liked that film, and need to rewatch it. Phoenix has been in quite a few movies according to his filmography. Then checked out what Amazon Prime and Netflix have of his movies available to stream.

Of interest to me without just random watching starring Phoenix and available on Amazon Prime as of this writing (in no particular order):

  • Russkies
  • Hotel Rwanda
  • We Own The Night
  • You Were Never Really Here (Amazon Original)
  • Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot (Amazon Original)

Netflix as of this writing:

  • Her (I tried to watch this once before, a false start)

This gives six movies to explore starring Joaquin Phoenix. I like how the streaming services will have older movies featured at a new release. Smart marketing.

So, wonder how many others are looking forward to seeing Joker this opening weekend? You? Somebody you know? Use that comments area below to be heard if you like. Or blog it and pingback.

On a scale from 1 to 10 (most interested), I’m probably a 6 for Joker, maybe a 7 I’m curious to see what kind of dramatic tension comes out of it. By comparison I was a 10 for Rambo: Last Blood ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ and 9 for Terminator: Dark Fate PREVIEW. Other movies being released this 10/4 weekend include a solid 7 out of 10 interest for Dolemite Is My Name (Netflix) starring Eddie Murphy, 3 for Gemini Man and 2 for Lucy In The Sky.

1966 Joker vs. 2019 Joker – Which Is Best?

Caesar Romero as Joker in the Batman TV show (1966)

There is an interesting history behind the comic book character Joker in both the original DC comic book, the 50s portrayal in the comics, the original TV show and movie and Hollywood movies since that is worth exploring.

Caesar Romero artfully played Joker in the 1966 movie and TV show Batman. A campy, colorful mid-60s romp that played the character as more light and quirky humor villain. Sure, he was a bad guy, but he was not the kind of bad guy that caused people watching to think of committing violent acts against others. This was also the comic book depiction of Joker in the 50s.

But how did this depiction come to be?

This was the result of the Comic Code Authority, (essentially a censoring bureau) inspired by research from a psychiatrist named Frederick Wertham, that changed the original 1940s darker coming book Joker.

via Wikipedia Joker page (emphasis mine):

By 1954, the Comics Code Authority had been established in response to increasing public disapproval of comic book content. The backlash was inspired by Frederic Wertham, who hypothesized that mass media (especially comic books) was responsible for the rise in juvenile deliquency, violence and homosexuality, particularly in young males. Parents forbade their children from reading comic books, and there were several mass burnings. The Comics Code banned gore, innuendo and excessive violence, stripping Batman of his menace and transforming the Joker into a goofy, thieving trickster without his original homicidal tendencies.

Book burning over comic book content? Seriously, doesn’t this sound extreme and, well, crazy?

The problem with this change? In 2012, a study was done on Frederick Wertham’s research and found the following:

“Wertham manipulated, overstated, compromised, and fabricated evidence—especially that evidence he attributed to personal clinical research with young people—for rhetorical gain.”

To recap: this psychiatrist claims comic book violence is bad, gets the Comic Book Cops to police and sanitize the comics version of Joker, only to turn out we learn some 60 years later that Wertham’s research was a sham.

So, the movies — other than Batman (1966) have attempted to retain the original vision of the comic book portrayal Joker as a dark, evil character, hellbent on destruction and mayhem. Both Joker characters have that sinister, hyena-like laugh.

Which Joker is best? The 50s falsely sanitized Joker or the original diabolical, psychopathic Joker?

If you are a purist for movie adaptions, you probably want the original Joker. That would be the version in all new Batman movie and sounds like the version the new Joker 2019 movie will be following, albeit with a normal guy turned dark by the cruelty of social environment.

(Ironic considering this is what Wertham claimed the original comic were doing to impressionable teenagers!)

I haven’t seen the new Joker movie yet, but it hits our local theaters this coming Thursday October 3, 2019:

I am looking forward to seeing this movie. Not as excited about this Rambo: Last Blood or Terminator: Dark Fate or even JUDY that I just saw this week..

As with all movies, I’m going to give the new Joker portrayal a chance. Maybe I’ll finally enjoy the original, darker version of the Joker. Up until now, I’ve preferred the 1966 Joker played by Romero. The TV show never tried to be anything serious, The cartoonish Batman was fun when I was younger and while it is dated now, it is still entertaining.

Some of the Batman movies have been good, but I like Joker as, well, a joker. A more comical fun character that is bad, but not nightmarish bad.

Whichever way you prefer Joker portrayed in film, it is fascinating that there is a parallel in time between 2019 and the 1940s when psychologists were looking at how Joker impacted people outside the comics.. Now we have people looking at Joker in 2019 as to whether or not a fictional story will cause violence in the theater. At least two theater chains have banned moviegoers from wearing masks and painted faces in the theater.

A bizarre coincidence at the least.

FBI Warns Over ‘Possible Violence’ At Joker Screenings

Joker opens in theaters October 4, 2019

This news is :a sign of our troubled times:

The FBI has issued an extraordinary warning to law enforcement about possible violence at theaters showing the upcoming movie “Joker.” This comes years after a mass shooting during a “Batman” movie in Colorado in 2012.

I’ve blogged about police presence at the movie theater on a Friday night showing. So, now we have yet another concern at movie theaters everywhere (Texas seems to be on the highest alert, according to articles) starting October 4, when Joker is released.

Why are people getting so worked up over a DC comics villain movie? I thought basically the same thing over Batman.

None of this will stop me from going to the theater, I just won’t be as likely to attend during the busiest times (Friday and Saturday nights).. That has little to do with this Joker scare, I simply prefer less crowded screening times.

I’m still planning on seeing Joker and not too concerned about any of this BS. No “incels” or whatever miscreants there are will keep me away. How about you?