21+ The Old Guard Reviews – Cliched, Ear Bleeding Soundtrack, Promising Premise

The Old Guard ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

This film would not have been as good without Charlize Theron. It’s based on a graphic novel, which I haven’t read, but seems to harvest all too familiar tropes. Are these creatures werewolves or lycanthropic in origin?

Netflix’s “The Old Guard,” on the surface, seems like it gives us what the summer has been missing. It’s a starry, big-budget adaptation of a graphic novel about a band of immortal warriors led by Charlize Theron. And to a large degree, it supplies much of the absent superhero stuff. Visceral action sequences. Torrents of bullets. A blatant setup of future installments.

Movie review: In ‘The Old Guard,’ the comic movie gets an overhaul | Lifestyle | gloucestertimes.com

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Screenplay by the creator of the comic series

It’s usually a bonus whenever the original creator of the source material writes the screenplay.

Irrelevant pop-synth music

Whomever decided upon the soundtrack needs not be hired for the sequel, if there is one (more on that below). It’s loud and brash, but not in a fitting way. It’s like you’re trying to have a conversation at a bar and the music is too loud and doesn’t fit the scene.

Multiple times the music in this film actually took me out of the story. That rarely happens even once that music disrupts me like this, but it happened here multiple times. Terrible.

Sequel is setup

The ending leaves this open for more movies featuring these characters. Whether or not there is a sequel, it’s ready for one in the future. I wonder about movies like this that maybe play it safe with the stories and characters so that there can be more movies. Less risk = less interest, but then this is fairly commonplace in comic book adaptations.

Reviewed by Others

What do others think of The Old Guard?


  1. badblokebob: “Despite the poor dialogue and certain familiarities of concept, The Old Guard is more blandly acceptable than 6 Underground.”
  2. Brett / Graphic Policy: “…an entertaining film that doesn’t use its twist in too many ways to make the concept not seem interesting. It also adds just enough reasons as to why it doesn’t. It’s the rare actBaion film that has some moral questions underneath and themes to it that makes it a bit more than the fantastic action sequences.”
  3. Cinefiles / Alex Brannon: “This film’s premise is intriguing, but, despite some well-directed sequences, the execution of its narrative is clunky.”
  4. Critics w/o Credentials (Grade: C+): “…was decent but its lack of character empathy, development, and emotional investment kept too much distance from being able to fully enjoy the entire film. It strives to be more than the sum of its parts but can never break from beyond the tropes that were used to help the story but end up hindering it from being different.”
  5. Doc / EYG / Embrace Your Geekness: “I enjoyed this movie and I feel as if the film does a really strong job of adapting the comic to the screen.  Part of that, I am sure, is that Greg Rucka wrote this screenplay.  Neither the film or the comic dives deeply into how this happens to these people, but that was not important.  There are references to their past, just enough to not load the movie.”
  6. Ferdosa Abdi / Screen Queens: “is a finely tuned action thriller with a stellar ensemble, great writing and directing. It can only go up from here and hopefully, Netflix takes the initiative to see what is possible with building this story out, hopefully with this same creative team.”
  7. Irfan Nordin / Irfan Reviews Films (8/10): “The Old Guard is occasionally restricted by genre conventions, but director Gina Prince-Bythewood brings a sophisticated vision to the superhero genre and some knockout action sequences led by Charlize Theron.”
  8. Kate Sanchez / But Why Tho? A Geek Community: “Now, here are some plot issues and the exposition used throughout the film is slightly heavy-handed. That said, The Old Guard shines in nearly every other aspect, including in adapting a much loved graphic novel with enough accuracy to satisfy fans yet enough difference to make it feel fresh. The film is also a great watch regardless fo your familiarity with the original graphic novel.”
  9. Moshfish Reviews: “Overall this was more The Losers than The Avengers, but in terms of the more “realistic” superhero comic adaptions it was definitely one of the better ones. A standout cast and hard hitting action punctuate and elevate what could have easily been a standard comic book adaption.”
  10. No More Workhorse: “Not as earnest as it wants to be, but not as silly as its premise suggests, in a summer lacking the usual blockbusters due to the current CoVid crisis this definitely fills a gap and clocking in at under two hours it doesn’t outstay its welcome.”
  11. The Not Left Handed Either Film Guide: “Part of the reason I rate this film, aside from Kiki Layne, is due to how diverse it is. As well as having a formidable woman as the great leader of these legendary fighters it also has a number of central players who are black and three of the heroes who are gay. All of this is also done as it should be, completely incidentally. None of this is about being a woman, being black or being gay, it just has people who happened to be those things. I wish this wasn’t something to be celebrated but it definitely still is and films like this move us toward a time when it won’t be. “
  12. TL;DR Movie Reviews & Analysis (3.5/5): “A solid action flick, with an interesting premise, that lands from start to finish.”
  13. Trailer Trashed: “So I am still not certain about the plot.  But the characters, writing and direction are all excellent, that it will be ranked as one of my favourite Netflix films I have seen this year.”

Not Recommended (or on the fence)

  1. Darren / The M0vie Blog: “None of the central ideas in The Old Guard are ever truly explored or developed, because that might mean that some other angle would get a short shrift. The result is an action film that is largely functional, which isn’t entirely satisfying but is also never completely frustrating. It’s a solid and sturdy film that largely avoids a potential identity crisis by declining to commit to a single identity.”
  2. Franz Patrick / Franz Patrick’s Film Archive (1/4): “I felt no purpose in this, no passion, no deep thought or even a modicum of originality. It’s just junk food—not even the tasty kind but one that’s flavorless, leaving a chalky taste in the mouth.”
  3. Keith & The Movies (2/5): “…director Gina Prince-Bythewood can’t wrangle it all together and Rucka’s script leaves too many questions while offering characters who need more heft. So you’re left with the action which offers a smattering of ‘wow’ moments with an occasional touch of style. Sadly there aren’t enough of them to rescue the film from its more mediocre genre impression.”
  4. MoodyB / The Cinema Cynic (4/10): “…a disjointed narrative and lazy script that lack any focus or originality means this one has to ultimately go down as a wasted opportunity – though just about watchable, it is overlong, predictable and highly forgettable. This has to go down as yet another wannabe Netflix franchise that may finish before it has even started!”
  5. nathanzoebl (Grade: C): “…lacks the same transformative ability and fight choreography. It’s just thoroughly fine, at best, and I kept wondering if they were saving themselves for a big finish. Sorry to disappoint, it’s just more office hallways with limited gunplay. The energy level is lacking and the music choice throughout the film affects this as well, with the same kind of downer tracks playing again and again.”
  6. Peggy at the Movies (Grade: C+): “In truth, it’s yet another Netflix release that falls into the usual category; not a classic by any stretch, but definitely a passable and watchable two hours.”
  7. Phil The Bear’s Film Reviews: “With a clear set up for a sequel and a new set of comics to base it on perhaps The Old Guard will grow into a memorable franchise. Right now its an entertaining diversion.”
  8. SCOTT WILLIAM FOLEY: “It’s too long, too contrived, too cliched, too obvious, and the dialogue is too lazy.”
  9. Writergurlny: “That being said, the movie was merely ok. It was somewhere in between underwhelming and not a bad way to spend two hours of my movie watching time.”

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30+ My Spy Reviews – Plagued by Been There, Done That

My Spy ⭐️⭐️½

Another movie that probably wouldn’t have spent much time in theater, nor made that much money, was purchased by Amazon and is available for streaming on Prime Video to subscribers. I hope whatever Amazon paid was reasonable enough.

In some ways this movie reminded me of the totally unrelated story Playing With Fire, only instead of John Cena in a firehouse, we’ve got Dave Bautista as a CIA agent. Instead of multiple children, we have one 9-year-old girl.

But before breaking this movie down in more detail, a warning is required for those who do want to see this movie (my spoiler-free review is linked above if you want to read that). If you have already seen the movie or don’t care if it’s spoiled, feel free to continue reading.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Let’s start with something positive.

Friendly adult and child chemistry between Bautista and Chloe Coleman

There is a warmth in the chemistry on screen between Dave Bautista and child actress Chloe Coleman. It’s even clearer in this interview with both of them.

Sadly, the chemistry in the movie comes more from the child actress Coleman than Bautista. He may have been really proud of this movie, but his acting most of the time is like watching a wooden statue. Really, truly zombie-like.

Is it a spy thriller or an outsider kid meets brawny CIA operative movie?

As mentioned at the start of this post, the focus of this film is a mess. Who is it aimed at? At times it seemed like it was a family movie and at times it was going for a spy thriller. As presented, it was a little Kindergarten Cop and some Playing With Fire.

This would have been a bust at the box office

Not what Bautista wants to hear, and we’ll never know for certain, but this movie wouldn’t have done that well at the box office. It’s too bad, because I could tell he was really, really trying here. I liked Bautista’s effort, just not the results.

Some good scenes

At times I was entertained and well, like the scene where Sophie (Coleman) discovers J.J (Bautista) is running a surveillance option and live streams him, threatening to post to all her social media. Timely, funny scene.

Reviews By Others

What do others think about My Spy?


  1. Berning Away: “…it’s not absolutely fantastic, but it is an entertainingly enjoyable and decent flick that is just right to while away a couple of hours (or less) during this quarantine.”
  2. Cath Talks: “The movie is a good one which reeks of action, adventure, comedy and a little romance. The movie has some swear words so don’t leave kids alone to watch it. It’s a great movie”
  3. Darren Lucas / Movie Reviews 101: “…an entertaining comedy that the family could enjoy, it will get enough laughs and continues to show Dave Bautista becoming a bigger name in the action comedy world.”
  4. Ed Sum / Otaku no Culture: “My Spy with my little eye is a story comparable to Jackie Chan’s Spy Next Door. Both involve a CIA operative trying to maintain his cover while dealing with kids”
  5. EYG / Embrace Your Geekness: “I have to say that I got some Kindergarten Cop vibe from the film.  Much of the story is very similar to that Schwarzenegger flick.  Dave Bautista carries the film, showing some absolute star quality.”
  6. Film Epoch (Grade: B-): “Primarily due to Bautista’s humble, likable personality, My Spy mostly works in spite of its many cliches. Kristen Schaal provides ample comic support as his new techie partner in the field, and there is charm to spare when the lonely spy meets the leery, bite-sized genius (Chloe Coleman), the both of them producing unexpected laughs for such a pedestrian script.”
  7. filmfanstake: “It’s nothing special, no twists or turns here from the generic spy comedy plot. You’re here for the laughs and the action and My Spy delivers both in spades”
  8. jasonbleau / Cinema Spotlight (3/5): “…didn’t disappoint or enthrall me and that’s kind of what I expected. In the end I actually found it more enjoyable than frustrating due to its charming cast that make the few bright moments work just enough to balance out the rest of the story which, in itself, isn’t exactly boring but also isn’t very memorable.”
  9. Josh Lasser / The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews (3/5): “…succeeds more than it fails. It will endlessly please kids and will cause adults to chuckle repeatedly. It is a film which exists well outside the bounds of our reality and yet still is at its best when focusing on real relationships. It even works when that relationship is centered on the unreal, like JJ teaching Sophie spy craft.”
  10. licorcerub: “…is actually quite enjoyable. Despite no big laughs and its typical premise, My Spy has a lot of likable faces, chiefly the young girl, Chloe Coleman, playing Sophie, and is much more pleasant than I anticipated.”
  11. Mirza Baig / Welcome to Movie Ark! “…a wholly predictable action comedy that will be considered largely enjoyable and fun by its target audience.”
  12. One Movie, Our Views (2/4): “It’s predictable and clichéd and we know exactly where it’s going to end up, but My Spy still isn’t the worst thing out there for families and is kept mostly watchable thanks to the likeable interplay between Bautista and Coleman.”
  13. Phil The Bear’s Film Reviews: “Ultimately what the film has winning amounts of is humour and heart. Bautista is genuinely brilliant at looking shocked by events happening around him and the likes of Schaal and Ken Jeong (as his boss) add there trademark humour.”
  14. redmangoreviews: “…is a simple, straight forward movie and its ability to entertain you will probably rely on how much you enjoyed other films like it. For me, it was an easy entertaining way to pass some time.”
  15. RockAtTheMovies (6.5/10): “Overall, its a film where nothing new happens and is predictable. However, in a time of very little going on it works to kill time and further shows that Batista (much like other former professional wrestlers) might have a good time in the film industry.”
  16. Sarah Cartland / Caution Spoilers: “My Spy‘s tonal imbalance may leave adults frustrated but the film’s mixture of clever tween who doesn’t fit in, broad comedy, cute dog and the odd huge explosion means it should work well for a younger age group (I think my 10 year old will love it).”
  17. Sarah Taviani: “It’s not a laugh-a-minute film, but there were definitely some chuckles in the audience. This is a light, fun feature that has something for kids and adults alike.”
  18. Stephen Bowman / The East Madison Review (8.5/10): “Dave Bautista was golden in this comedic role, but the little girl is amazing too. Her character is three-dimensional and she does an amazing job with the many aspects involved in the complicated role. I would really like to see a sequel bringing these two back together.”
  19. The Sardonic Romantic: “Although it is clear to see an intent to make this more than the conventional hardman does comedy picture, it never really breaks the shackles it seems to intentionally strap to itself. To say I enjoyed My Spy might, for that reason be going a little too far but if I had to pick between this and the other films of its kind, I’d gladly watch this again.”
  20. Trailer Trashed: “It won’t blow you away, its predictable and repetitive, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good time”
  21. QTAS Reviews: “…is a film for younger audiences, so the humour is targeted appropriately. However, overall it is a middle-of-the-road family comedy at best. It is absolutely a movie you can take your popcorn-munching children to and they will have a fantastic time, but if you are looking for anything more, don’t invest too long in this one.”

Not Recommended

  1. Daniel M. Kimmel / NorthShoreMovies.net (1.5/5): “…a movie that may distract uncritical younger viewers, but is not very good. Given its violent content, parents will be well advised to take a look and see if they deem it appropriate viewing for their own children.•••”
  2. Howard for Film: “Sure, you can argue that it’s a family film and perhaps I’m not the target demographic but the film also contains some words that I wouldn’t want a young child to hear and there’s one scene where a dismembered head goes flying through the air. (These days, though, kids are exposed to so much more than I was at that age so you may feel differently.)”
  3. Irfan Nordin / Irfan Reviews Films (5/10): “My Spy plugs Dave Bautista into the “charismatic action star meets cute kid” formula, with generally painless albeit decidedly mediocre results.”
  4. Joe Baker / Dallas Film News: “I only wish its exaggerated action subplots were replaced by a more simple story of a young girl and her hapless father-figure. There’s a complex story somewhere in there, it’s just hidden by plot mechanics and over-ambitious, dumb action-film zeal.”
  5. Kate Jackson / Sorry, never heard of it!: “Maybe if you’ve got kids then they will enjoy this, but other than that, meh.”
  6. Keith Loves Movies (50%): “Though nostalgically enjoyable, My Spy is comprised more of shlock, pandering, and hollow jokes than the heart or humour it believes it has.”
  7. Luke / Another Millennial Reviewer (2/5): “…despite some highpoints like the comedy as well as great prop choices, this film is cringey and feels about 20 years too late. It is not an action film and despite a valiant effort from Bautista and Schaal it is not much of a comedy film either.”
  8. nathanzoebl: “…little moments are enough to convince me there was a superior draft of this script before it was dulled and softened in the rewrite process for mass consumption. It’s not going to be a great film experience but as formulas go, Bautista plus precocious kid is winning enough to satisfy for 90 minutes.”
  9. Peter Cox / The Lost Highway Hotel: “It’s not too much, but its indicative of a movie that feels as though its been stitched together from various sources to create 90 minutes of ‘content’, rather like your more typical for-hire Netflix Original that somehow got lost and wandered its way into theatres. When it inevitably lands on the streaming platform its anonymity might finally feel at home. But in the multiplex, it isn’t really clear who this is for.”
  10. WillCBlogs (4/10): “All in all, My Spy had potential even with shotty writing and acting. The comedy felt proper and if some elements of the script were rearranged, the end product would be more appealing.”

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21+ Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga Reviews – Even Will Ferrell Didn’t Know Much About The Long-running Contest

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga ⭐️⭐️

Guess I feel in better company that Will Ferrell, who co-wrote and starred in, this film didn’t know very much about the long-running Eurovision Song Contest either. So much upon researching that he thought it would make a “great” movie.

“I watched mesmerised for the entire three hours. Ironically, that year a Swede won: Charlotte Nilsson. I was just blown away by the spectacle, the camp. Everything you guys [in the UK] are used to, we didn’t have anything like that, in America. I literally went, ‘That would make a great movie.’”

“It’s kind of a funny story…” Will Ferrell on his Eurovision movie for Netflix

This film did succeed in making me more interested in watching the contest. I enjoyed American Idol, The Voice and other singing contests. This contest seems to have the focus of the world outside of America, which is intriguing.

Let’s talk more about the details of the film, but first a SPOILER warning …

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

It’s all about the music, yes?

If you like the music played during this contest, that will increase your interest in the overall production. Most of the music I didn’t care for which made it harder for me to get into a film which has very musical-like origins. I did enjoy the opening keyboard scene with Ferrell in the viking (?) outfit. Is he singing by making blow-like sounds? LOL. Yeah, that’s funny.

A golden opportunity for Will Ferrell to go all cowbell was missed. It would have been hilarious to see his Icelandic character use a cowbell. This would pay homage to one of Ferrell’s funniest comedic moments.

The prescription for Eurovision is, literally, more cowbell, baby!

My goodness, the length … for a comedy!

Comedy movies are not supposed to be this long. They broke the rules, which I would applaud if the story deserved it, but this did not.

Some scenes were funny, but too little too late

The hamster wheel scene was funny. Alas, what few scenes were funny were scattered apart and couldn’t hold the rest together.

James Bond as a crusty Icelandic father? No thanks

While it has humor value as described in that bolded headline, Pierce Brosnan didn’t make a good, crusty father character. Firstly, the character was criminally one-dimensional. Second, he was just too cruel. Why is Lars trying to earn this guy’s affections throughout his entire life? There was a setup and rationale, but it didn’t work for this viewer. I would rather see the character as more of a Mr. Burns from The Simpsons type character. I mean, if we’re going for parody, why not go all out. This movie doesn’t go far enough, like if it was an Adam Sandler movie, it would have gone all the way. This plays it safe too much.

I did like the fishing boat scene where Brosnan’s character finally cracks and admits that he’s proud of Lars.

The contest results scene was entertaining

Think my favorite part of the film were when the Eurovision contest results were read and Will Ferrell had already skipped out, thinking Iceland would never get any points. The reaction to the crowd and audience. This scene made slogging through the rest of the movie worthwhile. Still don’t recommend it, but at least this scene showed it was all leading somewhere productive.

Reviews By Others

What are other movie reviewers saying about Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga?


  1. tensecondsfromnow / film-authority.com: ” At a time when the pandemic has managed to divide the world into competing, suspicious countries, Eurovision Song Contest invites us to laugh at our own divisions; it’s funny, the songs are on point, and the whole genial package earns a ‘Jaja Ding Dong’ from this laughter-starved critic.”
  2. Alex Finch / Comedy To Watch: “Writers Will Ferrell and Andrew Steele have clearly done a lot of research in to the contest and are aware of it’s naff reputation among many, even if in many ways it’s a little too respectful of it.”
  3. Alex Wiggan / It’s A Stampede! “…is exactly what audiences need right now – two hours of pure escapism. It won’t win awards for originality, but in a year seriously devoid of humour, this movie knows its audience and ensures a good time for all, with a dash of ABBA thrown in for good measure.”
  4. badblokebob (3/5): “Sporadically funny; often dated; with tired and rehashed routines; longer than Alexander Lemtov’s penis; and surprisingly emotional at the end… Actually, maybe The Story of Fire Saga is like Eurovision after all.”
  5. Bouquets & Brickbats: “I have to admit I am mightily entertained by ESCTSOFS and even feel somewhat moved by its final act. I was also delighted to note that much of the action is set in my home city of Edinburgh (it’s the host for the Eurovision final). Furthermore it’s good to see Ferrell back on some kind of form. If I’m honest, it’s a long time since any of his efforts have made me laugh.”
  6. Cameron Black / The Blog Complainer: “Sometimes I need something pretty average to let my brain relax and not be challenged by what I’m watching. But at the end of the day if you enjoyed yourself while watching the movie then it must be worthy enough to call it a good film.”
  7. Chelichan Blog: “Unfortunately, if you’re expecting a knock-out Ferrell comedy then you’ll be dissatisfied. It’s a mediocre comedy that relies too much on gimmicks, but worth watching if you’re looking for something new to watch on Netflix.”
  8. Film Carnage (7/10): “Many may not gel with its offbeat comedy and peculiar nature but for those that do, it will provide a much-needed brief respite from the world’s current troubles. Trying to capture the insanity that is Eurovision is a tall task and while Dobkin’s take may be indulgent and clumsy at times, it does a brilliant job of instilling the spirit of the contest.”
  9. Hannah Wales / The World Of Celebrity: “It may be tonally all over the place and it didn’t give me those much-needed laugh-out-loud moments, but I defy you not to have a smile plastered across your face watching some of these bonkers performances.”
  10. HCMovieReviews: “The comedy doesn’t always hit the mark but there’s heart to get wrapped up in certain points and come the grand finale sequence, a song dowsed in Nordic roots becomes way more impacting and possibly stirring that I’d have imagined.”
  11. luisreviewer / World Of Entertainment: “I can recommend the film for a Friday night if you are at home and looking for a good movie to see on Netflix, it is funny and sweet in some ways.”
  12. Movies Unchained: “There’s an underlying chaotic brilliance to this film that we simply don’t see all that often, and while it’s certainly a film that has its flaws, that’s to be expected from a film focused on the cultural embodiment of high-camp, with Eurovision Song Contest being an absolute blast in every conceivable way, and an earnest work of comedy that is as bizarre as it is thoroughly entertaining, and absolutely just a bundle of unbridled joy from beginning to end.”
  13. Often Off Topic: “This is a movie most will scoff at, but I found it a clever mix of pure comedy and feel good, follow your dreams and it paid off. It opens with a fantastically funny musical number and then takes a while to find it’s feet, but after the first half-hour I was sold.”
  14. TL;DR Movie Reviews: “It tries to aim for that Eurovision absurdity, but Fire Sage mostly missed the target.”
  15. Trailer Trashed: “There was a lot of forced comedy, that the film could have done without, and Will Ferrell is basically playing the same character he has been playing for the last ten years, just with a funny accent.  But there were some great moments in this film.”

Not Recommended

  1. Dan Meier / Screen Goblin: “Ferrell seems to think a silly accent (literally everyone in the film does one) will make up for the nul-points script and no-point story, padded out to two hours with Eurovision cameos – including Sweden’s Loreen, Austria’s Conchita Wurst and ABBA’s Pierce Brosnan.”
  2. Doc / EYG / Embrace Your Geekness: “There are a few moments of fun.  Of course, there are also boat explosions, Icelandic elves, shots at America tourists, insane driving, and an oversized hamster wheel.  So much idiocy and not enough laughs from it.”
  3. Darren / The M0vie Blog: “There’s a better movie somewhere within The Story of Fire Saga, waiting to get out, but it’s ultimately suffocated by a template that has been done before and much better.”
  4. Ferdosa Abdi / Screen Queens: “Maybe just maybe, Will Ferrell is losing his touch. I don’t want to be the kind of person who denigrates the work of a comedic genius, especially one who truly still has a lot to give, however, this is a far cry from Ferrell’s previous writing efforts.”
  5. Frankie Gilmore / DiscussingFilm: “In the end, it’s hard to know what to make of such a strange movie that is at once a 2-hour ad for a real-life competition and also a sweet little story of two funny people singing catchy songs and falling in love. In a way, there’s something almost comforting about it. You’ll laugh a little, tap your feet more than you might expect, and maybe come away feeling a little happier than you did before.”
  6. Geeks of Color / Rihaana Stark: “Overall, it’s hard to recommend this movie. It’s two hours of tired jokes that ultimately lead to nowhere. If anything, just check out the soundtrack that comes out Friday as well”
  7. Katya the Doofus, Kniga the Worm: “All in all, this is not worth your time and energy, but at least it’s a Netflix movie so you don’t have to spend additional funds in order to watch it. Your time would be much better spent watching Blades of glory, an actual comedy about another ridiculous event – figure skating and a great Will Ferrell performance.”
  8. Let’s talk about movies: “I just wish the film itself had more funny jokes up its sleeve. I’m sure the idea of having two goofballs participate in the Eurovision Contest sounded like a good bet at first. Too bad it didn’t turn out better.”
  9. MoodyB / Cinema Cynic: “…the film’s overlong running time and lacklustre storytelling means it is unlikely to have many redeeming features.
  10. Orca Flotta: “…wasn’t a totally bad film, as was entertaining and not boring. Even charming in parts. And that already means a lot for American-made movies of today. But it could’ve  been so much better, with more bite and anarchistic nonsense. Fire Saga could’ve been a second (or third in this regard) Anchorman. But it missed that particular mark by a country mile.”
  11. writergurlny: “The inspirational half of the film works just fine. But the absurdist comedy falls flat on it’s face. I should have been laughing out loud, but I wasn’t.”

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6+ Lost Bullet Reviews – French Car Crime Action, So-so Story

Lost Bullet ⭐️⭐️½

French car action a la Fast & Furious. Some really good car stunts on what looks more big budget than it probably was. I enjoyed the car scenes, but once they were out of the car and everything had to rely on the story? Not so much.

Lost Bullet is a classic story of an innocent man trying to clear his name from all the corrupt authority figures. That kind of plot is universal, and Netflix also gives you the choice to watch it in original French with subtitles, dubbed into English or other languages.  

‘Lost Bullet’ Movie Review: The French and the Furious

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Cool car action

I’ve only seen a few of the Fast & Furious film franchise, but this seems very heavily inspired by that. The cars are what kept me watching this film and admittedly, I’m not a big car action fan. If only it could have more story to it like Ford v Ferrari, this could have really won me over.

Speaking of that …

The story and acting is pretty bland

We’ve seen the basic plot done before. Man wrongly imprisoned with conditional release to help the police. His motivation becomes to prove his innocence.

Yes, that’s about it, story-wise.

In the beginning, I was reminded of a Sylvester Stallone movie, Lock Up, that was based in prison and had a sideplot involving working on cars. Stallone was a mechanic.

Here we have a mechanic, but instead of being in prison with the cops turned against him, he’s on the outside with the police turned on him. Similar story, only Lock Up is better.

Maybe a fault of the script, but the acting isn’t very good in this film either. I found myself barely caring that the protagonist cleared his name. I was more interested in what cool things he could do with the cars, the chase scenes, the car on car action.

Liked the ending

The ending raised my star rating by a full star and made me almost want to recommend. As I read through a small few reviews written by others, it seemed most enjoyed this more than I. There’s a lot of interest in car action films. Overall, I couldn’t find that many reviews written which tells me that not many of the 2,000 blogs I follow have watched this.

Reviews By Others

What do others think about Lost Bullet?


  1. Dude the cleaner / Cinephile: “Inventive stunts in this one with great car chases but the thing is here the character did not get to develop further and in more detail. It is an action crime thriller that stand out and does a good job to entertain. I kind of liked it.”
  2. MoodyB / The Cinema Cynic: “…certainly never provides any genuine shocks or surprises, and will also not linger long in the memory, but it has enough thrills and spills to be an immensely enjoyable and easy to watch action thriller.”
  3. rogerinorlando / Movie Nation: “This gonzo Netflix Original by Guillaume Pierret (his “Matriche” was nothing like this) has visceral, heart-pounding car chases that compare — favorably — with the very best the “Fast and Furious” franchise has ever offered.”
  4. Speaking Volumes / Gulraj Bedi: “Guillaume Pierret’s direction provides the viewers with a lot of thrill and excitement. The execution is fast-paced and follows a water-light plot that leaves no room for interpretation.”
  5. The Tomstardis Movie Blog: “I thought that the plot whilst not original was done superbly and the pace was spot on and the running time was just right. It’s not going to win many awards but I thought for a Netflix film it was one of their strongest films in quite a while.”
  6. Trailer Trashed: “Maybe it was a good thing the story focuses on the action sequences so much.  Because without them, there would be very little substance to the film at all.”

Not Recommended

  1. Jonathon Wilson / Ready Steady Cut: “…its singular focus makes it a decent proposition as the kind of unchallenging mush-brained entertainment you throw on after a long day at work or something. It doesn’t stand out in its field but it also doesn’t disgrace itself. That, though, is the kindest thing that can be said about it.”

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35+ Da 5 Bloods Reviews – Finally, an Oscar Contender

Da 5 Bloods ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

If you haven’t seen Spike Lee’s latest joint, then get to it, already. It’s a good one. It’s been riding high on Netflix’s top 10, so a lot of people are watching and, as you’ll see at the end of this post, garnering critical praise.

Oscar-worthy? The movie year might only be half over, but so far the Oscar competition isn’t strong. Even if it was, this movie should still be among the nominations for Best Director.

Best Director: It’s long overdue for a black director to win this elusive prize. Barry Jenkins won Best Picture for “Moonlight,” not director. Jenkins and Lee are among the six black directors nominated for the directing Oscar. John Singleton was the first (“Boyz ‘n the Hood”), followed by Lee Daniels (“Precious”), Steve McQueen (“12 Years a Slave”) and Jordan Peele (“Get Out”).

Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods Puts Him in Oscar Race, With 10 Months to Go | IndieWire

Now, it’s time to get into SPOILER territory. Because I don’t want to ruin the movie for those who haven’t seen yet, our site’s official warning is due.

…. you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

That Stepping On A Landmine Scene

There are several powerful scenes in this film, but one of them involves one of the four Vietnam vets giving a speech while walking backward and holding gold, only to step on a landmine. Then the son of another steps on one, but he realizes it and his father ties rope around him and gives an impassioned speech about beating the mine, referencing the speed of a world class runner.

It’s one of the most tense, dramatic and ludicrous scenes ever filmed. It’s absurd and implausible, but intentionally so. The irony is thick and smart. War films are rarely known for these type of cinematic moments, especially in the aftermath, in the present, not what happened during the war itself.

These remnant mines are problematic on so many levels, but the film doesn’t dwell or preach about the subject and that makes it even more poetic. Moviegoers don’t need preaching, we need more excellent filmmaking showing, not telling, like this. Applause.

Could have done without the MAGA and Trump bashing, but it fit the story at least

One of the characters wears a Make American Great Again (MAGA) hat and there are several President Trump bashing moments. While I see how and why those were done, they were a bit distracting at moment, breaking the fourth wall intentionally. Spike Lee could have been more effective using more subtle references to the President to mock him, but it wasn’t over the top and unnecessary, it did fit the movie.

(Important disclaimer: I’m not sticking up for President Trump in the paragraph above, Simply stating it was distracting inside a fictional movie being reminded of a non-fictional political figure. It could have been any political figure — Obama, Clinton, Bush, etc., not just the current American President. And of all the things Trump can be blamed for, Vietnam is not one of them).

Gold In Them Thar Hills

We all have favorite parts of films. One of my most favorite, the thing that just kept me coming back to this story, was the gold. Inanimate, passionless, cliched in comparison to another famous film, and yet it just sat there waiting to be claimed. I soooo wanted the vets to get that gold and live happily ever after. I mean, they’d suffered enough mentally and physically from the trauma of war. I’m sure at least in part the gold was there to sucker in viewers like me. It worked.

While I came for the gold, I stayed for the performances, the obstacles and tragedy. Some riveting acting and I just had to know how this would end. It delivered.

Reviews By Others

Here’s what others are saying about Da 5 Bloods:


  1. tensecondsfromnow / film-authority: “…slowly graduates from political sub-text to essential text, a crucial, dramatic, meaty Vietnam movie that successfully attempts to redress a genuine historical imbalance in cinema.”
  2. PatrickWhy / The Ebert Test: “As is sometimes the case (IMHO) with Lee’s work, it goes a little long, overstating its point in certain places, but then again, they are, perhaps, points that warrant restatement.”
  3. All Things Movies UK: “…deserves many nominations. Especially for Spike Lee’s direction and Delroy Lindo’s acting performance. For me, it’s a near perfect war movie. Not necessarily set around war, but dealing with the aftermath and pain from a gruesome war.”
  4. CJ / Film Mafia: “In tone and temperament, the film reverberates with BlacKkKlansman, offeringhumour and the ‘good hang’ joys of a delightfully cohesive ensemble along with genre thrills, black history, socio-political critique and complex moral reckoning.”
  5. Darren Lucas / Movie Reviews 101 (4.5/5): “This is a performance heavy movie, that does show us the unity of brotherhood from war in a way that only Spike Lee can, showing a new light on the soldiers that would have been forgotten in time.
  6. Darren / The M0vie Blog: “…isn’t quite as compelling or as dynamic as BlacKkKlansman. Its runtime is a little too long, and its plot is a little too conventional. However, Lee is working with a strong cast that helps bring forth the humanism in this foreign adventure. Still, it’s hard to resist the movie’s charm”
  7. DC Bolling / DCs Take (Grade: B+): “Lee’s latest joint happens to be his most mature effort with his beautiful direction, great ensemble, especially an Oscar-worthy performance from Lindo, and a captivating story that could’ve been true, for all I know.”
  8. Doc / EYG / Embrace Your Geekness (5/5): “I’m not sure there could have been a more effective or relevant movie to be dropped on Netflix today than Spike Lee’s next film, Da 5 Bloods. Beautiful.  Painful.  Poignant.  Shocking.  Pertinent.”
  9. FILMAHOLIC (4.5/5): “Spike Lee’s latest Joint is not perfect and might be a bit heavy handed for some, but for those willing to take the ride with him, it’s a moving and epic experience that is poised to become a classic and one of the year’s best films. Don’t miss it.”
  10. Franz Patrick’s Film Archives (4/4): “I couldn’t help but think, “Spike Lee was the only person who could have made this” because the work possesses so much flavor and personality, the experience leaps out of the screen to slap us and shake us; it is alive, humorous, tragic, ironic, and timely.”
  11. Henry’s Movie Reviews: “The cast has amazing chemistry and I could not get enough of the performances. Academy you better be putting this on your list because it is a high-quality film that deserves the recognition.”
  12. Humanizing The Vacuum (Grade: B+): “A congeries of influences and outright borrowings held together by Lee’s commitment to his own kind of temporal reality, Da 5 Bloods uses several decades worth of cinematic detritus to illustrate the futility of being a black man in these United States.”
  13. Irfan Nordin / IrFan Reviews Films (7.5/10): “Fierce energy and ambition course through Da 5 Bloods, coming together to fuel one of Spike Lee’s most urgent and impactful films.”
  14. Island Movie Blogs: “I genuinely think, this is the best movie Spike Lee has ever made, and its still fully in his wheelhouse, so its a really interesting combination of his style of movie, with something I think is a little more commercial. “
  15. Jon Spencer Reviews: “…I cannot praise Lee’s film more for they way he uses the many aspect ratios to determine which period it is set in, the performances, film-making techniques, and the message he is trying to send. ‘Da 5 Bloods’ is an important film, no doubt, as it uses archival footage that make it seem documentary-esque, and brutal imagery that will haunt and disturb on an emotional level.”
  16. Josh Lasser / The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews (5/5): “Spike Lee is a filmmaker who has repeatedly told us about racial injustice and strife and repeatedly told us to do better. With “Da 5 Bloods,” he delivers the message again and does so in even more potent form”
  17. Keith / Keith & The Movies (3.5/5): “It’s a fascinating buffet of potent themes and meaningful social commentary, soaked in rich style and classic cinema flavor.”
  18. Let’s Talk About Movies: “…couldn’t be more thought provoking, but they’re carefully wrapped in a mainstream package, which makes them accessible to almost everyone. And “Da 5 Bloods” is no exception: it’s a good story told with passion, humor, and a keen eye for detail.”
  19. Leo Rydel / Geekly Goods (9/10): “In all honesty, I loved this movie. I laughed, cried, and was shocked by what I saw. The movie is so phenomenal, that it’s hard for me to put into words what I watched”
  20. Martin Towers / The Film Towers: “What a privilege, in short, to get to enjoy such a monument of a film, a treat for the eyes, with a range of great performances. Everyone with a Netflix account should make this their next watch.”
  21. Michael J. Cinema: “…is long and twisty, but never predictable. There are some groaners—the handful of references to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre feel forced—but like any Lee movie, it moves so fast and contains so much, you never dwell on a misstep long.”
  22. Often Off Topic (4/5): “I had high hopes for this. I think it’s the kind of movie where every viewer will have a different experience but for me, this was a slow burner that lagged to begin with but more than paid off in the end.”
  23. Palmer Rubin / TV and City: “It’s very much a Spike Lee joint at its core, best and worst of his tendencies all wrapped up into one. If you love his work, then you’ll really love this. If you dislike him for whatever reason, you’re probably never going to enjoy this.”
  24. Randall A. Golden / Midlife Crisis Crossover: “Lee adroitly sets up Da 5 Bloods as a tense postwar drama whose final acts accelerate through commercial suspense-thriller mechanics while never stopping the commentary. After the first twenty minutes’ camaraderie I began secretly hoping the film would just be 2½ hours of these same four actors chatting over a series of dinners, but alas, such pleasures are fleeting and left behind when stuff gets real.”
  25. Richard Denis / Graphic Policy: “…is a powerhouse of emotion, politics, and black history that easily fits in with the Black Lives Matter movement currently voicing their anger on the streets today, but it never takes for granted that it’s first and foremost a Vietnam War movie.”
  26. thatfilmbloguk: “There’s one quote that boils down the point Lee is trying to make with Da 5 Bloods. Delivered by Vinh (Johnny Nguyen), he says, ‘After you’ve been in a war, you understand it never really ends. Whether it’s in your mind or in reality. There are just degrees.’”
  27. Trailer Trashed: “…is an important film, it’s eye opening, uncomfortable, at times very funny and emotional.  It may not be my favourite film I have seen this year, but I can’t deny it’s poignancy. “

Not Recommended

  1. Benn Bell / Ghost Dog (5/10): “The movie suffers from poor writing and mediocre directing. Spike throws everything he has into this movie including the kitchen sink. Part Treasure of the Sierra Madre and part Apocalypse Now, it never does find its own footing.”
  2. Bouquets & Brickbats: “…has already been garlanded with high praise from several quarters, but for me, at least, it’s not up there with Lee’s finest work. What’s more, with a running time of two hours and thirty four minutes, there are sections here that feel more gruelling than they needed to.”
  3. Dick Stanley / The Texas Scribbler: “…a drama of a return to Vietnam by four black combat veterans now in their sixties, pretty much left me cold. Not just because of the politics (the one Trump supporter is PTSD crazy and gets it in the end, presumably for his sin of voting the wrong way) but by the way the veterans on their return to the country decades after the conflict ended keep attracting angry Vietnamese who lost kin in the American war.”
  4. The Dragon Lady Files: “If we are to have new films about real wars, they should tell us something new because it is time to expand our understanding of war and its participants beyond the white protagonist. Yet in his ambitious effort, Spike failed both women and the Vietnamese in “Da 5 Bloods,” and “Da 5 Bloods” frames this as black versus white in a world where women and Asians are background players and it surely is a time to look beyond that binary.”
  5. Eddie / Jordan & Eddie (The Movie Guys) (2/5): “A hugely disappointing effort from Lee, Da 5 Bloods may have found its share of critical acclaim but while its themes and subject matter should be commended, as a film; this Netflix release is as unpolished and unfocused as they come.”
  6. leesbj / Vagabond Shoes: “It’s nonsensical not because the story of vets revisiting the country in search of answers and redemption is far fetched; ridiculous because on a human level, on the level of fiction, nothing is credible.”
  7. MoodyB / The Cinema Cynic: “It is very often the case in films that less can indeed be more, and perhaps Lee should have remembered this, as Da 5 Bloods tries to be too many things and take on too many themes, and so in the end becomes an unsatisfying bloated mess of a film.”
  8. nicklacey / The Case for Global Film: “Lee throws in numerous references to Apocalypse Now!, the helicopters in the sun and The Ride of the Valkyries in particular, and uses footage from Civil Rights police violence and numerous black voices including Mohammed Ali and Martin Luther King Jr. All these work brilliantly but I was so alienated by the film from the time they find the gold that I had to force myself to keep watching. “
  9. notlefthandedfilmguy: “I don’t think it mixes the small story and the big picture together as well as BlackKklansman and some of the plot developments are too heavily signposted (Chekov’s gun is a different type of weapon in this film and it is over used). I also think that the notion that for these men the war never ended plays out too literally, for both sides.”
  10. SCOTT WILLIAM FOLEY: “I truthfully wanted to love Da 5 Bloods. I entered the movie without a shred of objectivity–I was fully prepared to write a rave review, especially because critics seem to adore it. But it would be a disservice to Spike Lee himself if I denied my criticisms. It’s still a very watchable film, however, with extremely important messages.”

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10+ 365 Days / 365 DNI Reviews – Stockholm on Steroids

365 Days AKA as 365 DNI ⭐️

We all know sex sells.

Netflix has always offered subscribers some erotic films. They are rarely prominently promoted, but since they started sharing their #1 rankings, this can bubble up titles they might want kept on the virtual back alleys of their categories.

This film is sort of an underbelly of their offerings. It doesn’t go full bore XXX, of course, because that would — gasp — seek to ruin their mainstream appeal, but some of these movies flirt at the edges. Intentionally.

While reviewing Polish softcore porn films here isn’t even remotely commonplace — nor will it be — this film that currently sits at #1 at Netflix just has to be explored, at least as an example of just how Netflix is seemingly trying to throw every movie type and genre possible at the wall and see what sticks with their subscribers.

A winner in garnering interest? Absolutely, yes. But is this a good film? Can any softcore porn film be good? Some will cite Fifty Shades of Grey as the benchmark, but since I haven’t seen that, I have no frame of reference. Somehow, I doubt this film is nearly as classy as that film, if that is possible.

There are so many things wrong with this film. Within the first 15 minutes, the character Massimo has already forced a flight attendant on his private jet to perform oral sex on him. Another five minutes and Laura has been kidnapped, with Massimo informing her that he will have her parents killed if she tries to escape. When she does try, she runs into Massimo executing a former member of his crime family for luring young girls into sex work – a transparent attempt to make him seem redeemable. (Spoiler alert: he’s not.)

It took 365 Days, but I’m finally cancelling my Netflix subscription | The Independent

I’m no expert in reviewing these types of films, so my review and critique comes, pardon the first of may bad puns, with that disclaimer. Enough sexual innuendos, let’s unzip this one’s pants…

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Kidnapping and rape aren’t stimulating

Most people, myself certainly included, find rape scenes disturbing. They’re difficult to watch, because who wants to see someone forced into something? The story focuses on a woman that is forced for 365 days to see if she can love a mafia boss. Forced oral sex for a stewardess on a plane, being chained up — and pain if she moves — forced watching a sex worker perform oral sex on her love to be? These are just a couple of scenes that demonstrate both mental and physical pain as something that’s supposed to make the viewer, I think, horny.

I didn’t find this to be stimulating. It made me uncomfortable for women in the presence of this mafia animal. And the more I watched, the more I was perplexed how she could have any remotely good feelings whatsoever for this depraved character.

My problem with softcore porn is often NOT showing the naughty bits

I’ve always felt softcore porn is lacking because it doesn’t show the body parts. If it did, then it would be rated XXX and be full-on porn. Softcore is all about the tease and while there is a market for that — a big market, obviously — I’d rather just watch a movie that goes all the way.

I’m at least semi-curious about the reason this is #1 is the prospect that younger people can watch it on Netflix …. but then what’s to stop those same youngsters from going to pornhub? Something is making this #1 in the U.S at Netflix, and it’s got to be a Tiger King like fascination only for raunchy sex scenes.

Strangely, Netflix is telling us we’re an “89% match” for this movie. Yup, the algorithm is flawed

There is a place for this genre of films — all genres have artistic merit

I’m a strong supporter of art. I think there was an attempt here, however failed in execution, perhaps in the source material which I’m admitting having not read (and honestly very little interest in doing so), to make this less blunt and more stylistic.

The film glorifies and promotes sex and love as risky and avant garde propositions. I think, and could certainly be wrong, I see what it was trying to do, but think it just ends up being a bad softcore porn film instead of telling a meaningful, plausible erotic tale.

Don’t get me wrong, I could enjoy an erotic drama film. Otherwise I wouldn’t have reviewed this at all. This one just misses the mark for me, not because of the intentionally controversial subject matter, but because it simply doesn’t entertain the way it could.

Reviews by Others

Yes, I’m curious what others are saying about 365 Days / 365 DNI. Let’s see what’s out there …


  1. Sorry to report that I didn’t find any movie reviews from bloggers I follow during my search that recommended watching this movie … and yet a ton of people are watching it on Netflix.

Not Recommended

  1. ASSHOLES WATCHING MOVIES / Sean: “…naturally, we shut off this movie at that point, much later than we should have. Here’s hoping I can save you from making a similar mistake.”
  2. Hannah Ward-Glenton: “The film follows toe-for-toe in the footsteps of Twilight and its adult equivalent 50 Shades of Grey, but 365 Days ramps up the sex in exchange for plot, leaving the bare bones without much flesh other than Marrone’s buttocks, which get ample screentime. “
  3. In Their Own League / Bianca “Bee” Garner (1/5): “This film is offensively bad, to the point where a cold shower is needed not to quell any rising urges from nearly two hours of this dreck, but to cleanse oneself all the way down to the soul.”
  4. Life of a Tiny Person: “…is basically 50 Shades of Grey, but worse. Go figure.”
  5. Lye / All About Films: “The issue was, it wasn’t explicit enough to be pornography and I couldn’t take it seriously enough for it to be a proper film. Instead, it is suspended in this strange limbo and fall into the same category as the 50 Shades franchise, a high budget pornography disguising as a low budget film.”
  6. Ready Steady Cut / Jonathon Wilson: “It’s bonkers, oversexualized, vaguely creepy, and tortuously overlong, unconcerned with its nonsensical narrative developments and focused entirely on the no-pants-dance being performed enthusiastically at every possible opportunity”
  7. Redam Reviews (5/10): “Should you watch it? Well, if you want. I personally did for the erotic scenes. I would rate this movie a good 5/10. I have to warn though, the ending of the movie might upset you. In my case, i didn’t actually know what upset me more, how the movie actually ended, or Laura’s wig.”
  8. rogerinorlando / Movie Nation (1/4): “Here’s a “romance” that sets women back 50 years and makes anybody (like me) take back every ugly thing we wrote about Dakota Johnson and that guy whose name I’ve already forgotten and those awful “Fifty Shades” movies.”
  9. Something About Purity: “Sorry to say but for me 365 days was overrated, the script writer gave us shallow content, unrealistic twists ,predictable plot and the storyline was weak . The sex might have made it better but still it takes more than shopping sprees and good sex for a woman to submit completely.”
  10. the awkward bong: “This has to be the sexiest and problematic movie on Netflix!”
  11. The Marketing Mama diaries: “…the lousiest movie I have seen during this enhanced community quarantine era”

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15+ Seberg Reviews – Stewart Tries Her Best Holding Up Abysmal Script

Seberg ⭐️⭐️

If you told me a movie about Jean Seberg, who died young under somewhat mysterious circumstances, that acted in some great films including the disaster film Airport, was hounded by the FBI for her involvement in the civil rights movement — was and would be a mediocre film, I’d have a hard time believing.

Believe it.

How did the filmmaker’s screw this one up? I’ll break it down momentarily, but think the script is largely to blame.

These kind of movies are among the hardest for me to process from a reviewer’s standpoint. I mean, all the ingredients should be there and the execution is to blame.

Come on, Seberg’s life is very, very interesting and yet this is all delivered flat and by the numbers, except and — thankfully — for Kristen Stewart.

Heck, you’ll be more excited reading articles about Jean Seberg.

Seberg told the NY Times in 1974 that she had once been very committed to the Panthers, but had “officially broke with them…I’ve analyzed the fact that I’m not equipped to participate absolutely and totally. I had a very, very bad mental breakdown, and now I realize I wouldn’t want a person like me in a group I was a member of, as Groucho Marx would put it.”

The Still Bizarre Tragedy Behind Kristen Stewart’s Seberg | E! News

A miscarriage, overdoses and a death under strange circumstances — these are the ingredients that make for a good film and yet they’re barely explored!

Before going further, there are spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched Seberg yet — it’s available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video — then you might want to come back after watching (if you want to watch, that is), because I have some spoiler-heavy stuff to say about this movie, including breaking down the ending, which I hated.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Let’s start with the best part of this movie — by far — Kristen Stewart.

Without Stewart’s acting, this movie would have been 1-star for me

Stewart is an actress I’ve criticized heavily for her last two films seen (see: 20+ Underwater Reviews – Sea Monsters Are Scarier Unexplained), but I like what she tried to do here. I say, try, because when you’re given crap as an ingredient, it’s hard to make good sushi.

And yet, I did feel like Stewart was strong in this film. She gave some real passion to the mostly limp noodle lines she was given. Even saw her cry a few times, get mad and some semi-nude sex scenes took me by surprise. A bare breasted Kristen Stewart in this film? Didn’t expect that.

So, I give Kristen Stewart’s performance with the material given a sold 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s hard to do what she did, and commend her for that. I wish she’d have been as stellar with subpar material with Charlie’s Angels and Underwater.

The Real Jean Seberg was an activist locally too

Teenagers Against Polio was just one of Seberg’s causes. The historical film below shows Jean was all about great causes throughout her life, including her home town of Marshalltown, Iowa.

As you watch some (or all) of this Jean Seberg interview, check out her hair. That’s the hair that I wish Kristen Stewart had in at least some of the movie.

Kristen Stewart sports the Breathless Seberg hairdo throughout most the movie.

Why didn’t the hair and makeup people change Stewart’s short, pixie hairdo? Look at the video above. Seberg didn’t always have short hair. Yes, she had it during the movie Breathless (1960, shown below) and she helped make this a trendy style for women. I just wish other eras of her hair had been on display.

Kristen Stewart embodies this era and style of Jean Seberg throughout the film, Seberg

Also, Stewart doesn’t make any attempt to capture the voice of Seberg. She’s Kristen Stewart’s voice as Jean Sebert, not Sebert’s more mousy voice.

I know, you’re probably thinking? Her hair, so what? This has little to do with the movie itself, but I don’t find women in short hair very attractive, including Kristen Stewart, and thus this creates a (very) small negative bias against short-haired women characters.

Jean Seberg in the first video looks way more attractive to me. As a viewer, we can’t help but being at least a little biased by how a character’s appearance. It’s the reason Danny Trejo is so often cast as a bad guy because his weathered face, tats and the like just make him look like the stereotypical bad guy. Love Trejo as Machete, by the way!

I’m not saying just because a woman’s hair is short she can’t have an amazing performance. Far from it, I’m saying that it is distracting to me. Somewhat shallow? Yes, I’ll at least admit it.

The exposition text ending sucks

Very rarely the “and then this happened” text endings explaining the actual ending and/or death for the character work. Sure, it’s effective as an epilogue for characters with lives more electric and interesting than their death, but to tell us that Sebring died at a mere 40 years old when that’s more interesting than the movie we just sat through for 90+ minutes? Lame. Flashbacks are tough, but it might have made more sense in this story. Cut the scenes in more present with investigation around her murder back to the movie roles she starred in and the black panther involvement.

Instead, we’re treated to a mostly dry, boring FBI surveillance film. Why? Can’t help wondering what Greta Gerwig would have done if she was behind Seberg? No doubt a much better film.

The text at the end instead of being enlightening and “wow, that’s too bad” moment becomes an irritation for the viewer wanting to see that film instead.


I’m always curious what others think of films after I’ve written and shared my own review. The reason why not during or before is I don’t want to be influenced. Sometimes, I’m way off in my reaction to a film than others, which I’ll always find fascinating. Let’s see how this one fares.

Reviews by Others

What do other reviewers think about Seberg?


  1. Ben Rolph / DiscussingFilm (4/5): “…has depth and underlying intrigue to the reasoning’s and the portrayal of the story, it doesn’t hold up to the standard of spectatorial mastery of The Conversation. However, that isn’t the core of the film, that is the outer rim of intrigue. The real centre piece is Stewart, Jean is the beating heart of the film”
  2. James Kleinmann / The Queer Review: “In my opinion, Judy is a mediocre film with a good performance, whereas Seberg is a great movie, with a remarkable performance. Yet somehow, Judy got Renée Zellweger another Academy Award for a showy role, while Seberg failed to get Kristen Stewart an overdue first Oscar nod.”
  3. miquewatson / In Their Own League (4/5): “This is a tale so absolutely horrifying in just how current it all feels; power corrupts the corruptible, and people are the collateral damage.”

Not Recommended

  1. After Misery (1.5/5): ” time is wasted on FBI agent Jack Solomon (Jack O’Connell) and his weird family life. Why is this so much about him when we don’t know anything about him and movie’s name is Seberg? Seberg the film is a blended drink and the maker has no idea about its ingredients.”
  2. Candid Cinema: “I feel as if he focused too much on the surveillance aspect of the Jean Seberg case, rather than have it be a character study on this icon. This also proves that Kristen Stewart can tackle anything because this was her BEST performance, all she needs is a great script and she will eventually get the recognition she deserves.”
  3. CJ / Film Mafia: “Seberg’s story is a great one, and Kristen Stewart, a truly magnetic actor, is a great Seberg. But the dialogue is excruciating, and it makes the actors saying it look bad: you can’t act this stuff properly.”
  4. David Ferguson / Movie Reviews From The Dark: “The film would have been best served by focusing on either Seberg or Solomon. The two stories dilute the effectiveness, and beyond that, the Black Panther story line fades, as does the whole celebrity-as-an-activist subplot.”
  5. filmreviews12 / The Reviews (2/4): “…when so much of the rest of the proceedings are marred down by such meandering scripting and plodding direction, the movie takes a distant approach to a real-life story and comes off lacking and unfocused.”
  6. Graham / Scannain: “…is a relatively harmless affair. Even with two compelling leads, the film cannot be elevated above average.”
  7. hoops2448 / The Sardonic Romantic: “The story of Jean Seberg is a tragic one that people should know about, especially today when disinformation is becoming the norm yet again, but I don’t think Seberg the film does justice to her undoing or the story of a country willing to let it happen.”
  8. M.N Miller / Ready Steady Cut: “there is very little tension filled paranoia created here nor a well-designed narrative on the assault on her mental health that the makers of Seberg are selling.”
  9. MrJabbatron / Jason “Jabba” Davis: “In what should be a fascinating true story about race, power, and state surveillance, the script just isn’t there, and fails to delve below a skin deep level. Despite some classy art direction and costumes that beautifully recreate an authentic late 60s ethos, Seberg is a painfully slow and frustrating movie that ultimately takes us nowhere.”
  10. Reddy’s Reviews (5.5/10): “…has value in many important areas, but Andrews just can’t get these elements to work together in a way that makes this movie as impactful as intended.  Stewart will find a role that fits her skill set and gets her some major nominations, but unfortunately this attempt didn’t quite work out for her.”
  11. RogerInOrlando / Movie Nation (1.5/4): “And director Benedict Andrews underscores just how deeply he doesn’t “get it” by finishing the film with a long closeup of Stewart/Seberg, failing to wring emotions out of her, her failing to wring them out of us. Maybe that’s his way of throwing her under the bus”
  12. Trailer Trashed: “I have seen a whole lot of ‘based on true events’ stories this January already, and this one falls way behind the pack. “
  13. Virginia DeBolt / Old Ain’t Dead: “Kristen Stewart did an outstanding job with the rather poor script she was given. With the right hair and costumes, she evoked the real woman admirably.”

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27+ Scoob Reviews – Not Quite A Scooby Snack, But Tries … A Little

Purchased Scoob! on Google Play! for our grandchildren and us to watch

Scoob! ⭐️⭐️½

Although my rating indicates I’m not recommending this, if you are a long time Scooby Doo fan, it’s still worth a look. My grandchildren loved it and I liked some parts of the effort and was somewhat entertained.

While DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls: World Tour” generated the most advanced buzz — heralded as the first big-budget film to abandon its theatrical release and embrace the streaming route in the COVID-19 era — “Scoob!” is a better film, with its eye-candy animation, sly script and, best of all, a hilarious vocal performance from Lafayette native Will Forte as the boy-man Shaggy. Forte even rivals Matthew Lillard’s scene-stealing take of dog’s best friend in the 2002 live action “Scooby-Doo” dud. Forte perfects Shaggy’s crackly puberty voice.

Review: ‘Scoob’ is all we could want in a Scooby-Doo reboot

Going to get into some SPOILERS in what follows, so a warning to those who haven’t seen the movie yet.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Scooby & Shag: The Younger Years

Loved the opening at Venice Beach with Scooby swiping the sausage and rollerbarreling it with a bicycle cop in pursuit. Then Shaggy meets him for the first time and covers for him, giving the policeman his Scoob’s name. Ok, so it’s not realistic the policeman’s reaction, but we’re in a cartoon.

The other scene I liked was in the bowling alley. From there, it went (mostly) downhill for me. The grandchildren remained glued to the TV, so they didn’t mind that the story lost all focus.

Where were the rest of the gang?

Not enough of Fred, Daphne and Velma. All the best Scooby Doo episodes I’ve seen have a team focus on solving the mystery. There is a little of this here, but not enough. I dug how Velma was super tech hacker. Fred and Daphne might as well have been the same character gender reversed because neither does anything that substantial.

I realize the title is focused on Scooby and yes, there needs to be plenty of him and Shaggy — usually in search for food and avoiding danger because they are both easily scared. They gave us this, but in the story seem to have mostly forgotten about the rest of the gang. Disappointing to me.

Did we need the other shared universe characters?

Falcon Fury? Didn’t work for me. Then again, I’m not opposed to introduccing among other comic book characters into Scooby Doo and the mystery gang’s world.

They had Simon Cowell, but missed the perfect opportunity to spoof American Idol! Wouldn’t it have been cool to see him in some sort of judging role scene? Even if it was something ridiculous like judging how scared Scooby and Shaggy were of something. Oh well, in my imagination I’ll get this missed opportunity scene.

DC Universe subscribers, get your Scooby comic book fix

Until the end of summer 2020, DC Universe subscribers can dive into 100+ Scooby Doo comic books as part of the subscription.

Just visit the comic book section and search for “Scooby Doo” or click here.

Oh, and I miss Casey Kasem and Matthew Lillard’s Shaggy

No shade at Will Forte who did a decent voice job, he just wasn’t as good as Matthew Lillard or Casey Kasem who retired in 2007. Apparently, the producers never offered it to Lillard. It’s puzzling, because he’s been the live action and voice of Shaggy for over 10 years. Even Lillard was disappointed from stories I’ve read.

Hint to animation voice casting department: offer the role to the established actors first … or at least explain why they don’t get the role. Recasting key voice characters is going to matter more than you might think.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of Scoob!?


  1. Den of Geek: “Parents might not be as engaged with the story as younger viewers, but there are plenty of silly, raunchy jokes and classic character appearances to keep adults entertained”
  2. Dewey Singleton: “…certainly stays true to its roots and manages to include several exciting cartoon characters”
  3. Frankenculture / Steve Pokorny! (4/5): “The story progressed at a fine jaunt and was exciting throughout.  For fans of the classic and people looking to introduce your kids to the Hanna-Barbera  universe I would whole heartedly recommend this film, and to own it for $25, it’s a steal.”
  4. Full Circle Cinema (7/10): “While it’s not groundbreaking in any way, It’s not bad – it’s heartwarming and enjoyable for any age. I liked it quite a bit, and my 10-year-old cousin loved it even more. More than anything else, that’s what matters most because this movie was intended for him and his age group and we, as critics, forget that sometimes”
  5. Geekly Goods: “It’s one of the best family-friendly films I’ve seen this year. The humor is definitely meant for the adults, but the kids will get a kick out of Scoob and his joyous spirit.”
  6. IslandMovieBlogs: “…is a nice nostalgic trip for the whole family. The story might not be the best, but like i said, thats not what’s important. If you have a connection to these characters, its nice having them again.”
  7. James Bachman / Thinking Outside The Box Office: “It isn’t trying to break the mold, and it isn’t a subversive masterpiece like The Lego Movie. But for a quick, Scooby Snack sized film with really crisp animation, you might just want to see what is new with Scooby-Doo.”
  8. Jason’s Movie Blog (3.4/5): “…is one of those animated movies that works but doesn’t at the same time. Its enjoyable, but its not the best. It’s not terrible, but its not quite memorable.”
  9. Maz The Nerd Uncanny (Grade: B+): “Yes, “Scoob!” is a bit silly and oddly plot-heavy when it comes to Alexander the Great mythology. But I still loved every second of this film.”
  10. Melody MacReady (8/10): “It was a good change for the franchise and I look forward to a possible sequel or spin-off in this new universe.”
  11. Movie Paws / Sharon Knolle: “…is as loving an homage as the recent “Scoobynatural” crossover with TV series “Supernatural.” And it leaves the door open for more Hanna-Barbera team-ups.”
  12. Robert Butler III / Geeks of Color: “Aside from the superhero shared universe culture that’s cultivated in recent years, SCOOB! delivers a sweet and sometimes funny tale drenched in a little popular culture tanginess. If you’re a parent looking for something to watch with the kids this weekend, SCOOB! is fun for the whole family.”
  13. sambel203 / Moving Forward: “Would I see it in theaters? Well thanks to COVID-19 our house is now the theater so yeah, I’d upgrade what we have to rewatch it. It was honestly a really good movie.”
  14. Songs Voices Never Share: “How good Scoob! would’ve done if it were released in the theaters? I can’t possibly tell that, but the last act of this movie would definitely have been a blast to watch on the big screen. So, I would recommended you to watch this film – kids will love it, and chances are you will too.”
  15. The Avacado: “…is, in fact, a Blue Falcon and Dynomutt movie, one that pits those heroes in a struggle against Dick Dastardly (of Wacky Races fame), with Mystery Inc.’s own Shaggy Rogers and his faithful dog Scooby-Doo acting as the requisite audience surrogates. Your response to that bit of information, whether it be intrigue or disgust, will be a major factor in determining whether or not this film is worth any of your time.”

Not Recommended

  1. Bringin The Juice: “As I said I was excited for this movie and the idea of a Hanna-Barbera universe, however this movie did not feel like a Scooby-Doo movie. It felt like an overstuffed Hanna-Barbera jumble that needed to breathe a little bit.”
  2. Darren Lucas / Movie Reviews 101: “This is just a terrible version of the much loved characters, we do have heart with friendship, only it lacks any mystery required which is the central point of the whole show.”
  3. DC Bolling / DC’s Take: “Sadly, I gotta say Scoob! was a disappointment. It’s good enough for young kids’ to enjoy, but for adults who grew up with the original cartoons, there isn’t a lot to get out of it when a lot of the jokes weren’t all that funny and has a story that leaves little of interest.”
  4. FILMAHOLIC: “…a film based on beloved cartoons that leaned into their wondrous mysteries and incredible characters, is merely a shadow of what came before. Every single character, perhaps except for the leading duo of Shaggy and Scooby, has no traits beyond being a shallow caricature of what they were in old cartoons. It makes for an awkward and meaningless watch.”
  5. Frankie Gilmore / DiscussingFilm (2.5/5): “Alas, Scoob! represents the further descent of a culture dominated by films advertising their sequels before the credits have even rolled. A film that kids will love, but will have other fans of the characters wondering…”
  6. From the mind of Victor Lovecraft (2/5): “With Warner Animation Group’s new film Scoob!, I confess that things seem off again. There’s always something strange about Scooby’s theatrical runs, even as this one eventually ended up on VOD”
  7. Gavin O’Neil / Overcranked: “…does little to add anything unique or interesting to the expansive amount of content already made with these characters. In fact, it almost feels like it has taken a step back with throwing out any type of mystery. Still, SCOOB! at least keeps your attention the whole time and there are never really any moments that make you want to immediately turn it off.”
  8. Geoff Swanson / Movies With Geoff (6/10): “Is this the Scooby Doo I know? Not really. I miss the creepier horror component and the formulaic nature the episodes had. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia. That being said, the difficulty this film had was straddling the roots of the characters and the original show, which probably would now come across as cheesy to a much savvier child audience”
  9. Gordon Levitt / Gliterati*Lobotomy: “…is not a vote of confidence in WB’s ability to create quality content for younger audiences, and it’s not good proof that WB even wants to put money into these movies.”
  10. Jesse Revell Reviews (5/10): “Certainly not a failure but far from a success.”
  11. Luke’s Living Room: “Seriously, you guys, it was not great. But what can you expect from a movie that has a total of SIX different writers?”
  12. MisterJ / Brain of J: “Despite nice animation and a few fun gags that harken back to the original series, Scoob! is a dispiriting movie. It might entertain families and young ones on the fly but for me, I’d rather pick out the original series or try my luck with the other animated films.”
  13. The Bloomgist: “At one point in Scoob, Fred insists that this is their “most important mystery ever” rather than being “about some guy in a rubber mask”, an annoyingly smug attempt to elevate this above the many entertainingly dopey adventures we’ve seen them on before.”

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21+ The Lovebirds Reviews – Issa Rae, Kumail Nanjiani Friend Zoned, Unfortunately

The Lovebirds ⭐️⭐️

Romantic comedies are a well-traveled genre. The number one ingredient that I look for remains if I can believe the two leads can be a couple, that the romantic spark is there.

There is chemistry between Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae, but for me it’s all in the friend zone, not love … and that hurts a movie with that magical four-lettered L word in the title.

Not only do they have great chemistry, but they look like a real couple that actually exists in America. It’s particularly refreshing to watch two people of color star in a movie like this, in a genre that has been dominated by white couples for so long, and absolutely crush it. It makes watching movies like this exciting again. Couples that look like real couples. What a concept!

‘The Lovebirds’ Issa Rae, Kumail Nanjiani Review

Obviously, I didn’t feel the same as the reviewer above, except for the part about them being a more “real” couple. That is true. Just real friends.

As we get into more details below, it’s necessary to throw down the SPOILER warning.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

The trailer had (most) the good stuff

“Take the grease!” — that was the punchline we heard in the trailer repeatedly. I mean the lead-up in theater previews for this movie was off the charts. Sadly, as in the case of all too many trailers, the good parts we’ve already seen. Now, when the movie comes it’s like we’re rewatching the film. Let down.

What’s up with Issa Rae’s overly-white teeth?

Nothing wrong with teeth being white, but I swear every time Issa Rae smiles her teeth are too white. It threw me off from the story.

She’s a beautiful lady, absolutely. I don’t care how white her teeth are, nothing changes that, but this was distracting for me watching the film.

“But Hollywood smiles are full of veneers. They don’t simply bleach their teeth; they don’t have the original surface of their teeth. The standards are getting more and more impossible to achieve. Are we chasing a chimera? Absolutely.”

Blindingly White: Teeth Bleaching Gone Too Far – NBC

I remember Issa in The Photograph and her teeth weren’t that white. Actually think she looked hotter in that movie than this one.

Still, this overly white teeth complaint is a minor annoyance.

Crappy caper

My biggest beef with this movie is the script. It’s just bad. I think if the two leads had a better script with a caper that wasn’t outright corny and nonsensical, this would have been so much more fun.

Or, go The Whole Missy route and just make it a farce. Those that blast Happy Madison comedies, at least they go intentionally over the top. I couldn’t make out if this movie was trying to be too serious with the comedy. It just felt flat throughout most the viewing.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of The Lovebirds?


  1. Alex Brannan / CineFiles Movie Reviews (Grade: C): “The script does not provide consistent humor, putting forward plenty of out-dated references but rarely a genuinely clever joke. It does better work fleshing out a grounded relationship for its eponymous pair, but even this falls short of emotional effectiveness.”
  2. Arianne Binette / The UnderSCENE: “Sometimes a film doesn’t need to be everything to actually be good and The Lovebirds is just that. It does just enough for you to enjoy the story and yourself at the same time.”
  3. blackwatchmovies: “…reminded me of Game Night mixed with elements of Queen & Slim (only because there is a couple on the run for a murder they are not really responsible for). You will laugh at the stupidest things in this movie. It is the good kind of absurd.”
  4. Britany Murphy / Geeks of Color: “…is certainly a must-watch for any lovers of comedies that are coupled with an intriguing murder mystery plotline. It easily pairs its comedy with moments of seriousness that work extremely well and adds realism to the film that would otherwise feel a bit unbelievable due to the murder mystery aspect.”
  5. Cristina’s Blog: “For those looking for an elaborate plot with eloquent screenwriting and elaborate cinematography, you may find that The Lovebirds falls short. But take it for what it is – a whimsical, silly romcom that you don’t need to read too much into.”
  6. DC Bolling / DC’s Take (Grade: B-): “Even though it won’t be labeled as the funniest comedy to come out this year with a script that isn’t the best, you’ll easily get some enjoyment from Rae and Nanjiani’s chemistry with genuine laughs in between.”
  7. David Crow / Den of Geek: “As an action-mystery, The Lovebirds is a little imbalanced and imperfect. As a portrait of a couple rediscovering everything they like about each other, it’s charming and stubbornly hopeful. The old dating adage comes to mind: Every relationship ends, until it doesn’t. Every mystery is unsolvable, until it is.”
  8. Dewey Singleton: “…is the cinematic equivalent of Cotton Candy. It’s sweet on the surface and for brief moments can be satisfying, but the film is an empty experience.”
  9. Finn Schlote / Cinemaspot.com: “…is a perfectly fine Netflix comedy, with charming leads and some funny scenes. It benefits from it’s short runtime and therefore is an entertaining watch. For fans of the comedy genre or if you just want to have an easy watch, this is the one to go.”
  10. HCMovieReviews: “…is an easy and entertaining watch that feels right at home on Netflix, rather than on the big screen. It’s most definitely better than a lot of the original Netflix content that it has similarities with, its collection of well written comedy and superb leading actors setting it apart.”
  11. High Contrast: “I would like to see Rae and Nanjiani work together again sometime. They make The Lovebirds worth a watch despite its flaws. Just don’t expect anything other than a formulaic (and short) bit of escapism with a few laughs.”
  12. Keith & The Movies (3/5): “I wouldn’t say they are brimming with romantic chemistry, but as a comedy duo they pair up nicely doing a lot with little and ultimately keeping “The Lovebirds” afloat.”
  13. Leo Rydel / Geekly Goods (6/10): “While I can’t say I’ll find myself watching this movie again, it was fun to sit through two of my favorite stars going through a quick hour and a half murder mystery together.”
  14. Mirza Baig / Welcome To The Movie Ark: “…is a funny enough comedy to guarantee as a one-time watch.”
  15. MoodyB / The Cinema Critic: “Though it contains a very minimal and generic plot, thanks to the undeniable chemistry from its two extremely likeable leads, Lovebirds is not a particularly memorable, but surprisingly enjoyable 86 minutes.”
  16. Nathaniel Muir / AIPT: “In between all the great comedy and so so action is a couple who love each other. They exchange knowing glances and there is a feeling of genuine love here. More than anything else, this separates The Lovebirds from similar movies.”
  17. R. Crunden’s Blog: “It’s a fast paced comedy movie that’s a perfect escape for those in the mood for something light!”
  18. samhowe98 (3/5): “I never felt fully gripped or engaged in the story enough to really love the film, and it very much only gets by on the charisma of its lead two stars.”
  19. Shane Vassar / Not A Real Person Yet: “It’s not a perfect movie by any means, but it does provide some good laughs and helps prove that both Nanjiani and Rae are going to continue to find a lot of success in Hollywood.”
  20. TheFlemishSeth: “…isn’t as romantic as the title suggests, but for sure is a (mostly) good time with two hysterical lovers, taking us on a personal journey through their relationship’s ups and downs while getting in all kinds of trouble.”
  21. Trailer Trashed: “It’s not original, but it is pretty funny at times, so for a quick pick me up in these dire times, I guess it’s worth your time. “

Not Recommended

  1. Jeffrey Kan / Differing Opinions: “There is nothing genuinely funny in this movie that wasn’t already in the trailer; the most it received from me was a chuckle after a frat boy is labeled “little Brett Kavanaugh” (but that’s also going to be an outdated joke soon). Just watch The Big Sick; you’ll have a much better time.”
  2. Mark Tan / Full Circle Cinema (4/10): “No doubt are there more unpleasant comedies than this, and I am at least grateful to not pay to see this in a theater. But when that statement counts as a compliment, you know something is not right”
  3. Tom Moore / Moore Reviews (2/5): “Rae and Ninjiani make it a perfectly serviceable comedy, but it lacks literally anything else to make it a step above and it’s the kind of okay movie you watch only for it to quickly fade from memory”

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21+ The Wrong Missy Reviews – Lauren Lapkus Comedic Shimmer

The Wrong Missy ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Those silly, stupid Sandler/Happy Madison movies can grow on you — if you give them a chance.

Often my first reaction to them, besides laughing loudly at some parts, is Sandler is having a lot of fun. Adam isn’t in this particular movie, instead relying on his friends and a newcomer to Happy Madison films, comedienne Lauren Lapkus.

Given she’s no Chris Farley to David Spade, but she’s bug-eyed funnier than Tiffany Haddish or Melissa McCarthy. Two female comedians I don’t get the draw to at all.

Like most Sandler-driven plots, they are simplistic. The entire movie happens because of a mistakenly sent text message. Who hasn’t done that before?

There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as sending an important text to the wrong person. The recently released Netflix comedy from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, The Wrong Missy, takes this modern nightmare and pushes it to an extreme and hilarious degree.

The ending of The Wrong Missy explained

Before we dig deeper into this film, spoilers are likely to follow. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll want to return to this post after doing so.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead ..

Let the blooper reel roll …

I’m a fan of blooper reels.

Lauren Lapkus gives David Spade a handjob on a plane + dives into ocean … and misses

Forget Snakes on a Plane, Lapkus roaming around giving hand jobs is way more scary and hilarious. “Relax, I was an assassin.” — great line!

“If you wanna imagine her face on my face when we f**k, I’m ok with that.” – another great Lapkus line.

My favorite Lapkus moment is when she dives into the ocean … and misses. Missy missing? Yeah, this is just the type of Happy Madison humor that drives most critics batty.

They are being criminally stupid — on purpose. The people who like this — they really, really like it — the people who don’t leave scathing reviews. You’ll see this below where the vast majority of reviews are negative for this film. I’m sure these reviewers get what’s trying to be done, they just don’t find this brand of stupid humor funny. I don’t blame them, but neither should they hold it against those of us who do 😉

Here’s the catch, just like Howard Stern, love or hate him, Happy Madison films draw ratings. Netflix says almost 2 billion hours have been spent on Happy Madison movies.

Netflix has greenlit 4 more Happy Madison Movies

Netflix isn’t going to pass up on a golden goose’s eggs.

Sandler and Netflix have been in business since the release of the 2015’s The Ridiculous 6 and Netflix claims that since then, its subscribers have spent more than 2 billion hours watching Sandler’s flicks. That includes The Do-OverSandy WexlerThe Week Of and Murder Mystery, which the company says was the most popular title on Netflix in the U.S. last year

Adam Sandler Re-Ups With Netflix
For Four More Movies – Deadline

Reviews by Others

How do others rate The Wrong Missy?


  1. Bookshelf Battle: “It’s got two things that Sandler’s flicks have been lacking during their last few (eh, make that several) outings – heart, and actual laughs.”
  2. jrzandmfz – Movie, Music & More: “If you want to be entertained and are not easily offended, I think you will enjoy the trip.”
  3. Keith Loves Movies (85%): “I have seen The Wrong Missy…twice! Take that information at your own risk but there is no shame or guilt in admitting that The Wrong Missy, Netflix’s latest original movie, is really funny.”
  4. NickNelson07: “I must take a second to praise Lauren Lapkus. This woman stole the show, hands down. If anything, the reason I would want to watch this again would be for her and her alone.”
  5. The One The Eight: “Anyways, what we hope is what we get. A movie that is produced by Happy Madison is bound to end all hunky dory, with everyone happy. It’s a shame they made the steamy scene into a funny one. The movie could have used it well.”
  6. The Sixth Form Reviewer: “There is no issue with acting in this, every character arc is fine. There are no problems in that sense; it’s just the story-line annoyed me. If that was improved a little bit, I would’ve enjoyed this movie a little bit more than I did. I laughed quite a bit because the movie was very funny but that’s what they were aiming for I reckon.”

Not Recommended

  1. abhishekcritic: “Director could have made this movie with better story and screenplay which would have made this movie much better.”
  2. Angie Aguayo (Grade: D): “I can tell that these both can be amazingly funny comedians, but I would go as far as to say that a lot of the time they aren’t even trying in this film. Maybe that’s the issue, or maybe it’s that the writing doesn’t play to their strengths. The best argument in my opinion is that it’s both.”
  3. Fantastic Film Fans (Grade: C-): “…consistently goes through the motions. David Spade appears to be sleepwalking as Sandler surrogate Tim, failing as the straight man foil to Lapkus’ hijinks.”
  4. Giadreams The Movie My Life: “…a film with roughly two funny moments I enjoyed, while the rest of it seemed as though it needed at least a second draft.”
  5. Griff’s Picks: “The sparse moments of amusement come from Lapkus’ early-’90s-zany-Jim Carrey-esque performance, but the rest is palm trees, hotel décor, and misanthropic improv, filled out to exactly ninety minutes (a contractual obligation, one presumes) by a long corporate talent show sequence in which one can’t be sure whether they’re supposed to be embarrassed for the characters or for the cast and crew.”
  6. Kage / Best in Your Girl: “It’s sad and pathetic group of people that are now stealing money from companies like Netflix, whom will see no fucking return, just to keep their dipshit friends employed within Hollywood. They’re not actors, they’re over glorified welfare recipients.”
  7. Keith & The Movies (1/5): “It’s a low-rung comedy with nothing to say and that doesn’t even try to do anything fresh or new. Manual labor, oral surgery, or even an insurance lecture would be a more entertaining way to spend your time.”
  8. leebutler / Movie Meister Reviews: “I don’t know how this company gets money to make movies, but I want to find out because somehow they get to make absolutely painful films and get paid for it. This film is just awful, though nowhere near the worst that this company has put out”
  9. Nick The Movie Critic: “…is a misguided total cluster fudge lacking a compelling narrative, organic jokes, an annoying love interest, common sense, interesting characters among a few things wrong with this stinker.”
  10. Peter Kanelis Reviews, Musings & Other Things: “I saw this out of desperation for a new cinematic experience.  I could have turned it off,  but my determination to see something through that I started was a too string for me to spare myself the pain.  The humor was not that clever, and the story was very predictable.  It was kind of like the Hallmark Channel going to the dark side.”
  11. Rachel’s Reviews: “It is so obvious the only effort here is to get a free vacation and it shows. Comedy deserves better. Netflix watchers deserve better. Humanity in quarantine deserves better. No thank you!”
  12. RDB Reviews: “This movie was Lame.”
  13. Ready Steady Cut / Jonathon Wilson: “…a tedious romantic cringe-comedy”
  14. The DC Review Blog (1/5): “…a below average Netflix release and most definitely not something I’d recommend to a friend or family member, despite the attractive and tropical setting of Hawaii.”
  15. TL;DR Movie Reviews (3/5): “An interesting premise, but I don’t think the film ever lives up to it.”
  16. Trailer Trashed (1.5/5): “If you really want to waste an hour and a half of lockdown then this will do that nicely, but you will lose many many brain cells in the process, and wont have a lot to show for it.”
  17. Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: “This movie is an unmitigated disaster and easily one of the worst films of 2020 if not THE worst. I would rather watch The Main Event again than this absolutely unfunny garbage of a movie”

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