Judy Garland’s Net Worth At Her Death Much Better Than Presented In The Movie

JUDY was #7 in the top 10 (via BoxOfficeMojo.com) despite limited screenings.

Before getting to the headline, JUDY ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ had a great first weekend with limited screenings. Many critics are raving about how great Renee Zellweger does in the film. With “only” 461 theaters the film made almost $3 million dollars. Will expect based on first weekend results there should be wider screenings starting this coming weekend.

When seeing the movie, JUDY, viewers are presented with the impression that Judy Garland was quite literally broke in the year before her death. In the movie she can’t stay at the hotel she normally stays at because the bill hasn’t been paid, so she must gather up her children and take them to her ex-husband’s house.

According to CelebrityNetWorth.com, Judy Garland was worth, adjusted for inflation, $20 million dollars at her death.

Sure, she might have had mounting back taxes, but that is a honeypot of money. How was she so broke? The official story is that she had it stolen from her by thieving managers, industry leeches (primarily by?) her ex-husbands. She owed a bunch of back taxes and needed to take on those Talk of The Town singing gigs in London to make enough money so she could be with her children more.

Just making $1/million in a lifetime is a lot of money. Let’s say you averaged $30,000 a year. It would take roughly 33 working years. If you started working at 18, that means you would need to work until you’re 51 before you’ve generated a million dollars.

Maybe there should be a sequel to JUDY which explains how anybody can be worth $20 million and be so “broke”? I know, I know, taxes, divorce, bad business decisions, etc. Rhetorical. Sort of.