Will Creed 3 Without Stallone Still Be A Rocky Movie?

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Sylvester Stallone is restating that his iconic character, Rocky, won’t be in the third Creed movie. I don’t know if this means Rocky is being killed off, sent off screen for retirement or whatever, but Stallone isn’t going to be in the next Creed movie. I mean, he’s publicly stating that, anyway. Maybe he’s still in as a cameo, archival footage, part of the training montage, something.

“Yeah, I think that Sly let it be known that he wasn’t coming back for this one but I think, you know, his essence and his spirit… there’s always going to be a little bit of Rocky within Adonis,” Jordan said. “But this is a Creed franchise, and we really want to build this story and this world around him moving forward. So, it’s always respect and always a shit-ton of love for what he’s built, but we really want to push and navigate Adonis forward and the family that he created. So, hopefully you guys will love what I’m thinking… what we’re cooking up. I think it’s going to be something special.”

Michael B. Jordan on Why Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Isn’t in Creed 3

This all makes me wonder if Creed will be a Rocky movie any longer without Rocky in it? It sounds like they are making this a Creed franchise now. Stallone is no spring chicken so sooner or later he had to retire the role, but not sure I’m looking as forward to a Rocky franchise movie without Rocky. It’s kind of like Indiana Jones without Indy.

That’s not saying they can’t expand on Creed and maybe severing ties with Stallone while he is still alive and able to appear as Rocky is the right move to move on, but it feels like the project will be missing something.

Then there was this nonsense from Stallone about working on a Rocky prequel movie last year, see: Rocky in an immigration issue movie? Please, no. Believe that idea has morphed into a TV series on one of the streaming channels now, but not sure if it’s been picked up or not. Hmm, will have to wait and see. Probably one of those TV series I watch the first episode and decide whether to stay or bail.

Will have to wait and see what Creed 3 delivers. Sounds like they don’t have a script fully fleshed out yet, so this is all just guesswork at the moment. Maybe Stallone swoops in at the studio’s request and appears one more time. I mean if they are going to do a story with Mr. T and/or Clubber Lang, how can Rocky not be in the story? Could be Clubber’s child, as was Drago’s in the last Creed film but neither Mr. T or Stallone around to revisit their character

All the movies I grew up with are changing, and although inevitable due to Hollywood’s dubious flirtation with sequels, it’s sad. Would be nice to see them leave alone these franchises until 50+ years or so have gone by (wait, Rocky was in the 70s, so it has been almost 50 years!)

Do you want to see a Creed sequel without Rocky (Stallone) in it? Do you think it’s the right time for Stallone to move on?


This LIMITED release movie missed our opening week post on April 2, 2021. We’ve noticed since starting this site that this happens with movies, particularly the [LIMITED] release ones. They just sort of show up, sometimes without any advance preview trailers.

The Unholy follows Alice, a young hearing-impaired girl who, after a supposed visitation from the Virgin Mary, is inexplicably able to hear, speak and heal the sick. As word spreads and people from near and far flock to witness her miracles, a disgraced journalist (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) hoping to revive his career visits the small New England town to investigate. When terrifying events begin to happen all around, he starts to question if these phenomena are the works of the Virgin Mary or something much more sinister.

The Unholy via MovieInsider


We should be seeing this in theaters, if it still is showing there in the next week or so.

The Unholy opens [LIMITED] in theaters in the United States on April 2, 2021.

HBO Max CEO Thinks When Dust Clears That Five or Less “Major” Streaming Channels Will Remain

This means he doesn’t think Roku will ever be a major streamer, because they are ad-supported. It’s a bit ironic, considering HBO Max is going to be releasing an ad-supported version of their service, similar to what Hulu, Paramount+ and Peacock all currently offer.

What defines a “major” streaming service? The CEO of HBO Max, Jason Kilar says “hundreds of millions of paying subscribers.”

Speaking at Morgan Stanley’s Technology, Media and Telecom virtual conference Thursday morning, Kilar said that there’s only a handful of major streaming services “that I think can ultimately get to scale, defined by hundreds of millions of paying subscribers around the world.” How many is a handful? “Less than six,” the former Hulu CEO said. 

HBO Max Chief Kilar: ‘Less Than 6’ Major Streaming Services Will Get to Scale and Survive | Next TV

Amazon Prime Video isn’t 100% paid subscribers, because they include their streaming service as a perk for joining their Amazon Prime service. Yes, they also sell subscription separately, but the vast majority of their 150+ million subscribers are not paying to only subscribe to Prime video, they’re getting it as an included benefit. Their service would have dramatically fewer paid subscribers if it was only the streaming service. We’ll probably never know these numbers but if we could guess, we’d say it was less than 10 million subscribers, maybe way less.

This leaves the elephant in the room, the king of the hill, Netflix as the only “major” streaming service currently with hundreds of millions of paid subscribers. That’s all. One streaming channel. Disney+ is paid subscribers only, but it’s nowhere near 200+ million paid subscribers.

What Kilar is trying to do here is position HBO Max as one of the three or four primary paid subscription streaming services so when households start budgeting and cutting, they keep his service. Although HBO Max have been targeted as being too expensive — after all, they are the second most expensive streaming service currently — the reality is their content makes them one of the major streaming providers.

Then there’s Disney, the second elephant in the room. They don’t have as many paid subscribers yet, but they are climbing — fast. Don’t count them out by any means, not with such lucrative IP as Star Wars and Marvel, not to mention their own animated kingdom of family films. Disney, if they don’t screw it all up by failing to produce more movies and TV shows based on their IPs that fans are clamoring for, has the potential to one day rival Netflix. They are crippled at the moment by a variety of factors, but counting them out is ill-advised.

We don’t need Kilar to predict the streaming future. There are currently three major streaming services: Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ — and then everybody else. I could argue that Disney+ isn’t as good as HBO Max (especially with movies), because they aren’t putting out anywhere close to as much new original content, but that doesn’t matter. Disney is working on changing that. Heck, they have like a dozen Star Wars projects in the hopper alone, not to mention the Marvel stuff. If even a quarter of these projects are as successful as The Mandalorian, they can ride this to hundreds of millions of subscribers.

None of the services, even Amazon, compete with Netflix on quantity of new content released. Netflix has been working that corner market for several years and their pipeline is bursting with new content. Everybody else is playing catch-up. Once other streaming channels catch up, though, who’s on top could change. Netflix might be all about quantity but they have some quality control problems. So will everybody else. Not everything created is a smash hit.

Bottom line: Kilar isn’t wrong with what he said. He just focused on “paid” subscribers which is more than misleading considering the many ad-supported “FREE” streaming channel options. Many people will suffer through ads to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, just as has been the case with traditional TV that is fading for streaming..

What Kilar should have pondered is how many will switch to HBO Max ad-supported version to save $5-10/month? That answer depends on how invasive the ads will be.

FIRST LOOK: French Exit

The movies opening in theaters are trickling in each week, but some flow has been better than none and the schedule is looking brighter as the spring works its way into summer.

“My plan was to die before the money ran out,” says 60-year-old penniless Manhattan socialite Frances Price (Michelle Pfeiffer), but things didn’t go as planned. Her husband Franklin has been dead for 12 years and with his vast inheritance gone, she cashes in the last of her possessions and resolves to live out her twilight days anonymously in a borrowed apartment in Paris, accompanied by her directionless son Malcolm (Lucas Hedges) and a cat named Small Frank—who may or may not embody the spirit of Frances’s dead husband.

French Exit plot summary via Movie Insider

Official trailer:

French Exit is scheduled to open in the United States theaters on April 2, 2021.

Umm, Don’t Take Medical Advice From Social Influencers Actors

Gwyneth Paltrow has been talking about her experience with long COVID to her Goop readers. My goodness, another sales opportunity in the making (see: From Hawking $15,000 Gold Vibrators to $8,600 Hiking Necklaces, Gwyneth Paltrow May Never Return To Acting). I like her better when she’s talking dirty (see: LOL – Gwyneth Paltrow admits to having a “dirty sense of humor”) than being misperceived as some kind of medical professional.

Gwyneth Paltrow certainly has some great holistic resources to share with her readers and consumers about COVID-19 but, at the end of the day, she 1) does run a business and 2) is not a medical professional. The CDC has yet to completely understand the significance of the effects of how COVID-19 affects our bodies long-term, but physicians do absolutely recommend a healthy diet, exercise and therapy during this time along with safety precautions such as wearing masks.

After Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Covid Advice, Experts Share A Warning – CINEMABLEND

Then again, maybe she’s not doing anything wrong and people are just misinterpreting her sales pitches as medical advice.

The title of this post is pretty clear. Don’t take medical advice from social influencers that are actors. There are people who have studied in the medical field, have actual medical experience. I don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow fits this category. I don’t even know if she’s ever had a role playing a doctor on a movie or TV show? (anyone, has she?).

Whatever the case, some of this should be common sense. It shouldn’t need people to go, wow, Gwyneth Paltrow says I should fast to help recover from long COVID, I better start doing this!

Then again, maybe this is only a very small percentage of people doing this. We don’t expense any medical advice here. We don’t know anything about how to survive long COVID. We both feel extremely blessed that we haven’t gotten COVID, despite working this whole time in public.

Frogger Arcade Game Greenlit for Humans Navigating Obstacle Course Competition Game Show on Peacock

Some projects just make me LOL. Really, they are going to turn the classic arcade game Frogger into a competition game show with human beings running an obstacle course. This sounds crazy, potentially interesting and/or mind-numbingly stupid.

The series will feature 12 obstacle courses, or crossings, seeing contestants dodging traffic, leaping over snapping gators and hopping over hungry hippos to conquer the course and win a cash prize. NBCUniversal has some history with Frogger, which was the subject of a popular Seinfeld episode in 1998.

‘Frogger’ Arcade Game Leaps Into TV With Competition Series At Peacock – Deadline

I remember Netflix doing a Floor is Lava competition show in 2020, so who knows, maybe this will turn into American Gladiators meets Frogger?

Will you be tuning in to check out this odd experimental show? Or zero interest and curiosity?

Cinemark Passes on Screening Disney’s Raya And The Last Dragon, AMC and others Will Play

We’ll be seeing Raya and The Last Dragon at an AMC theater in the area, but if you only have a Cinemark theater open in your area and want to see it, then you’ll have to pay the $30 premium fee and watch on Disney+. Cinemark couldn’t come to acceptable rental terms with the studio.

How can an exhibitor be cool with Warner Bros. day-and-date theatrical HBO Max titles, and not a Disney+ PVOD title? Essentially I hear from sources that Disney remained quite tough on their terms for Raya. If exhibition didn’t like the terms, well, then they don’t have to play the movie. On the flip side, I hear that Warners on their recent HBO Max titles, i.e. Wonder Woman 1984, Judas and the Black Messiah, The Little Things and Tom & Jerry lowered their rental terms

Cinemark Won’t Be Playing Disney’s ‘Raya And The Last Dragon’: Here’s Why – Deadline

Disney might be a giant studio, but this action shows theater chains will still balk at rental pricing and terms. This isn’t about the day and date release, clearly. While we would side with the studio in most these cases, not this one. Studios should want to show their movies at a fair price, especially if they are going to release on their streaming channel simultaneously.

Raya and the Last Dragon will still be screening in 2,000+ theaters on opening weekend in the United States. That’s a good amount of screens all things considered.

Are you planning on seeing this movie?

Disney+ Adds Offensive Content Warning to 18 Episodes of The Muppet Show

Recently, Disney+ added all five season of The Muppet Show. The last two seasons were not as easy to see anywhere, so this is a cool add. They’ve also added offensive content warnings to some of the episodes.

Variety reported the disclaimer has been added to a total of 18 episodes throughout the show’s five seasons, including those guest hosted by Jim Nabors, Joel Grey, Steve Martin, Peter Sellers, Cleo Laine, James Coco, Spike Milligan, Crystal Gayle, Kenny Rogers, Beverly Sills, Jonathan Winters, Alan Arkin, James Coburn, Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Debbie Harry, Wally Boag and Marty Feldman. The disclaimer appears at the beginning of these episodes for 12 seconds.

Disney+ gives ‘The Muppet Show’ an ‘offensive content’ disclaimer before select episodes | Fox Business

Things like Johnny Cash playing near the confederate flag are what likely generated this disclaimer at the beginning of some episodes. What about the Swedish chef? He was one of my favorite characters, but does his characterization insult Swedish people?

Not sure it’s a very encouraging sign when we need to have disclaimers put on Jim Henson’s The Muppet Show, but suppose this is 2021, where seemingly everything that happened in the past requires condemnation or explanation.

Kevin Michael Richardson to voice Dr. Hibbert instead of Harry Shearer on The Simpsons

Black actors voicing black characters instead of white actors harkens back to the Simsons’ Apu situation last year (see: Hank Azaria No Longer Voice of Apu on The Simpsons possibly being replaced by Indian Actor = Insanity)

Harry Shearer, who is white, will no longer voice the black character Dr. Hibbert. He’ll be replaced by Kevin Michael Richardson (“Bless the Harts”) in next Sunday’s episode, “Wad Goals.” Shearer has voiced Springfield’s most skilled doctor — in contrast to Hank Azaria’s incompetent Dr. Nick — since 1990. He also voices Ned Flanders and Principal Skinner,

Harry Shearer no longer voicing black ‘Simpsons’ character

Over 30 years Harry Shearer has been voicing Dr. Hibbert. He will continue to voice other characters, he’s not being completely replaced. I guess this creates an opportunity for another actor to get paid, as Shearer doesn’t need the money, but have all kinds of mixed emotions on this. Will Richardson sound like Shearer? That’s the bottom line, regardless of skin color. Dr. Hibbert is a very established character and replacing a seasoned voice actor short of that person’s death in this circumstance sounds risky.

This isn’t an issue of race as far as viewers are concerned, anyway. If Richardson can pull off a great imitation of Dr. Hibbert, then viewers will be none the wiser. Viewers are familiar with what Dr. Hibbert sounds like.

Maybe they will just kill off Dr. Hibbert and make the all thing moot. Or maybe they’ll make fun of the change. Dr. Hibbert has a voice change, why?! Maybe he goes to a doctor to learn why? Fourth wall breakdown, folks.

What do you think? No big deal? Good, bad?