7 Movies COMING TO THEATERS in August 2020 with 9 Rescheduled

The New Mutants are due in theaters August 28

Can’t wait any longer to post what’s coming in August, can we?

Today, the first of August, theaters should have been open all across the United States. With the exception of some drive-ins and scattered independent theaters, that’s not the reality.

The new date for the big three theater chains to reopen 80% of the theater – as of this writing anyway — is scheduled to be August 21 (see: Regal Cinemas now saying August 21 it will reopen in US, Tenet goes international first, then US).

Below you’ll find the movies listed as being released in theaters before month’s end as well as the streaming and VOD movies and at the bottom the movies that were originally planned to be released in August and delayed along with the current release dates, if known.

As has been the case since the end of March 2020, all titles are very subject to change.

For historical reference, I’m including the films originally planned along with their rescheduled release dates, several have been pushed to 2021.

2020 Theater Releases

If you’d like to see a list of all movies released in 2020 click here (that post is being updated throughout the year).

All movie release dates unless otherwise indicated are for the United States, the release dates in other countries can/may/will vary.

August 2020 Movies

  • *Endless – FIRST LOOK – (August 14) – *Theater and premiere on VOD/PVOD
  • Unhinged – FIRST LOOK (delayed, moved from July 1 to July 31, move #2 to “August 2020 TBA”, move #3 to August 21, 2020)
  • Antebellum (August 21)
  • The Courier (August 28)
  • The New Mutants – FIRST LOOK (delayed, moved from April 13 to TBA, move #2 to August 28, 2020)
  • *Hard Kill – FIRST LOOK (August 28) – *Theater and premiere on VOD/PVOD
  • Spell (August 28) [LIMITED]

  • An American Pickle – FIRST LOOK – (Aug 6) HBO Max
  • The Secret Garden – FIRST LOOK (moved up from August 14 to August 7 – premiere on streaming)
  • Boyz In The Wood – FIRST LOOK – (Aug 7) Amazon Prime Video
  • The Tax Collector (Aug 7) Applet TV+
  • Project Power (Aug 14) Netflix
  • Endless – FIRST LOOK (Aug 14) VOD / also in theaters
  • Boy’s State (Aug 14) Apple TV+
  • The One and Only Ivan (Aug 21) Disney+
  • Chemical Hearts (Aug 21) Amazon Prime Video
  • Hard Kill – FIRST LOOK – (Aug 28) VOD / also in theaters

    • The Empty ManFIRST LOOK (delayed, August 7 to December 4, 2020)
    • The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the RunFIRST LOOK (delayed, moved from May 22 to July 31, 2020, movie #2 to August 7, 2020, move #3 to 2021 VOD)
    • Let Him Go (delayed, move from August 21 to November 6)
    • Infinite (delayed from August 7, 2020 to May 28, 2021)
    • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (delayed, move #1 February 2020, move #2 from April to August 7, 2020, move #3 to January 15, 2021)
    • TenetFIRST LOOK (delayed, July 17 to July 31, move #2 to August 12, move #3 to “TBA”, move #4 to September 4)
    • Bill & Ted Face The MusicFIRST LOOK (delayed, August 14 to September 1 theaters and VOD)
    • MulanFIRST LOOK (delayed, moved from March 27 to July 24, 2020, move #2 August 21, move #3 “TBA 2020”)
    • Wonder Woman 1984FIRST LOOK (delayed, moved from June 1 to Aug 24, 2020, move #2 to October 2)

The Empty Man
(delayed, August 7 to December 4, 2020)

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run
(delayed, moved from May 22 to July 31, 2020, movie #2 to August 7, 2020)

Let Him Go
(delayed, move from August 21 to November 6)

(delayed from August 7, 2020 to May 28, 2021)

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway
(delayed, move #1 February 2020, move #2 from April to August 7, 2020, move #3 to January 15, 2021)

(delayed, move #1 July 17 to July 31, move #2 to August 12, 2020, move #3 to “TBA 2020”, move #4 to September 4, 2020)

Bill and Ted Face The Music
(delayed, August 14 to September 1 theaters and VOD)

(delayed, move #1 March 27 to July 24, 2020, move #2 to August 21)

Wonder Woman 1984

(delayed, moved from June 1 to Aug 24, 2020, move #2 to October 2)

Which of these movies, if any, are you looking forward to seeing?

Of the list of movies above delayed for theatrical release, I’m most interested in seeing are Wonder Woman 1984, Bill and Ted Face The Music and Tenet (for the second month in a row).

What are yours?

FIRST LOOK: Boyz In The Wood – Amazon

Amazon acquired the stoner comedy Boyz In The Wood after a successful festival run and it’s coming to Prime Video subscribers the first week in August.

Written and directed by Ninian Doff in his feature directorial debut, the film follows teenage pals Dean, Duncan and DJ Beatroot from Glasgow who embark on a character-building camping trip inspired by the real-life program Duke of Edinburgh Award, where foraging, teamwork and orienteering are the order of the day. Eager to cut loose and smoke weed in the Scottish Highlands, the trio finds themselves paired with straight-laced Ian, a fellow camper determined to play by the rules.

Amazon Studios Acquires Comedy Boyz In The Wood


Not quite sure what to make of this one. The trailer makes it seem somewhat off the hook, which is right up my alley. As a huge fan of comedies, I’m going to check it out. Anybody else excited about this one?

Boyz In The Wood is streaming on Amazon Prime Video August 7, 2020.

FIRST LOOK: The Secret Garden – VOD

If your head is spinning wondering what’s coming out in theaters, what’s going straight to VOD and what’s heading to your favorite streaming service you’re in good company. I’m trying to keep up with all these moves, delays and changes and it’s eating my lunch too.

The Secret Garden is another film I missed that is skipping theatrical release and going straight to VOD/PVOD.

The Secret Garden is officially foregoing its previously scheduled theatrical release and has opted for a digital release instead. Originally set to hit the theaters in April, the film will now be making its debut on Friday, August 7 on PVOD at the suggested retail price of $19.99.

Colin Firth’s The Secret Garden Movie Heads Straight to VOD

Despite the article linked above from June, until yesterday July 30 at MovieInsider.com it still was showing as a theatrical release on August 14. I’m guessing they are confused too.

Anyway, what’s this movie about?

THE SECRET GARDEN starring Colin Firth, Julie Walters and Dixie Egerickx is a new take on the beloved classic novel of the same name written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Set in England during a new time period in 1947, the film follows a young orphan girl who, after being sent to live with her uncle, discovers a magical garden on the grounds of his estate.

Rotten Tomatoes Story Info

The title ad blurbs mention “from the producer of Harry Potter and Paddington” — I’m not sure if they’re trying to seriously make a comparison between those movies and this one (see my take on producers here: How Important are Movie Producers?), but the source material has an interesting premise.

The official trailer:

Despite my curiosity, it’s doubtful I’ll be spending $19.99 to watch this one on streaming, instead waiting a couple months (or less) for it to appear on one of the streaming channels. It’s profiled here, however, for those who are looking forward to seeing it ASAP. Are you excited about seeing this film? Let us know.

The Secret Garden will be released on VOD/PVOD on August 7, 2020.

Taron Egerton goes From Playing Rocketman to Tetris Man

Rocketman ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Taron Egerton, who played one heckuva impressive version of Elton John is going to be starring in another biopic. Only this person isn’t famous for music, but a block-shaped videogame. Bet you’ve seen or played it, too.

Titled Tetris, it tells the story of a Cold War-era legal battle that took place surrounding the intellectual property for the legendary video game. Taron Egerton will play Henk Rogers, who eventually won the rights to Tetris for himself and the man who originally created the game, who spent years fighting several different parties before he ended up getting paid.

After Playing Elton John, Taron Egerton Is Heading To Another Biopic – CINEMABLEND

How popular is the game Tetris? This article says it’s the world’s most popular videogame. Wikipedia has a long article on it and, as indicated in the article above, there is drama surrounding the game’s licensing history.

It would be kind of funny if Taron Egerton breaks into some Elton John song like Goodbye Yellowbrick Road while playing a game of Tetris. I know, not going to happen, but at least as a promotional video or something. We can always dream.

Have you/do you play Tetris? Does a movie based on the game sound interesting? I suppose even the most dry subject matter can be put into a creative, entertaining story.

FIRST LOOK: Bill and Ted Face the Music


One of the five movies I’ve most looked forward to watching in 2020 is the third Bill and Ted movie. Maybe not for the reasons some might expect. More on that shortly.

The original was the better than the sequel Bogus Journey, but I’ve been needing some more rock and roll from those crazy San Demis time travelers.

An official teaser dropped in June, giving us our first look at what the dynamic duo has been up to since their bogus journey. Answer: not much. They’re having a bit of a mid-life crisis, with Wyld Stallyns reduced to playing gigs “in Barstow, California, for 40 people, most of whom were there for two-dollar taco night,” as the future utopia’s Great Leader (Holland Taylor) observed. We got a brief glimpse of William Sadler’s Grim Reaper and Bill’s and Ted’s two daughters, Wilhelmina/Billie “Little Bill” Logan (Brigette Lundy-Paine, Bombshell) and Theodora/Thea “Little Ted” Preston (Samara Weaving, Ready or Not). Bill and Ted concoct a plan to travel to the future to steal the song that saves the world from themselves after they’ve already written it. (“How is it stealing if we’re stealing it from ourselves, dude?”)

Bill and Ted Face the Music drops final trailer with a new release date | Ars Technica

Let’s see what the official trailer looks like.

The trailer makes me want to go back and rewatch the first two films. I like how many of their signature moves were included like them kneeling over and doing some heavy air guitar.

But does it work with their characters being older? That’s the main thing that makes me curious about this film. Does it work with an older Bill and Ted? Can it?

With the right story age shouldn’t matter.

Given, they aren’t high schoolers any more, which has their “dude!” juvenile personas losing a little — maybe a lot — of luster. Then again, maybe older Bill and Teds are just the kind of radical character change the franchise needs to keep a third adventure fresh?

We all grow older, even Bill and Ted, but maybe it’s the child in me wanting to keep Bill and Ted locked at a certain age.

The trailer and the obvious older ages of the actors makes this look slower than the original and sequel, too.

Can this work for the franchise? I don’t know. Not that I’m trying to be ageist, but age for characters that are intentionally immature is an obstacle that the script must somehow overcome. We all know know Keanu Reeves is a great actor, regardless of age and I’m not sure what Alex Winter has been up to but in the trailer he doesn’t seem out of character. George Carlin is gone, so no Rufus on this adventure, sadly. Carlin might be a vital missing ingredient.

What do you think? Do Bill & Ted have to be high schoolers to make films in this franchise work? Should we be glad they didn’t try to digitally de-age them? (actually, that could have been a very funny inside joke to play off of in 2020)

Bill and Ted Face The Music will be released in whatever theaters are open and streaming on VOD September 1, 2020.

SECOND LOOK: Star Trek: Lower Decks video clip from first episode courtesy Comic-Con@Home

The Comic-Con@Home version is now playing (July 22 – July 26) and yesterday there was a virtual Star Trek panel where more was revealed about the upcoming Star Trek: Lower Decks (FIRST LOOK) adult animated series coming August 6.

Star Trek: Lower Decks virtual panel starts at/around 45:00 in the video

All of the main voice actors and actresses are included. An enjoyable group discussion listening to their take on each of their character’s roles on the Ceritos. Was also glad to hear from the showrunner Mike McMahan (Rick & Morty) that while there is a lot of zany fun planned in the first season, they tried to stick close to cannon of the time period around when Star Trek: Next Generation.

They bleeped and SPOILER title tagged it, so they give enough away to tease, but don’t spoil, which I enjoyed.

A clip of one of the lower decks crew mates drunk on Romulian whiskey was also shared.

Romulan ale will give a serious buzz

I thought this clip was humorous. It’s the kind of comedy that pokes fun from the inside out. Klingons? Yeah, they are all about honor and dignity. Next Gen would poke fun at Worf from time to time, but this takes it to a different level. I liked it.

From what the voice talent revealed, this show sounds very promising to me. Without seeing any of the episodes, I’m most drawn to Jerry O’Connell’s character Ransom and the overzealous security officer, Lieutenant Shaxs (Fred Tatasciore) that just goes all in (something about a security officer that wants to go nuclear on every situation offers a ton of comedic potential). I also liked the voice of the security character. Reminds me of Rip Torn’s voice on steroids.

Am more looking forward to this then Picard before seeing any episodes, because my fear of Picard beforehand was he was too old and they weren’t going to be Star Trek enough.

Neither appears to be a problem here. They are taking the light — sometimes very light — tone of the Star Trek we know and love and amplifying it.

There is a vibrance and youthful aura around this show. Will it deliver or be too much for mass appeal (after seeing Harley Quinn, I hope they go into super “too much” mode here)? I don’t know how this will turn out, but am intrigued by the idea and concept and, as mentioned in the FIRST LOOK last week that from what little I’ve watched of Rick & Morty so far, I’ve enjoyed that series, too. Mike McMahon seems to have the right mix of enthusiasm, love and respect for the older Trek. McMahon admits being more in tune with Next Gen than any other series, but I’m OK with that. I liked Next Gen. Not as much as the original series, of course, but it’s a solid second place in my Trek ranking.

The one area that concerns me is that nobody else wanted to buy into this series. It’s strictly CBS going it alone. Amazon and Netflix passed from what I’ve read. If they saw the show and it was great, logic suggests they would have bought in.

Then again, maybe the price tag was higher than they thought it was worth? Amazon and Netflix know the numbers for Star Trek streaming on their platforms — since they’ve been streaming those shows for years — and maybe they didn’t think Lower Decks would bring enough new eyeballs? Either that or the potential controversy with Trek fans concerned them (doubtful Netflix would be concerned about that with shows like 365 DNI, but Amazon might be a little more concerned about negative publicity fallout).

Whatever happens, we don’t have much longer to wait. I’m stoked, anyway. I want to review the first season, but am going to wait until after watching the entire first episode before making the weekly commitment (sorry, the Picard stain is still fresh in my memory). The timing of Lower Decks starting is excellent because Stargirl is wrapping up its first season on August 10 and I am missing watching a new adult animated TV show since Harley ended (Rick & Morty is always there, though).

What are you thinking? Does this additional teaser/promotional content make you any more or less interested in the show? Now that we know a little more, has any of this changed your level of interest?

Bonus – Star Trek: Prodigy

There is a main title reveal of the Star Trek animated children’s show in association with Nickolodean that will be officially called Star Trek: Prodigy. No trailers or anything for that. It sounds from what little we’ve been told about this series that it’s going to be more serious in tone, but of course focused on children. Will it be more like the original animated series? Perhaps.

Star Trek: The Lower Decks season 1 first episode will premiere on CBS All Access on August 6, 2020.


The Pardoner is coming soon and it’s up to a familiar action hero to take him down.

Earlier today on FIRST LOOK Friday we looked at Endless (see: FIRST LOOK: Endless), scheduled to be released simultaneously on VOD and in theaters (if they are open). That’s a teen romance, now here’s an action film starring Diehard alum Bruce Willis.

Bruce Willis stars as tech billionaire Donovan Chalmers, who hires a team of mercenaries led by Jesse Metcalfe‘s Derek Miller to protect one of his most dangerous pieces of technology. But things go off the rails when a terrorist group kidnaps Chalmers daughters to try and get their hands on the tech, while Miller winds up face-to-face with an old enemy.

Bruce Willis & Jesse Metcalfe Break out the Big Guns in Hard Kill Trailer | Collider

Check out the official trailer:

Honestly, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen an action film that’s been that good with Bruce Willis in it. He hasn’t fallen on as hard straight-to-video times as Steven Seagal, but he’s been in some stinkers no doubt, considering the former glory he once had.

I thought he might do a decent job as Paul Kersey in the reboot of Death Wish, but that script was a mess and he played that iconic Charles Bronson role too stoic and reserved. The whole idea of remaking that 70s classic film was bad, so maybe Willis shouldn’t be blamed.

This movie, as some others Willis has been in, looks somewhat interesting. Willis is 65, he’s not going to be doing much running and gunning. It looks like the Jesse Metcalf is getting the majority of the action and Willis is playing more of the boss/financier.

Same release circumstances as Endless, am curious what theaters will be showing this or if the big three will hold to the line that they won’t show day and date releases. This means we’ll be more likely to catch it on streaming.

Will we pay to see it there or wait for some streaming service to pick it up? Strong lean toward wait here, but maybe feelings change next month if theaters aren’t reopened. Vivarium (see: 22+ Vivarium Reviews – Eerie Social Isolation Timing, Better Suited as Anthology TV Episode) showed up on Amazon Prime Video pretty fast (it’s showing there now) after we purchased that on VOD. This is the problem with VOD releases, that people will wait for movies that don’t blow them away (this one doesn’t) with interest.

What was the last good movie you saw Bruce Willis in? Has it been awhile for you, too? I’m thinking Expendables as Church (?) His role in Motherless Brooklyn ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ in 2019 was too short to consider.

Hard Kill will be streaming on VOD and simultaneously released in theaters (if they are open) on August 28, 2020.


Another movie is quietly testing the theater owners’ patience by a simultaneous release planned for next month, August 2020.

It’s called Endless and so far is not getting the “they are betraying the theatrical window” buzz, at least not that I’m seeing out there. Could be because it’s not coming from a major studio.

The trailer for teen romance movie Endless has been released ahead of its August debut in theaters and on demand. The news comes in the midst of pandemic-related theater closures, which have forced many feature films, such as Tom Hanks’ Greyhound, to release straight to streaming. Others are waiting for traditional theatrical releases in August, though it remains to be seen if that will be possible.

Endless Movie Trailer Debuts Ahead Of August Release

I think the reason the theaters aren’t loudly complaining is they still aren’t sure they are reopening in roughly 10 days from this post. Why complain in the media about it when this might turn out to be another release to VOD and maybe to some scattered drive-ins and independent theaters? They don’t need any more negative press, they just need to get open as soon as it’s safe and legal for them to do so. Their lawsuit in New Jersey to allow them to reopen isn’t doing so well, according to this Variety article.

Here’s the official trailer:

Famke Janssen, from Taken, is in the movie. I don’t get that excited about teen romances movies (there are a few that I’ve enjoyed), but this title at least at this moment in time is most notable for going day and date (simultaneous release in theaters and streaming) route.

Endless will be available on VOD and in theaters (maybe) August 14, 2020.

FIRST LOOK: Yellowstone (TV Series) – Peacock / Paramount

Yellowstone Season 1 and 2 are available for streaming on Peacock, launching wide on July 15

The last time I checked in with Kevin Costner, one of my favorite actors, it was just his voice as the dog Enzo in The Art of Racing in the Rain ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My blindspot, since we don’t have television, is he’s been starring in the lead role of the TV series Yellowstone, which season three just started June 21, 2020 every Sunday night on Paramount. The first two seasons of Yellowstone are available on Peacock.

The show follows the trials and tribulations of the Duttons, a family of ranchers operating the the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S. But you don’t reach the Duttons’ level of wealth and success by playing nice, not out where the west is still wild, and the family is constantly attending to conflicts from outside—including land developers, political opponents, and clashes with the local reservation—as well as from within as the complicated dynamics between the patriarch John (played by Kevin Costner) and his children—frustrated, politically ambitious Jamie (Wes Benton), deliciously vicious Beth (Kelly Reilly), and estranged former soldier Kayce (Luke Grimes)—play out with plenty of scheming, secrets, and no little bit of bloodshed.

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 3 – Where to Watch Yellowstone Online

One challenge with TV shows that are trending and aren’t brand new is having to catch up current with them. Season 1 & 2 are available on Peacock (19 total episodes which with average run times of 45 minutes is like 14+ hours of watch time).

Today, I started watching the first episode where literally in the first five minutes Kevin Costner’s Dutton lead character is in a car accident and must shoot his injured horse in the head. Must admit that westerns aren’t usually my thing, but this is a much more modern western.

The only reason I’m even offering this as a FIRST LOOK here is that it features Kevin Costner and is trending as one of the most watched TV shows at home right now. I’m always fascinated when I look at these top lists and see shows I’ve never heard of that are popular. It just humbles me to no end. Being humbled is good. Just when I think I sort of know what’s going on with movies and TV shows, I’m proven there is much to learn.

Anybody reading enjoy watching Yellowstone?

Yellowstone Season 1 & 2 is available on Peacock now, season 3 now airing on Paramount.

FIRST LOOK: Star Trek: Lower Decks (Animated TV Series) Season 1 – CBS All Access

Have always been a fan of the original Star Trek animated series (1973) and curious how a new animated series will fare.

It sounds like it’s potentially going more adult-oriented, much more into comedy and less optimistic, but that doesn’t necessarily deter my interest. If they were going to do a serious animated Star Trek like the first one, then they would have needed to get actual Star Trek actor and actresses back. The Next Generation crew is all still alive, so that’s certainly a possibility down the road.

But this one doesn’t appear very serious. It’s highlighting those lesser known Trek crewmates. The unsung workforce that’s not part of the bridge crew.

The fact it’s partly coming from the team behind Star Trek: Picard makes me nervous (see: Done Watching and Reviewing Star Trek: Picard).

But, hey, I like the idea and concept. I liked Picard as well, too. Ah, so conflicted.

Will give just about any movie or TV show a first watch. Doesn’t mean I’ll stay, want to review, etc, but I’ll at least turn it on for as much of the first episode holds my interest.

Developed by Emmy-winner Mike McMahan (Rick and Morty, Solar Opposites), Star Trek: Lower Decks focuses on the support crew serving on one of Starfleet’s least important ships, the U.S.S. Cerritos, in 2380. Ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford and Tendi have to keep up with their duties and their social lives, often while the ship is being rocked by a multitude of sci-fi anomalies.

BREAKING: First Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Reveals Franchise’s First Animated Comedy – TrekMovie.com

I enjoyed the first couple episodes of season one of Rick and Morty, currently available on HBO Max, so excited to see Mike McMahan involved.

Here’s the official trailer:

The trailer shows a very whimsical style Star Trek, once which we’re not familiar with, but having just enjoyed (a lot) the adult Harley Quinn animated TV series, I’m hoping this Trek goes more edgy in the name of comedy.

Sure, it’s a departure from the dramatic Trek we know and love, but if you’re going to be different and doing an animated comedy, then don’t hold back, go for it. If they end up only going halfway then it’s going to be a tough road ahead.

Are you interested in Star Trek: Lower Decks? Will you be watching?

Star Trek: Lower Decks first episode of season 1 (total of 10 episodes are planned) will debut Thursday, August 6, 2020 on CBS All Access, with new episodes offered weekly beyond.