Fred Rogers’ 10 Seconds of Silence for Others

Take 10 seconds to think of others.

That is what Fred Rogers implored us to do. When did he make this request? When he had the microphone and stage. He chose that platform to celebrate others. A completely genuine, selfless act.

Mister Rogers was the best television neighbor we’ve ever had.

Fred Rogers was the real deal as an inspiration for both children and adults everywhere. Tom Hanks always seems to find these golden roles to play — and he’s usually great playing them. Hanks must have jumped at the chance to play Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood which opens wide November 22, 2019. See how makeup transformed Hanks into Rogers. He played Walt Disney, too.

Just how good was Fred Rogers off camera? According to those who knew him — the same great guy.

“If Fred found out a friend was ill, he would make regular calls and visits,” she said. “When a high school friend in South Carolina had cancer, Fred went, even though he had hurt his ankle and was on crutches. It was very important for Fred to be there.”

Mister Rogers’ widow Joanne shares memories of her marriage to the TV star: ‘People were important to him’ | Fox News

Watch Fred Rogers accepting an award, it’s truly awe-inspiring how he commanded a crowd to be quiet for 10 seconds to think of others.

1997 Fred Rogers Accepting The Lifetime Achievement Award

Or, even better, the look of utter joy and surprise when Rogers is surprised by seeing an old “neighbor” friend of his:

It wouldn’t surprise me if A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood ends up being my favorite movie of 2019. It’s the kind of story about a true hero. A man who devoted his life to educating children.

We need more neighbors like Fred Rogers in the world.

32+ Doctor Sleep Reviews – Stephen King’s Views Softened On Kubrick’s Adaptation of The Shining

#1 recommended of wide movie releases

Doctor Sleep ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is performing under expectations at the box office, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good movie. There are many movies that have done worse than expected at the box office and went onto greatness like, er …

The Shining ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Director Mike Flanagan seems to have done the impossible with author Stephen King. He took an author who has disliked an revered by fans adaptation of his novel The Shining by legendary Stanley Kubrick and somewhat reconciled the two. All by making a great movie.

“I finished the movie, I brought the film to Bangor, [Maine, where King lives], and I showed him Doctor Sleep. I sat with him in an empty theater and watched the movie with him. I spent the whole movie trying not to throw up, and staring at my own foot, and kind of overanalyzing every single noise he made next to me. The film ended, and the credits came up, and he leaned over and he put his hand on my shoulder, and he said, ‘You did a beautiful job.’ And then I just died. The rest of the day we talked a lot about Kubrick, we talked a lot about his other adaptations, we talked a lot about modern politics and Trump and about the state of the world, and we talked about shows on Netflix we liked, and we just talked. He was like, ‘Having watched this film it actually warms my feelings up towards the Kubrick film.’ That’s when I really kind of freaked out. The whole goal from the beginning was to inch those two back together in any way, to reconcile that gulf of distance between the Kubrick Shining and the King Shining. If there was ever a way to do that, even a little, that was what I wanted as a fan.”

Stephen King says Doctor Sleep ‘redeems’ Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining |


Other Blogger Reviews

My opinion of the film is that it is one of the best movies I’ve seen in 2019, and it also has the most likes of any review I’ve done to date (like four times as many likes of any other movie review).

Doctor Sleep review received four times the number of likes of any other review I’ve written

Plenty of other movie reviewers enjoyed this film. Let’s take a look at what others have to say, both recommended or not.


  • Nightmare on Film Street: “With strong new characters and an obvious affection for the original, Flanagan gives fans the movie they’ve been waiting for. It is a movie that stays with you, settling into a quiet corner of your psyche — much like the ghosts of The Overlook Hotel.”
  • skuldren: “In welding all these elements together, fusing them into one smooth running and engrossing story, he delivers a fantastic movie. And it really is a fusion of film and literature.”
  • Mr. Sculpin: “By paying tribute to the source material and treading new narrative ground, Doctor Sleep is a film that skirts past “sequelitis”, and becomes one of my favorite films of the year.”
  • Peter Kanelis: “Time will tell if this will be some kind of horror classic, however I think it was a pretty solid bit of entertainment.”
  • Seongyong’s Private Place: ” Sure, it is less perfect than its predecessor, but it distinguishes itself well on the whole as paying homage to both King and Kubrick as demanded, and I like that.”
  • Flamingo Lifestyle: ” The movie’s score was haunting, and the visuals were stunning, I was not disappointed. Doctor Sleep is one of Stephen King’s best film adaptations as well as one of my favorites.”
  • Craig’s Movie Report: “This is how you do a sequel to such a legendary movie … build on a great concept yet take nothing away from the original.”
  • Lee Hall: “It’s a great sequel full of atmosphere, gripping performances, cinematography and dark imagination. Those who are into horror will enjoy this whether you have read or watched the first story; it doesn’t matter, this one will get ya! “
  • The Movie Burners: “I enjoyed this film immensely. It’s one of the better King adaptations and a film I will undoubtedly rewatch many times”
  • Nerdtropolis: “This movie had me captivated from beginning to end. I didn’t know I needed a sequel to the original “The Shining”, but Mike Flanagan changed my mind”
  • Movie Metropolis: “It has a lot of tension and a ton of good qualities that gives me no qualms with recommending it for fans of both King and horror films in general. However, there is no way I can say it’s the best King film since Shawshank. I would say that It, Gerald’s Game, and The Night Flier are all better than Doctor Sleep.
  • The Nerds Templar: “Pull away all The Shining stuff (besides the ending) and it’s a solidly made film with strong performances from McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson.”
  • Chicago Indie Critics: “…the fascinating character studies of the film’s first half haunts us enough to make the lonely quiet moments of the night more existential by actualizing the literal and metaphorical dark through those closest to it.”
  • DOTT: “Flanagan has done something not many filmmakers adapting novels and making sequels can do, and that’s please just about everyone (for the most part), King fans and Kubrick fans alike.”
  • Clay Bones: ”  It’s a movie that takes time with its development, but once the ball gets rolling, it draws you into every element with an hypnotic effect.”
  • Social News XYZ: “…that rarest of spin-offs driven by veritable curiosity and interest with characters. Albeit excessively long by at any rate 20 minutes, it is increasingly accessible and doesn’t excessively punish the individuals who haven’t seen the first film.”
  • Jordan Woodson’s Reviews: “…. a sluggish first act, but the rest of the film, Flanagan’s directing as well as the incredible talent on display truly make this a movie that would make both King and Kubrick satisfied, despite their differences.”
  • CJ Film Mafia: “…all credit to Flanagan and all involved, it’s highly entertaining, which certainly makes it one of the strange surprises of 2019.”
  • Irish Film Critic: “While “The Shining” had almost 40 years to seep into the public’s consciousness, with time, I feel that “Doctor Sleep” will follow suit and will be viewed by many as a superior successor to its less-than-stellar predecessor.”
  • Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys): “…never comes close to matching the highs of its forefather and while this over-long film outstays its welcome as time wears on, there’s enough here to warrant a viewing, especially with Ferguson creating one of 2019’s most memorable villains along the way.”
  • Calilou Pettis: “…is an utterly bone-chilling, skillfully acted, tension filled masterpiece that serves as an incredible sequel to The Shining. “
  • Glyn Williams: “It doesn’t try too much to be a sequel and instead makes sure it’s a interesting film by itself. You care about the characters, much due to the actors performances,”
  • Kevin Boyle: “…is a wonderful film. It’s emotionally honest and it uses the horror genre to tell a story about recovery, about how it sucks, and that you just have to keep on keeping on.”
  • natezoebl: “Flanagan has reverence for both King’s source material and the beloved 1980 film, and bridging the two is a source of enjoyment.  “
  • Film Geeky: “It strikes a careful balance in recognising Kubrick’s contribution to the universe of The Shining and building a view of the world beyond the Overlook hotel, and as a result delivers an impressive and engaging dark thriller.”
  • Comic Book Debate: “Overall, Doctor Sleep is one of the best movies of the year. The film is a worthy successor to The Shining, and honors both Kubrick and King equally as it delivers a story that will satisfy film and book lovers alike.”

Not Recommended (or on the fence)

  • Dr. Filmlove’s Film Reviews & Ratings: “….its biggest fault in entering an arena of bickering and strong-minded visions is that it only offers a few of its own. And that’s a shameful fact, given that the ones on display are actually worthy of substantial, stimulating, and sometimes shocking merit.”
  • reelhit: “….thought it was a surprisingly well-done movie, ranking very high on the list of all-time best Stephen King adaptations “
  • Your Intrepid Host: “I don’t want to call the film ‘bad.’ It isn’t bad. It has a good, entertaining story. There are beautiful shots in the film. Flanagan knows how to make imaginative scenes and captivating imagery. Also it features a very cute cat.”
  • Little Movie Reviews: “The scary parts, early on in the film, are few and far between. And to add insult to injury, the third act’s scary moments are only homages to The Shining, and are a repeat of the scenes that horrify you in Kubrick’s version.”
  • Howard for Film: “Although DOCTOR SLEEP won’t go down in cinematic history as the best film adaptation of a Stephen King novel, it should be remembered as a fairly respectable one.”
  • Aspiring Human Shazam: “The film is a near three hour long endurance filled with too many characters, too many subplots (all of which are mostly unoriginal) and nowhere near enough scares or iconic scenes.”
  • Society Reviews: “While there are without question, signs of brilliance here, the 2 1/2 hour runtime and lack of cohesion makes The Shining 2.0 ultimately nothing more than a mediocre attempt of providing a second chapter to a story that was good enough with the first.”
  • Flattout Studios: “If you’re looking for a traditional horror film or something as iconic or shocking as The Shining, then you’re going to be disappointed. However, if you allow yourself to get drawn into the craft and atmosphere of the film, you experience something special, which doesn’t come to theaters all that often “
  • Mr. Jabbatron: “It certainly isn’t a bad film, but it is flawed and the length is definitely 30 minutes too long for no good reason”

$100+ Million Movie Budgets Are Stupid

Hollywood must have a burning money fetish.

Wonder if the people who finance and set the budgets for big budget movies are masochists.

No, seriously.

They must like the torture of seeing underwhelming box office returns on opening weekend.

Am looking forward to seeing Ford vs. Ferrari but what geniuses decided this should be a $100 million movie? It’s almost like they setup some movies for failure because you know after the ad budget is put on top of that, it’s forced to generate $250-300 million to turn a profit. Maybe, it will, but ….


Writer-director James Mangold plays the Hollywood studio game well enough to build allies who believe in him. While at Fox, studio chief Emma Watts backed X-Men installments “Wolverine” and “Logan” and Oscar-winner “Walk the Line.” That made greenlighting $100-million sports saga “Ford v Ferrari” less of a risk, but it’s the kind of movie that studios don’t care to bank these days.

James Mangold: Risk in Ford v Ferrari is a Race-Car Movie For Adults | IndieWire

Are they paying Christian Bale and Matt Damon like $30 million combined or something to act in this movie? I don’t get what is taking all this money to make a race car movie. Did Carroll Shelby make cars out of gold?

Doctor Sleep ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ had around a $55 million budget. For a horror movie. In 1978 Halloween ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ was made for way less than $1 million. Why is a horror movie budget over $50 million dollars? Did the studios believe that it would generate $150 million in November (!!!) for a horror movie sequel?

Call in Anne Wilson to belt, “Crazy on you!”

Charlie’s Angels the second reboot? $48 million dollar budget. If you’re saying “no way!” then look it up yourself. I am rooting for Elizabeth Banks, really I am, but … well, $150 – $200 million (to turn a profit, presumably) in the 2019 business climate for this second reboot — yes, even in the #metoo women-powered era — movie seems way more than optimistic.

Let me go crazy on you!

Look, it’s not my money, but if it was, I’d say: make more films vs. spending more on a single film. Spread the risk around. How about more adaptations of really good books? (of which there are many!) Make more films with budgets under $10 million.

These actors and actresses don’t need to be paid risk-free double digit millions to star in movies for a few month’s work. Make them wealthy by risk sharing in the success of the film. Give them points on profitability in their contract. They won’t be in your film for less money? So what. Then make stars out of new actors and actresses. Supply and demand. When their fifth house tax bill is due, I’m sure at least some of them will accept a cut in pay. Now there is a movement worth getting behind.

Talk to the woman or man in the factory busting their butt in the real world to put food on the table and ask any of them if they give a crap about some wealthy actor/actress getting overpaid to act in a movie.

Too bad nobody financing these films is asking for my input.

They’ll keep making movies with stupid budgets. We’ll see the same clickbait headlines on opening weekend Saturday declaring movies have “bombed” already.

An industry which douses itself in gasoline and then runs through flaming box offices.

And, just so it’s clear, I’m not saying that studios should never make big budget films, but when you have a race car movie like Ford vs. Ferrari costing over $100 million and a second reboot of a modestly successful 70s TV show costing nearly $50 million and that’s without marketing, somebody needs a mental health checkup.

But hey, if you get the green light for $100 million for your film, flame on!

Opening 11-14-2019 in Theaters: Charlie’s Angels (2019), Ford v Ferrari, The Good Liar

Wide releases on 11/14/2019 include Charlie’s Angels (2019), Ford vs. Ferrari

Wednesday here and you know what that means: more new movies opening wide in theaters starting tomorrow! I have to interrupt my Disney+ streaming watching because soooo much good content there to watch/rewatch. Some movies I haven’t seen for literally 30+ years!

I digress, let’s see what’s new out this weekend, because last weekend didn’t go as well as planned for a film that I really enjoyed.

First up …

Charlie’s Angels (2019)

I’m a fan of the original TV series, not so much of any of the reboot movies, will this be better?

I’m nervous about this one is going to turn out. What gives me hope is I really like Elizabeth Banks, but am not sure about her taking on the role of Bosley (originally played by David Doyle in the TV series).

Didn’t feel Bill Murray as Bosley either though, so who knows? I get it, a classic jiggly TV show is getting “woke” — but am not sure if I’m getting awakened yet. Am going in very cautiously optimistic and yet still looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Part of what’s burning away some of my interest is the last reboot with Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz wasn’t that spectacular. But at least I knew who they were … I don’t know any of the actresses in this reboot, except for Banks as Bosley.

Anticipation: 4 / 10

Ford vs. Ferrari

Matt Damon as a brilliant auto engineer? Hmm …. maybe?

Matt Damon has an uphill battle to convince me that he is some wizard auto engineer. He’s a good actor, so maybe he’ll be successful, and I’m more than intrigued by this “inspired by a true story” case of David vs. Goliath in the auto racing car designed for maximum speed movie.

What is the deal with the budget for this being $100 million? I’m very puzzled unless Damon and co-star Christian Bale are getting paid a boatload to star. The sets can’t be that expensive to recreate … can they? Or maybe it’s all the old cars and they are wrecking some in the process? $100 million is a boatload of cash to spend on a movie.

If this movie doesn’t open strong we’re going to see a bunch of headlines about how it “bombed” and lost a ton of money leading the news come Monday morning, if not sooner.

This has the best trailers, too of the films opening wide this week.

Anticipation: 6/10

The Good Liar

An old guy taking advantage of elderly women’s vanity? Yeah, I can get interested in a movie about this, but hopefully the old guy gets his comeuppance or has some sort of major character arc. The trailer suggests maybe that will be the case. We’ll find out soon.

Anticipation: 5/10

ANTICIPATION for Week of 11/14/19 MOVIES

How much on scale of 1-10 anticipating the 11-14-2019 movies?

  1. Ford vs. Ferrari – 6/10
  2. The Good Liar – 5/10
  3. Charlie’s Angels – 4/10

Are there screenings in our area to see these movies?

All three are wide screenings and available in our area, so the plan is to watch, rate and review all.

TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian Episode 1 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

The Mandalorian was made with love for true Star Wars fans!

Now available on Disney+ as of today 11/12/2019, you can see some old school Star Wars in the new TV series: The Mandalorian.

TV SERIES REVIEW: The Mandalorian Episode 1

I can take you in warm …. or I can take you in cold

– The Mandalorian

Here is what the bounty hunter’s mark looks like:

He’s on the Bounty Hunter’s radar — uh oh!

Episode 1

“Chapter 1” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

The Mandalorian receives a mission to track down a mark in a lawless area of a planet. This is seriously old school Star Wars on a TV series and it’s awesome. We get to see the bounty hunter take on enemy forces in a city, work with a droid, weird aliens that look like they came straight out of Star Wars IV and more. I’ve already watched this twice. Great start to a new series.

Like The Mandalorian’s dry dialogue. He’s totally Boba Fett-like. I’ve always felt Boba Fett would make a great movie or TV series, as it appears like the path of this new Disney+ series. Wish it would have launched with more than one episode, which I took a half star away because it is left (intentionally?) incomplete. I get that every episode should leave us wanting more, but this one is leaving us with too many questions.

Fortunately, Wikipedia is providing a few more answers:

Within the first 10 days of launch, subscribers will receive the first three episodes

Via Twitter #TheMandalorian filled in even more details on the release schedule:

Wonder if this will be an every episode The Mandalorian gets a new mark to track down and either capture or kill? That just leaves all kinds of cool possibilities to explore the expansive Star Wars universe.

Jon Favreau wrote the first three episode and is the creator of the series. Favreau is the guy behind Elf, Iron Man and Iron Man 2, to name a few.

I won’t spoil, just get signed up for Disney+ and watch it yourself. Great stuff.

Disney+ Is LIVE on Roku (SCREENSHOTS) – Star Wars Extras and Deleted Scenes Included!

As of 11/12/2019 5:30am PST (GMT-8) Disney+ is now live on Roku. Yes, of course, there are errors, and the service is responding slow at times due to overwhelming traffic.

Disney+ is now available on ROKU, just search for it — as of 11/12/2019 5:30am PST (GMT-8)

To find it, just conduct a search for “Disney” and it’s there on ROKU.

Just search on ROKU and you’ll see the new Disney Plus streaming channel

If you haven’t signed up for a Disney+ streaming account, you’ll need to get that handled.

It’s a seamless process and it seems to use the account information associated with your ROKU account.

The main splash screen divides up the content by home company: Disney, PIXAR, Marvel, Star Wars (!!!) and National Geographic. There isn’t a FOX category.

The main home welcome screen for the Disney+ streaming service at launch

The Star Wars Mandalorian from the outside screen would only result in “Error. Sorry something went wrong. Please try again later” message.

I was successful playing the first episode once I got on the welcome screen.

There is an opening Cantina scene where the bounter hunter enters, somebody spilled his drink, and he goes off. Love it!!

Don’t ever mess with a bounter hunter’s drink in the Cantina!

Play something else. Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

There are extras included!

Including deleted scenes like the Cantina Rough Cut. Pretty trippy watching this in black and white.

I’ll keep updating this post throughout the day with more pictures and information. Just getting this out there now to alert others. Go check it out.

Others talking about Disney+

Am a strong believer in reading before writing. so thus am spreading the link love around below:

PREVIEW – Uncut Gems

What we do and don’t know so far about Uncut Gems with limited opening on December 13, 2019 via various sources:

  • Adam Sandler stars in a dramatic role, yes, that emphasis is correct.
  • NBA star Kevin Garnett stars as himself
  • Some brand new (non-) actors were used for fight scenes and Sandler says he was really choked out.
  • The film is by the Safdie Brothers: Josh and Bennie.
  • With 50+ reviews at Rotten Tomatoes it holds 94% Fresh rating. This was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2019 and clearly met with overwhelming critical praise.
  • Director of Parasite, Bong Joon-Ho, ⭐️⭐️⭐️ cites Uncut Gems as his favorite movie of 2019 and would like to work with Sandler someday.

What most piques my curiosity is the critic dynamic with Adam Sandler’s films — at least his comedies — tends to be very negative and yet here in a more dramatic film, he’s actually getting Oscar buzz.

Jennifer Aniston won The People’s Choice Icon Award for her work on the Netflix Original Murder Mystery ⭐️⭐️½ which I found merely OK (click title to read review). Aniston went on to gush about how great it is working with Sandler and how he is a good human being and great talent.

Aniston on Sandler while accepting “People’s Icon” award: “I love this man.”

He has that effect on his friends who repeatedly return to his movies. Actors like Steve Buscemi who literally is in almost every Sandler movie.

My favorite Sandler films to date have been when he creates original music and has good chemistry with his romantic interest (The Wedding Singer) and where he goes off the rails funny. Airheads is great.

Uncut Gems is off was reviewed positively at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

I realize this isn’t the first dramatic role Sandler is taking. He starred in Punch Drunk Love and Reign Over Me which seemed to feature him more as conflicted, often angry characters.

In Uncut Gems, he seems to be playing a gambler on the run role. Here is the plot synopsis:

From acclaimed filmmakers Josh and Benny Safdie comes an electrifying crime thriller about Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a charismatic New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score. When he makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime, Howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides, in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win.

Rotten Tomatoes Plot Info

Sandler stars in the kinds of films he wants to make, with this “anxiety-inducing” film by the Safdie brothers. In this film, not made by him, he took this role because he must have wanted to do something different. That increases my anticipation for this film.

Am a little concerned this will be a limited, not a wide distribution, because other A24 films have been not been in many theaters. Maybe Sandler’s star power will make this a wider screening.

Uncut Gems hits theaters December 13, 2019.