Who Remembers Meredith Baxter on Family Ties Having “Enormous Breasts”, Seriously?

Meredith Baxter then and now photos via Google Images, she had breast cancer in the late 90s

Sometimes the behind the scenes stuff of movies and TV shows is puzzling. I don’t mean to make light of Meredith Baxter’s personal problems, but in the 80s watching and enjoying the sitcom Family Ties, I didn’t remember her — not in any way, shape or fashion — for the size of her breasts. I was a teenager at least part of the 80s, so my hormones would have been on overdrive.

Pam Anderson on Baywatch? Sure. Meredith Baxter on Family Ties? Lol, no. Apparently, she had very large breasts and they were a real problem during the filming. I think she’s being serious in the quoted article below.

The “Family Ties” star — who famously played Elyse Keaton on the hit ’80s sitcom — told Page Six that her breasts were “the plague of my life” early in her career, with TV execs constantly talking at her chest or making lewd comments. “People go, ’Oh to have someone wanting you, lusting after you …’ That’s not lust, that’s aggression. ‘Let me take your power away by turning you into a sexual object.’ You can’t even open your mouth then,” she told us in a recent interview.

‘Family Ties’ star Meredith Baxter hated her ‘enormous breasts’

This is totally unacceptable, unprofessional behavior from the execs, but still, what were these guys goggling at?

She seemed very mom-like and flatter chested when I was watching the show. Nothing wrong with that, breasts are good in all sizes, but this article made me think, “did I miss something?” Honestly, I would have felt if she had large breasts that would have detracted from Family Ties. It wouldn’t have fit as well having a very busty mom in the role.

Sorry to hear of Meredith Baxter’s problems behind the scenes and her bout with breast cancer. I always liked her character and acting on the TV show. This breast size problem though is vexing. Enormous means very, very large. Dolly Parton? Yes, enormous. Meredith Baxter? What?

Do you remember Meredith Baxter this way … ever?

5 thoughts on “Who Remembers Meredith Baxter on Family Ties Having “Enormous Breasts”, Seriously?

  1. When I saw your headline I had to read it twice. I don’t really remember any attention being placed her her chest. Like you I watched Family Ties and loved the show. Perhaps there was little attention because she was the mother and not portrayed as a sex object. Just as an off topic Michael J Fox was in the news recently with health issues too. I didn’t catch it all but I know that he has had challenges for a long time.

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    1. I missed that Michael J. Fox was sick beyond the Parkinson’s he has. Hope whatever health issues he has, he works through it, Always have enjoyed his work.

      Same again for Meredith Baxter. I don’t think they treated women respectfully on sets back then, but I think the work conditions with all the sexual harassment lawsuits are better now. Hope so anyway, as nobody deserves to deal with that garbage on their job.


      1. Yes, in a lot of ways we are now hearing about these issues with women because people didn’t talk about it back then. I just saw the movie Judy that came out last year. And boy did I learn a lot about Judy Garland! All the stuff she dealt with as a child star and the money problems as an adult. It was so sad.

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  2. It’s not just you Todd.
    I watched every episode of Family Ties and never once did I perceive Meredith Baxter’s chest as “enormous”.
    And trust and believe: as a young man at that time I was hyper-aware when a well-endowed chest happened to be on the screen. Happened all the time on Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Hee Haw etc. But on Family Ties? No. If her chest is enormous, then I am ten feet tall.

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