After HBO Canceled The Outsider, Will Another Network Pick Up For Season 2?

Have only watched the first two episodes of The Outsider and enjoyed them. Definitely high on the long list of TV shows I’d like to finish watching.

It seems like we’re entering — or maybe already are in — an era where successful TV shows are prematurely canceled.

In the comments section somewhat recently, I shared some insight on why Netflix seems most guilty of this in particular. It boils down to the more TV seasons produced, the more expensive they become, usually involving actors asking for significantly more money per episode. I pointed out Friends as being a great example of a show where each of the ensemble cast were making $1 million per episode and since Netflix doesn’t have any commercials, they can’t demand higher fees to offset the increased production costs.

This might mean streaming networks that do have an ad-supported plan like Peacock and presumably HBO Max in 2021 (see: Ad-Supported HBO Max Could Have 2-4 Minutes Per Hour, Peacock = 5, Hulu = 9) might have an edge over those who don’t.

Animated shows like The Simpsons have been fairly immune to cancellation, even though some might argue even that epic show has become long in the tooth. There are also talk shows and game shows that can have many, many seasons, perhaps because the host is somewhat interchangeable (maybe not Alec Trebek, RIP), but still.

Another potentially lucrative option for a canceled TV series is sale to another network. Look at Cobra Kai as a recent example.

So, who might buy The Outsiders for season two and possibly beyond?

Shudder is constantly looking to expand their horror offerings. While The Outsider tends to steer towards the genre of detective thriller, it is likely that the niche streaming service may take it on. Ultimately, there are three streaming services that could pick up The Outsider for season 2. Whether it is Netflix, Hulu, or Shudder, it is undoubtedly a major prospect for every network that wants to bring in the high numbers in viewership that HBO garnered as well as additional viewers that will to the service based on the Stephen King name alone

The Outsider: Why The HBO Show Was Canceled (& How It Could Return Anyway)

I don’t know how expensive The Outsider would be, so I’m doubting Shudder. Also, am not sure despite it being Stephen King it is horrific enough for their platform. Netflix and Hulu seem better poised. Here’s another wildcard: Apple TV+. They should be buying into this game to increase their content library. Will they? Probably not.

Have you seen The Outsider? Are you hoping it will get a second season somewhere?

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