Cobra Kai Greenlit for Season 4, Season 3 Will Premiere January 8, 2021

Last week saw Cobra Kai finally drop from the Netflix top 10 list. It was in that list for enough time to inspire Netflix to greenlight a fourth season.

The third season is already in the can, awaiting a release date “early in 2021” up until this announcement with a specific date.

Following the big launch of Cobra Kai‘s first two seasons on Netflix, the streamer has renewed the series for a fourth season. The pickup for the series continuation of the iconic The Karate Kid film franchise from Sony Pictures Television, comes ahead of the premiere of Season 3, which has been set for January 8, 2021.

‘Cobra Kai’ Renewed For Season 4 By Netflix, Season 3 Premiere Date – Deadline

Have already written about loving this TV series (see: all our Cobra Kai coverage). From our standpoint, anyway, it’s an almost perfect way to resurrect, continue and respect an 80s classic movie. Here’s the teaser video:

Season 2 ended on a pretty significant cliffhanger. Won’t spoil what that is, but certainly those unfinished storylines need to be — and probably are — resolved in Season 3.

I see a bloody-faced John Kriese in that teaser video. Oh yeah, bring it on! Can hardly wait.

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