COOL: Jennifer Garner plays dress up as waitress for her kids

Since the Alias TV series — unarguably among the best of J.J Abrams creative efforts to date — I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Garner’s work.

A bonus is that she also seems to be a pretty good person and mom in her personal life. I mean, in the world of entertainment there seem to be fewer people who are both good at their job and good people. Can kind of see how it didn’t work out with Ben Affleck, as that guy seems a bit off to me, like’s sort of a player and yet not and clearly he’s had some problems. I do not like to see families break up, so that part is disappointing.

But back to Garner and keeping this post upbeat. She’s doing something clever and useful during the pandemic to keep her kids hip to the social experience of going out to restaurants by dressing up in various costumes. She’s also heavily involved with helping the teachers, since some (many?) schools are not reopening this month, parents need to dig in. Our grandson is supposed to start kindergarten this year, and it sounds like that is going to be all (or most?) online.

“I think the more that parents can band together and help the teacher and take turns doing fun things like that and just surprising their own children and the class, by taking over and really preparing and doing something fun to shake up the day and give the teachers a minute to prepare for something else — and meanwhile, it’s impossible because moms and dads are all trying to work and manage everything else and help with younger siblings. But if you can take turns and just spruce up the day a little bit, I think how fun. How fun for the kids and how great for the teachers and for everyone.”

Jennifer Garner reveals the most important thing she’s learned in quarantine – AOL Entertainment

Adapted and adjusting to the pandemic and helping teach young children is important always, but perhaps even more so in these times. If adults are scared, kids are even more about the uncertainty in the world. Props to Garner for being a super cool mom!

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