Netflix Fast Forward Feature Benefits Blind Subscribers

X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Blind movie and TV fans are receiving a useful accessibility feature by Netflix.

Directors complained about Netflix changing the experience by adding a fast forward feature, but it doesn’t appear they took into account how this feature benefited sight-impaired subscribers.

“There is so much information that they have put out in their content that audio description allows me as a blind individual to comprehend and observe,” he says. “And having that speed feature, it just allows me to better understand and better comprehend what they were trying to portray in their creation. I love a lot of Judd Apatow’s work, and I think if he understood me as a blind individual and how I consume content, he would applaud this new feature by Netflix.”

Netflix Is Letting Some People Speed Up Playback. That’s A Big Deal For Blind Fans : NPR

This is a good reminder that not all features are what they seem. The directors upset that fast forwarding through their movies might ruin the experience (IE. dramatic pauses skipped past) but how art is interpreted varies from person to person.

Fast forwarding a movie is also useful to get to a certain spot where you left off, if somehow the last watched point got reset (it happens, unfortunately).

Is there another feature you’d like to see Netflix add? What do you think of this fast forward feature? Will you use it? Tell us about it in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Netflix Fast Forward Feature Benefits Blind Subscribers

  1. Todd, This new feature came up on another list I am on and I am not sure I will use it because I don’t tend to fast forward but rather rewind instead. Sometimes in a movie I miss something and need to go back. I actually have found Netflix rewind and fast forward controls on my iPhone not very accessible compared to Apple TV and even PBS Video. I was just talking to a blind friend about this very thing on Friday and funny this has now come up again. I need to look at the controls again and play around with it to see how this feature works more. I also thought this feature was more about speeding up the dialogue in the movie to make it go faster? so I might be a bit confused.

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    1. Will be interested to read what you think. Please let us know.

      It sounds from what I’ve been reading that it’s only available on Android and IOS Netflix apps at the moment, not other places (yet, presumably). Don’t know how you access, but this is something to consider as well. It’s not available on Roku (which is what we use primarily).


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