Artie Lange @artiequitter Clean and Sober Still Making Us Laugh with Halfway House Podcast

Good news! Comedian and actor Artie Lange is currently clean and sober, off the cocaine and heroin, as a result of his forced jail time.

2019 was a rough year for comedian Artie Lange, but his resolution is (finally) getting sober

[Artie] has had his fair share of troubles with the law over the last decade. But his biggest wake up call yet was when he landed himself in jail for two months last May for violating probation. The comedian revealed that his time behind bars helped him get sober. “It was the longest I’d ever been locked away, I was forced to get clean,” he admitted.

Celebrities Arrested In 2019

I’m in the camp that love Artie for all the times he’s made me laugh. Yes, I know how much of a screw-up he’s been in his personal life, but he seems like such a good guy, that you want to root for him to get off the junk and get better.

He separated ties with the Howard Stern Show at the beginning of 2010 after trying to commit suicide. Then he went into a psych ward for awhile to get straight. Between 2011-2019 he had numerous start/restarts with stand-up comedy while struggling to get clean.

It seemed for a short time that he was pulling out of the drug lifestyle when he had a stint on the HBO TV Show Crashing, but no.

Don’t know the guy in any way personally, but feel a sense of connection to him through his time on the Howard Stern show. Artie hasn’t been as funny in the movies, through his movie Beer League, but he was funny at times on Mad TV, and he was ROFLMAO on Howard Stern in clips like the following, where he stirs up the The Iron Sheik (warning: NSFW! Extreme language)

NSFW – Iron Sheik VS Artie Lange from the Howard Stern Show

Veteran podcaster Joe Rogan caught up with Artie in November 2019 to discuss the story behind what happened to Artie’s nose (he snorted glass and was sucker punched by an amateur boxer):

Joe Rogan interviews Artie Lange and finds out what really happened with his nose

At the time Rogan’s podcast was recorded, Joe had to visit Artie in his town because Artie was court ordered not to be able to leave the state.

Fast forward to September 2019, Artie signed a deal to record a new podcast with his co-host comedian Mike Bouchetti called the Artie Lange Halfway House.

18 one hour podcast episodes of Artie Lange’s Halfway House available as of 1/14/2020

Just listened to Halfway House episode #3 with guest fellow comedian Gilbert Gottfried (the former voice of AFLAC duck). This is comedy gold.

If/when you have an hour, prepare to laugh! Artie & Gilbert go off the rails … NSFW, uncensored and raw

I’m not planning on reviewing podcasts at this site at the present time (somewhat out of our scope), but will follow with interest periodically the careers of some actors and actresses. Artie may not be an A-lister, he might not even be considered a C-lister, but I think he has at least one great comedy movie in him someday, hopefully, if only he can stay away from addictive substances. Sincerely, I wish him all the best STAYING clean and sober. I put his Twitter handle in the headline intentionally. Wish him well, especially if you’re a fan.

We’re rooting for you, Artie! You can do it.

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