Regal Cinemas Switching From Coca Cola to Pepsi Products in Spring 2020 Causes Some Soda Fan Unrest

Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca-cola?

From red to blue in the neverending battle over the dominant sugar water.

Regal Cinemas will be the first of the big three cinema chains to split from Coca Cola and go with Pepsi products starting in Spring 2020.

it ended the exchange with a movie poster-style announcement that Pepsi products would be coming to Regal Cinemas this spring.

One of America’s Biggest Movie Theater Chains Is Switching to Pepsi and People Aren’t Happy | Food & Wine

Personally, I prefer Pepsi over Coke, but am OK with either choice, so this is a non-event for me. However, I know fans are passionate one way or the other. This could have negative implications for some Regal customers who switch to AMC or Cinemark (if they also have those theaters in their area, of course).

I also like the idea that one brand doesn’t dominate all three major theater chains. In the spirit of business competition — which ultimately is best for customers — having a split between the soda brands in the major theaters is good.

For me the taste of Coke has a little more bite to it than Pepsi, hence the reason I like it better. Also, I prefer 7-up to Sprite for the same reason. Coca-cola products tend to have an edgier taste to them. Again, I can drink either products, but prefer Pepsi.

Which do you prefer, Pepsi or Coca-cola? Why?

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