Fred Rogers’ 10 Seconds of Silence for Others

Take 10 seconds to think of others.

That is what Fred Rogers implored us to do. When did he make this request? When he had the microphone and stage. He chose that platform to celebrate others. A completely genuine, selfless act.

Mister Rogers was the best television neighbor we’ve ever had.

Fred Rogers was the real deal as an inspiration for both children and adults everywhere. Tom Hanks always seems to find these golden roles to play — and he’s usually great playing them. Hanks must have jumped at the chance to play Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood which opens wide November 22, 2019. See how makeup transformed Hanks into Rogers. He played Walt Disney, too.

Just how good was Fred Rogers off camera? According to those who knew him — the same great guy.

“If Fred found out a friend was ill, he would make regular calls and visits,” she said. “When a high school friend in South Carolina had cancer, Fred went, even though he had hurt his ankle and was on crutches. It was very important for Fred to be there.”

Mister Rogers’ widow Joanne shares memories of her marriage to the TV star: ‘People were important to him’ | Fox News

Watch Fred Rogers accepting an award, it’s truly awe-inspiring how he commanded a crowd to be quiet for 10 seconds to think of others.

1997 Fred Rogers Accepting The Lifetime Achievement Award

Or, even better, the look of utter joy and surprise when Rogers is surprised by seeing an old “neighbor” friend of his:

It wouldn’t surprise me if A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood ends up being my favorite movie of 2019. It’s the kind of story about a true hero. A man who devoted his life to educating children.

We need more neighbors like Fred Rogers in the world.

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