AMC Theater On-Demand Movie Service Launching – Will It Offer Anything Different?

AMC Theaters On Demand Movie is opening soon here:

AMC Theaters On Demand will offer about 2,000 films for sale or rent after their theatrical runs — much like Amazon or iTunes. Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, Sony and Paramount have made deals with AMC for catalog and new-release movies to be available through the new service, with pricing between $3 to $5.99 to rent and $9.99 to $19.99 to buy.

AMC Entertainment Introducing On-Demand Movie Service – Variety

How long before the big theater chains start their own streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? I’d be in favor of this IF they were somehow able to fill that time gap by dumping newer movies into their streaming service after the initial screenings dropped below a certain number and/or after a certain amount of time (30 days, perhaps?).

As for there being “to many streaming services” I’m all for competition. Let them compete with Netflix, Amazon and Disney if they must.

Speaking of Disney’s new streaming service that opens November 12 and will cost $6.99/month, they have posted their launch title library and it’s collected here which includes all the Star Wars movies and all 30 years worth of The Simpsons!

Now after that more exciting Disney+ stuff, back to AMC’s new streaming rental and buy service.

Something tells me that this will be just another place to buy movies that most people aren’t going to use. Why buy movies at a bunch of different places. We buy movies at Amazon and Vudu currently online. The only other service under consideration is FandangoNow because they work with the Occulus and sell 3D movies.

Too many different places to buy movies and keep track of them isn’t very desirable.

As for renting videos at about the same prices as Amazon, Vudu, etc? Don’t see the point there either unless they have movies not available at existing online rental stores.

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