‘Terminator’ Poster Outside of Abortion Clinic – Poor Taste or Curious Marketing?

An abortion clinic has hit out after a billboard for the new Terminator film was erected right outside its premises.

Anger as ‘Terminator’ poster erected outside of abortion clinic

After reading the article clicked above, check out my video below:

Terminator: Dark Fate is just one of many movies that would be considered “poor taste” on that banner

I think we are becoming a bit too Politically Correct (PC) in this world. We’re letting everything offend us. Everything that is anything that is even remotely or tangentially or maybe potentially religious, racial, political, etc, is like cause for instant outrage.

We need to stop the hypersensitivity. That’s not saying to desensitize ourselves and stop calling out truly offensive activity, but don’t be oversensitive. It’s OK to let art be, well, art. To let a comedian make us laugh with whatever content she/he wants to use. To let advertising be, well, advertising.

Take a deep breath. It’s OK.

Now, how dare any movie being advertised in front of an abortion clinic? Lion King could be seen as offensive. After all, lions eat just about everything. Joker? Surely offensive, because what’s so funny about abortion? Rambo: Last Blood? Offensive. Terminator: Dark Fate? Totally offensive! Heck, show me an ad for Gerber Baby food up there and that’s offensive.

Who decided to put that marquee up there for banner ads period? Or who decided to have the abortion clinic in front of that ad area?

Yes, it’s ironic. Yes, it would seem to be extremely poor taste, but as far as any of us know, Terminator: Dark FatePREVIEWhas nothing to do with abortion. Zero. Zilch. Nadda. It’s about these metal machines from the future taking over and wanting the extermination of mankind. At least that’s what past Terminator movies have been about.

I don’t have any desire to debate abortion in the comments below. We’re fans discussing movies and unless the movie is about abortion, then I don’t want to debate that here and now. What I am interested in discussing is if this banner ad is really as big a deal as it seems? It’s an unrelated movie with a title that could be considered very related to what happens inside an abortion clinic. Think that’s it.

If I were the owner of that billboard, I’d just move the darn thing somewhere else. I’m not sure what can be advertised there that in some shape or manner won’t eternally be scrutinized with “hey, what does that have to do with abortion?”

Just saying. What do you think?

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